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A podcast by two young Indian women who want to be the voice of reason that fails to be heard in certain Indian households. The podcast is designed to bring meaningful conversations on relationships, dating, education, and feminism into Indian homes. Meenal is an Indian who was raised outside of India in a very traditional Indian household while Ankita was raised in India in a more liberal household. So when these two girls get together, the conversation gets rolling.
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access_time4 years ago
Finally, we bring you the much awaited Season premiere with the one and only "Mom Boss Of 3" from Youtube. Tina started her channel a year ago in order to document her daily life as a mother of three children. We discuss her life before marriage and kids, life as a second generation Desi in Canada, and how she juggles a hectic schedule whilst building her YouTube empire!
access_time4 years ago
In season 2, we discussed many issues affecting us all around the globe and here we are at the Season Finale, discussing the most crucial of them all - who really is the ‘sexier’ one at the Desi Outsiders HQ (not including Shane).

This episode brings you all the unanswered questions that may have been swimming in your brain the past few months, including why we’re not called the ‘Desi Insiders’ :D
access_time4 years ago
Meenal left and Shane grabbed on to the opportunity to replace her. The result: a very poor reflection on Shane and Ankita's marriage.
They reveal things about themselves that the other didn't know, and about each other that nobody wants to know. When Meenal gave her blessing to the couple to record without her, she probably intended for it to be a disaster.
access_time4 years ago
The first time we came across Simar’s ‘The Legal Rapist’, we were totally attracted to his pink shirt and Khaki pants combo. Oh, and his performance was pretty okay too ;)
At the age of 16, Simar took the initiative to start Unerase Poetry. But at the end of the day, he’s just another schoolboy who doesn’t want to go to college. For the first time, we bring you his story in his own voice (and ours too!).
access_time4 years ago
This week, we come with the last Braindump of the season. As always, nothing can prepare you for the tangents because, at the end of the episode, we ourselves struggled to figure out where it all started. But we’re sure the image can give you a gist of where the conversation took us this time. Enjoy!
access_time4 years ago
This week, we’re in conversation with Priyanka Madan, a lawyer based in London. She learned the value of hard work and discovered what it means to be independent from the age of sixteen when she bagged a scholarship to complete her high school studies in Singapore. And then, there was no looking back. Tune in to follow this incredible success story!
access_time4 years ago
This week, we want to talk to you all about the sensation that has taken India by storm - he IPL. Since 2008, April and May have been the two months when most Indians refuse to leave their homes to socialise with real people because they’re all too busy interacting animatedly with their television screens while watching the Indian Premier League.
Stay tuned to hear Ankita scream “BLEED BLUE!” and find out why Meenal's new nickname is ‘Mummy Chappal’.
access_time4 years ago
We’re so excited to share our conversation with Esha Malkani from Lasya Dance where we talk about how she found the time to build her dance empire while handling the demanding career of a Chartered Accountant. Girls and boys, it looks like you don’t have to choose between a career and a hobby these days when people like Esha are setting an example by making it all work out with grace.
access_time4 years ago
This week we have another braindump for you! As always, the tangents are unexpected and this time, it ranges from Meenal’s birthday celebrations to the human instinct of fixating on romantic relationships. Stay tuned till the end for a lesson on psychology and we’re quite confident you’re about to put on your thinking caps after listening to this episode.
access_time4 years ago
With just 3 days left to Mother’s Day here in the UK, we decided to have a little chat about motherhood, what it means to us, and whether or not we see ourselves taking up the role of mothers in the future. Hope you enjoy the show!
access_time4 years ago
We hope you’re as excited about the changing seasons as Ankita is about the one day of sunshine in Edinburgh. This week, we discuss the onset of spring, the festival of colours that celebrates this welcome change, and the consequences that women face during public festivities and celebrations in India. We try to understand the core of this problem and what we can possibly do as a society to see some incremental change.
access_time4 years ago
HOLY COW! This is our 20th episode and we can’t believe it either. And we think it’s quite fitting that this episode is a braindump. And boy, are you not ready for the tangents. Because we sure weren’t. You’ll hear about topics ranging from women who inspire us all the way to the births and deliveries Meenal has witnessed in all the different continents she’s visited. Fasten your seatbelts, this is one rollercoaster of a conversation.
access_time4 years ago
A lot has happened this week as far as Indians worldwide are concerned and we’re here to bring you a fresh perspective on all these issues. We discuss the murder of a fellow Indian at the hands of a xenophobe, the casual rape threats sent out to a 20-year-old, and also look at the influences that led to these eventualities. But most importantly, we tackle the influence of the affluent in our society.

Show notes :
access_time4 years ago
This week, we discuss the horrific incident that took place in Kerala where popular actress Bhavana was the victim of abuse. We also dig deep into the comments sections under most of the news articles that reported this incident and we try to figure out the influences that make some people feel that it’s okay to poke fun at another person’s misfortune.

Show notes:

Aishwarya’s article -

Indian Express article:

Feminism India post:
access_time4 years ago
Happy Thursday, everybody! Our blog is up and running now and to celebrate the growth of our community, we wanted to bring you an episode introducing the basic concepts of feminism. We also go into a few scenarios which are quite common in most Desi homes and classrooms. However, we feel that practicing feminism could have saved all the victims in those situations.

Show notes:

Feminist not Fascist! :
access_time4 years ago
As promised, we have a Valentine’s special episode this week where we read hilarious accounts on dating sent in by our listeners. But as usual, it’ not all fun and frolic - we also bring you some food for thought during this season of love.

