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Hello friends, I hope you are having a great & super happy time with your loved ones. This is going to be a most loved podcast which will provide you immense knowledge about Digital Marketing & Instagram Growth Strategies in Hindi and it will provide you a hell amount of precious value and also it will be a practical podcast.
I welcome you to this show and I promise after listening to a single episode you can't resist yourself for more. My ultimate goal with this podcast is to provide to THE VALUABLE CONTENT TO YOUR EARS & MIND.
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In this episode, I have discussed saving your time while typing Hashtags or long messages.
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To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe...
So today we’re going to discuss the super dilemma i.e Which one is better Online or Classroom study?
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                                            (INTRO MUSIC)
This is your own host Digital Hariom and welcomes to my show.
So first of all what do you think which one is good? Online or Classroom?
Now let’s discuss...
As it’s a quarantine time so we all are at home and We are enjoying ourselves at home. And there is no pressure for going college and school as all classes are online and we have to just plug the headphones and then relax…
So we’re waking up late and not balancing our daily routine and discipline. Still, do you think Online classes are better?
Wait, I think we should not make the conclusion only by just one statement, so let’s take some others too.

As there is an option in the app to close video so now there is no one who can see us that we’re taking the classes or not and still we get the attendance.
This means, there is no tension or pressure regarding attendance. I think it’s a good point as students have so much pressure about attendance and I think the 75% attendance criteria are also bad because due to this many students have to go to college whether he is interested or not. Instead of that, he can do something more productive at home or somewhere else where he can do his best. So in this context, Online classes are better. Now, look at the next point and it’s related to our future generation too.
Online classes save too much money which is spending on infrastructure, maintenance and saves fuel as students and teachers need fuel to ignite their vehicles to come college or schools, and yes can be prevented many more expenses other than this.
Again Online Classes are winning the game but have patience and move on to the next point.
As we all are at home so we’re chilling, sleeping late at nights so we feel more sleepy as compare to the classroom. So here Classroom study wins the game.
We can do other things too while attending the classes, But think once is it a pro or con?
As you’re doing other things so it means you have minimized the class and not watching so you’re not getting the full lecture means you’re lagging and all we know that half knowledge is more dangerous than zero knowledge.
So I think once again the Classroom study wins the game.
Now I request you all to think once when you were in schools & colleges and teasing your friends, doing mischievous in the chorus, means we enjoy classroom activities like teasing friends, making some noise and all.
As you remember this naughtiness, and friendship so it means we have an emotional touch with the classroom. We create so many memories… Is it possible to create those memories over the internet? Obviously No so it seems that the Classroom is winning the battle but hold on guys… look at the next point.

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” - Seth Godin
Hello friends This side Digital Hariom your own host Welcome to my latest and new episode of a new series i.e. “Introduction To Marketing”
This podcast episode will help you to know about marketing and how to get benefitted by this knowledge.
So if you are new or listening for the first time then make sure you’ve subscribed our podcast channel i.e Digital Hariom here you will get business tips, marketing, share market, biographies, personal branding, digital marketing, and much more knowledge which will helpful for a business and for an entrepreneur.
Now let’s jump into this awesome series….
Let get started…….
First of all, if we talk about “MARKETING” then what the term defines?
So, ............

Till now, connect with us on Social Media and explore more content.

Thank You so much
Digital Hariom
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Hi, this is your host Digital Hariom.
In this episode, we have discussed how Yes Bank falls down and how can we invest in this so that we can get high returns?
It's a golden opportunity to invest in the stock market so that you can earn high returns.
These suggestions are of my personal thought.
There is no paid promotion.
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Hello this is Digital Hariom 
In this Podcast Episode, we have provided the TOP 15 TIPS FOR DOING/GROWING BUSINESS. It doesn't matter you have a startup or small business or at the mega level, the basics of business are common for all.
So without wasting more time let's jump into the Series and If you want serious growth then you must listen to all the tips with explanation otherwise you won't grow.
Because these tips are also proved by studies. 
If you want more you can connect with us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Our account handle is common for all i.e. @digitalhariom
There you can check Why companies built min. 2 years survival plans? , How to avoid negativity?, What does the Nike logo represent? and many more things.
So let's get started the journey of your GROWTH!!!!!!!!
You may ask Who is Digital Hariom?
@digitalhariom is an 18-year young guy who is a Certified Digital Marketing Executive and Consultant, who has many happy clients whom he is providing the best results.⁠
@digitalhariom is now a global brand as we have our Podcast Channel which is available on 10+ platforms globally, a YouTube channel and Social Media family which is combinedly 1000+ members.⁠
Our YouTube channel (Digital Hariom) is now providing Digital Marketing Tips and Business as well as a Startup tutorial or tips.⁠

@digitalhariom is pursuing B.Tech. ⁠

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Biography of Napoleon Hil who wrote many motivational and inspirational books and many books are success-oriented like ‘The Law of Success’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘Success through A Positive Mental Attitude’ and many more. Hill had faced many ups & downs in his life. He lost her mother at a very young age. This podcast/ episode is focusing on the life of Napoleon Hill.
access_time2 years ago
Hi, This is Digital Hariom, this podcast will be a series of 7-8 episodes based on Elon Musk.
So, we will get to know about his personal life, background, education, financial services, political beliefs, awards & recognition, etc.
So, this episode is the Introduction part and so without wasting our time let's jump into it.
Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born American entrepreneur and businessman who founded in 1999 (which later became PayPal), SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003. Musk became a multimillionaire in his late 20s when he sold his start-up company, Zip2, to a division of Compaq Computers.
Musk made headlines in May 2012, when SpaceX launched a rocket that would send the first commercial vehicle to the International Space Station.
access_time2 years ago
In this clip, I have discussed "How the Instagram algorithm works??" and How you can use it in your favor".
If you want to learn more about Instagram then join with us and wait for nthe ext episode, in which we will reveal how to get likes, followers, verified batch, more audience, more reach and many more things too.
access_time2 years ago
In this Episode we have describes the TOP 7 HABITS TO GET SUCCESS. Thesehavits was used by Steve Jobs and he got success in his life. By using Steve’s 7 habits you can also get the success. So Let’s jump into it. Friends, if you haven’t listen the “LIFE IF APPLE - Steve Jobs” then please listen that audio also and share with maximum friends.


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access_time2 years ago
In this Audio clip I have tried to provide you some knowledge about the Co-founder, CEO Steve Jobs, that how his life was?
Steve had faced so many difficulties in his life but still, he was successful, So Do you want to know how he made this??
Then check my next part i.e.  "TOP 7 HABITS OF STEVE JOBS TO GET SUCCESS".
And make sure you have subscribed to us and let's start fetching the life of these Great Peoples.