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Ayurveda and Vedic Living

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This podcast presents lifestyle and meditation techniques for living life in a healthy and spiritually fulfilling way based on the ancient Vedic traditions of India. The emphasis is on practicality and simplicity. We present techniques that you can make use of today with only a minor investment of time.
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access_time8 years ago
Panchakarma is one of the most enjoyable Ayurvedic routines
access_time9 years ago
Agni is the digestive fire and vital to good digestion and overall health
access_time9 years ago
A strong immune system is the basis for good health
access_time9 years ago
Good health is a year-round focus.
access_time9 years ago
Ayurveda uses spices not only for flavoring, but also as medicine
access_time9 years ago
Ayurveda emphasises that food must be cooked properly to have maximum health and spiritual benefits.
access_time9 years ago
A balanced Kapha Dosha is important for strength and good health.
access_time9 years ago
A balanced Pitta is a valuable thing. Without it we can be anxious and angry. Podcast includes many tips for balancing Pitta.
access_time9 years ago
A balanced vata dosha is the key to balance and good health.
access_time9 years ago
The principles of Dinacharya give us simple ways to manage our daily life in ways that are healthy and spiritually balanced.
access_time9 years ago
Slight adjustments in our holiday eating routines can help to reduce stress and avoid those extra pounds that we typically gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year.
access_time9 years ago
The Basics of Ayurveda and the three doshas and how they affect health. Techniques for improving balance. Presentation of Ganesha mantras.

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