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access_time5 years ago
A new series starting today. Baavri narrates Devki Nandan Khatri’s Chandrakanta! Please share and leave comments!
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access_time7 years ago
A lovely nazm by Gulzar Sa’ab.  One of my favorites by him.
access_time7 years ago
A beautiful poem by Kumar Ravindra.
access_time7 years ago
A lovely nazm by Gulzar Sa’ab from his book, ‘Neglected Poems.’
access_time8 years ago
Since trains have been a predominant theme today, my mumma’s birthday is being celebrated with this sweet little hindi poem about trains!  Bulbul joins me in wishing her as well.  Hope you enjoy this!
access_time8 years ago
Back after a while with my favorite, Ruskin Bond.  Hope you like this narration.  Do leave comments and share!
access_time9 years ago
New podcast after a long time!  Do leave feedback!  Enjoy!
access_time9 years ago
Attempting something new!  Wish you a very happy birthday, Bulbul!  I hope you like it!
access_time10 years ago
A informal-ish interview of sorts with Vignesh and Vatsala [aka Shivam and Bulbul]. Lotsa fun.
access_time10 years ago
This podcast is dedicated to Vatsala, the birthday girl! Me and my mom recite a couple of poems. Ends with daarrrrling [Saat Khoon Maaf OST]! Do enjoy and please comment!
access_time10 years ago
Happy mother’s day to all you super troopers who guide their kids through life and put up with all their shenanigans!
Special mother’s day wishes for my own mommy, I love you a lot! You are the most beautiful part of my life, and I would be so lost without you.
Listen and enjoy everyone!
access_time10 years ago
Happy birthday Mumma! I hope she [and all of you] like this selection of songs based on some of her favorite artists. Enjoy!
Song list:
1. Rabba Lakh Lakh Shukar Manaavan - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
2. Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi - Abida Parveen
3. Hum Dekhenge - Iqbal Bano
4. Naughty Little Flea - Miriam Makeba
And the 5th song, after the birthday girl listens to this!
access_time10 years ago
I am back with my podbean website thanks to a generous friend! Not a full length show, but a few things in this episode. A piece of a song that was requested to be narrated. A poem by a twitter follower. A Gulzar song narration. Last but not the least, another cover by Eshaan Dwivedi. Feels good to be a legit podcaster again! Enjoy and do leave comments!
access_time10 years ago
Lol. Not really, but literally! Narration of Ruskin Bond’s ‘He said it with arsenic.’ I hope everyone likes it. Also, Eshaan’s first original song, ‘tu jo mil jaaye.’ Enjoy! Do comment and share.
Oh and…bahahaha…its ‘jail’ not the literal ‘gaol’ that i have been pronouncing in the narration, since I wasn’t aware of the alternate spelling. I was confused too!
access_time10 years ago
An original composition!
access_time10 years ago
…wishes Pallavi a very happy birthday and hopes that this episode is not too bad. Sorry about the hurriedness. First studio recording btw. Look for ‘baavriviti’ on facebook! Shoutout to ’saalikhushi’ on twitter for the idea!
access_time10 years ago
More songs from the singer who dreams to make it big, Eshaan Dwivedi. Do leave comments.
access_time11 years ago
My favorite songs by my friend Sizzle’s, aka Chetan’s, favorite artists! Featured singers include Shreya Ghoshal, Lucky Ali, Shubha Mudgal etc. The best part? This is only half of the list! The rest of the artists will be on the next episode. Enjoy and do comment!