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access_time2 months ago
A poem for the king of rock and roll he was born into extreme poverty raised in a shotgun shack but managed not only to break out of that but also to attack the apartheid of America he was one of the first to start singing the black man's blues , he
access_time3 months ago
Upon seeing a cold cadaver staring back people tread in fear of the dead circling round as though it be some spectral apparition of dread .
access_time3 months ago
The Oxfam shop or dead man's drop is an essential part of our high street culture we all at some stage find ourselves sifting through their silt as if stroking and smelling the scents and spirits of our past relatives like a lost and found burial gro
access_time4 months ago
The British boarding schools were without doubt what built the British Empire, anyone subjected to this kind of brutal cruelty or treatment could easily subjugate a sufferance over anyone else especially another nationality creed which the British em
access_time6 months ago
A poem about men and their midwife crisis as a matter course men feel the need to try out a new horse so they get a divorce and set off in search of adventure usually riding a Harley-Davidson towards the sun and what they think will be some all new s
access_time7 months ago
These old sentinels  guard over us in our early years like  grandfather clocks their old hearts pendulum the rhythm of life into our ears a blood metronome beat sounding to the timpani of our tiny feet.
access_time7 months ago
Two Haiku Poems. Suspicious Minds. 1 Blood River . 2
access_time7 months ago
Listening to waffling windbags talking of saving the world who at a climate conference drink wine with lunch squandering ten pounds a glass and put the price of carbon at three pounds a ton, this to save your granddaughter and grandson ?.
access_time7 months ago
Your whale song dream turns out to be the huge squealing brake drums of a distant dust truck it's sound being distorted by gusting winds ginnels and gantrys ; thrown dustbin lids cymbal as hi-hats into the sobriety of your monday mornings anxiety
access_time7 months ago
Her swan song is what you hear just before your love boat runs aground and sulphur be the scent of her final pheromone as you slowly begin to drowned .
access_time7 months ago
To own a car in the swinging sixties was rare for young people but if it was a jaguar then you were the nouveau rich . Make believe millionaires, fake faux movie stars . Members of my family and their friends were just this usually their balloons bu
access_time7 months ago
Thinking back to my parents divorce how the lovers fate can change by opening or closing Eden's gate either from the land of milk and money to a soil scorched hearth of hate .
access_time7 months ago
Covid 19 as seen through the eyes of a squirrel , Watching them  fighting for scraps from the dustbins whilst under lock down ,they appear so confident and carefree without us , I think possibly the only thing they've missed about our absence
access_time7 months ago
My parents devoice closed Eden's garden gate after scorching the earth untill nothing could grow except their hate
access_time8 months ago
When you turn on a virtual assistant Alexa , Siri or Cortana , for the first time even as an adult but especially as a child it feels like You've turned into a God or Goddess of wisdom children have now virtually given up on any parental guidance an
access_time8 months ago
With courage commitment and Calvary these extraordinary women changed the course of history challenging the might of an empire that stretched across the third of the globe they issued a declaration of war and did something that had never been done by
access_time8 months ago
A poem for big Manchester Pete the hardest looking man you'd ever meet, a face made for a trick or treat but inside his big old heart was softer than a boiled sugar beet God bless you Mon Brave.
access_time8 months ago
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world which was here before the four angels of Samuel it's about time the government took control of this sexual slavery let's face facts  the chancellor's been selling tabacco and booze for hun
access_time8 months ago
A poem about an angry old septagenarian who's release came when he was given happiness through female hormone therapy for prostate cancer the estrogen also at last set free his feminine side he's much happier now that he has let loose his lesbian man
access_time8 months ago
A poem about an old fellow who started out with a horse and cart as a ragman and has now become extremely rich but still retains his beggar man roots and rhetoric .
access_time8 months ago
8 am at Witherspoon's pub and all the high functioning alcoholics start a day with a libation of liquid sin. Within their cream coloured Celtic skin there once beat the heart of Gunga Din .