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Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
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access_time1 day ago
Death toll due to Cyclone Titli reaches over twenty in Orissa, Facebook reveals new information about the data breach last month and #metoo movement reaches the sports industry as allegation against the CEO of the BCCI emerges on Twitter.
access_time4 days ago
What happens when a minor commits a crime, the government introduces new measures to stop farmers from burning crop stubble and Durga puja committee in Kolkata has decided to dedicate this year’s pandal theme to the struggle of sex workers.
access_time5 days ago
Imminent lawyer and human rights activist, Vrinda Grover, joins us to talk about what counts as sexual harassment at the workplace, how we can recognize it and what organizations should do being in the present scenario.
access_time6 days ago
In this special episode, we discuss the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, why India is vulnerable to climate change and the way forward.
access_time7 days ago
The JNU student who went missing two years ago, the current status of the Sabarimala Temple case and local body elections are taking place in Jammu and Kashmir after more than a decade.
access_time8 days ago
Allegations of sexual misconduct against men in Indian media, why migrants are fleeing Gujarat, party alliances that are forming for the upcoming state assembly polls.