Show notes - The News Minute article:
access_time4 years ago
We’re back with season 2 and we have updates to share with you! Meenal now has straight teeth and Ankita got a nose job. Just kidding! Meenal still has those braces and a peacock beak continues to replace Ankita’s nose. But what actually got a makeover is our website.

Tune in to find out what else is new!
access_time4 years ago
It’s been 15 weeks of Desi Outsiders - yes, you have been putting up with our lame jokes and high pitched giggles for that long. You’re welcome.

As promised, this final episode of Season 1 is a QnA where we answer all the questions you asked us! Thank you for sending them in! For any questions we haven’t answered, stay tuned for either a part 2 or a blog post :)
access_time4 years ago
This week we chat with a fellow Desi Outsider, Abhishyant on his radical change of career choice during his final year of Mechanical Engineering. Abhishyant chose to complete his studies in Engineering, only to make the switch to Journalism immediately after his graduation. We discuss his journey from VIT to CNN-IBN to Columbia School of Journalism in New York. We absolutely loved speaking to him, and hope that you enjoy listening to our conversation.

You can find Abhishyanth on twitter @AbhishyantPK
access_time4 years ago
It’s time for another special episode where we sit down and let our brains take a dump on your screens. After making you uncomfortable with all that period talk, we think you deserve a nice laugh. We’re not sure if you’re going to laugh with us or at us (most likely the latter). Either way, presenting our December Braindump.

Don't forget to check out the blooper reel at the end of the Youtube video:

As always, send us your stories and comments to
access_time4 years ago
In our final episode on period, sex and reproduction, we come to you with a discussion on hygiene - female, male and even sexual hygiene. We round off our series on sexual health with an insight into the importance of maintaining proper hygiene, and stressing on the impact it can have on your body if this is neglected.

If you know anyone who you feel may benefit from this, please do share this episode with them - it may just help them more than you think.
access_time4 years ago
This week, we bring you ‘The Talk’ in the form of a Youtube video. Sit back, and join us as we discuss all the things you need to know about puberty and sexual reproduction. This is for anyone who hasn’t been given the talk yet, or is unsure of the concept of reproduction. But mainly, we encourage parents to watch this video so that they have an easier time imparting this knowledge to their kids. We also hope that parents show their kids this video and watch it with them, to break all communication barriers.

Original Video:

Please share, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you feel this video is helpful.

If you have any other queries or confusions, we’d love to help you out! All you have to do is drop us an email to
access_time4 years ago
This week, we’re bringing period talk into your homes in an attempt to address one of the most taboo topics in most Indian homes. To make it even more awkward for Desi parents, Ankita’s husband Shane also makes a guest appearance to shed light on the importance of educating young boys on the very basics of human reproduction to fight fear and related stigma.

P.S. Last week, for the first time, we uploaded our podcast as a Youtube video. Check it out here:
access_time5 years ago
This week, despite coming very close to losing faith in humanity, we have something that might just cheer you up. No, it’s not a re-election, it’s a braindump. Instead of sticking to our usual theme, we decided to release this week’s episode in the form of a YouTube video. You’ll be able to see our conversation as we pretend to sit in the same room, side by side even though we’re in two different countries.

And as always, we invite listeners to send in their stories to

access_time5 years ago
This week, as we discuss the various options available to us before going into University, Meenal’s Dad makes a special guest appearance and reminds us that things don’t suck as much as we make them out to. We also go into horrifying CA pass rates in the country and talk about the importance of looking into all the available options before making an important decision.
access_time5 years ago
In this week’s episode, we walk down memory lane and tell each other stories from our respective school days. Meenal went to school in Europe and Ankita was raised in India. So there were a lot of ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s when Meenal learned about steel ruler beatings and Ankita heard about the freedom to do “nothing at all” in an art class.

Image Credit:
access_time5 years ago
In this episode, we discuss how we embarked on our respective career paths and the things that influenced these choices. Meenal dishes out on how she failed to get into medical school, only to find an opportunity that changed her outlook on life, while Ankita tells the story of how she climbed on hostel toilets to look at boys.
access_time5 years ago
This week, we discuss the untold story of the younger Indian daughter. Being a younger Indian daughter who has been left behind in a household that has suffered the loss of an eloping child is not an easy situation to be stuck in.

We reflect upon the root causes of all treatments in a setting like this.

Image Credit:
access_time5 years ago
In this week's episode, Ankita and Meenal dig deeper into the topic of marriage in India. Not only do they discuss the fallacies of love and marriage in the Desi culture, but they also attempt to give their listeners a reality check by shedding light on their own personal experiences.
access_time5 years ago
This week, we discuss the biggest business transaction in India - marriage.

Ankita shares her personal story of introducing her parents to a guy of her choice while Meenal gives Ankita the shock of her life when she tells the story of an Indian family in Europe. But they don’t stop there.
access_time5 years ago
Ankita and Meenal give a brief introduction into their lives as they explore their journey from where they started off as two girls with big ideas to how they ended up grabbing their mics and sharing their stories. The two girls tell us about the biggest, yet most significant change in their life which brought them to where they are now. They introduce their vision of the Desi Outsiders community, a safe place for all 'Desis' to come together in order to be a part of many meaningful conversations.

They invite listeners to send in their stories to

You can follow them on Social Media @TheDesiOutsiders