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Together we can help to create a peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world. Deepak Chopra Radio focuses on exploring compelling and thought provoking conversations on success, love, sexuality and relationships, well-being and spirituality that are infinitely possible in all of our lives.
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access_time9 years ago
In Science Set Free, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world’s most innovative scientists, shows that science is being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas, which are not only limiting, but dangerous for the future of humanity.   According to these dogmas, all reality is material or physical; the world is a machine made up of dead matter; nature is purposeless; consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain; free will is an illusion; God exists only as an idea in human minds, imprisoned within our skulls. But should science be a belief system, or a method of inquiry?  Sheldrake shows that the materialist ideology is moribund; under its sway, increasingly expensive research is reaping diminishing returns while societies around the world are paying the price.  In the skeptical spirit of true science, Sheldrake turns the ten fundamental dogmas of materialism into exciting questions and shows how all of them open up startling new possibilities about the nature of our collective reality.   This book has ignited debates that are spreading through scientific, religious, skeptical, conservative, and liberal circles in Britain, Ireland and continental Europe.  Science Set Free: 10 Paths To New Discovery is now available on
access_time9 years ago
Tom Oliver is the Founder and CEO of the World Peace Festival and the World Peace Partnership. Hailed by the CEO of Interbrand as "the portal to millions of next-generation trendsetters and early adopters", the WPF is the biggest peace event in history, with a target audience of over 1 billion people. It's the first worldwide peace initiative bringing together the leaders of business, politics, military, music, film, art and the Nobel Peace Prize winners. Tom is a singer, songwriter, pianist, painter and photographer and a keen sportsman.
access_time9 years ago
Leon Nacson is one of the pioneers of the self-help movement in Australia and has built a worldwide reputation.
Leon is the Managing Director of Hay House Australia, and the author of nine books. His current International Best Seller 'A Stream of Dreams' has been translated into four languages.
Leon is the dreamcoach for Morning's with Kerri-Anne on the Nine network, and is a columnist for Woman's Day in Australia. Leon offers his specialist dream coaching throughout the world via his books, his website and through
Leon has been the facilitator at every Hay House event in Australia for the past 20 years and was the only Australian author featured in the hit film, You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie. His weekly radio show, Interpreting Dreams, is in the top 10 listened-to programs on
access_time9 years ago
Jennifer Buffet - Co-Chair  and President of the New York based NoVo Foundation, a philanthropic organization focused primarily on the empowerment of women and girls. She is responsible for the strategic direction of NoVo and chairs its Grants Committee. She shares leadership of the foundation with her husband, composer and producer Peter Buffett.
access_time9 years ago
SETH SHOSTAK, Senior Astronomer with Seti Institute.
Seth claims to have developed an interest in extraterrestrial life at the tender age of ten, when he first picked up a book about the solar system. This innocent beginning eventually led to a degree in radio astronomy, and now, as Senior Astronomer, Seth is an enthusiastic participant in the Institute’s SETI observing programs. He also heads up the International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Permanent Study Group.
access_time9 years ago
Mansoor Ijaz - An American businessman of Pakistani Ancestry, an investment banker and media commentator, mostly in relation to Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.   He is the founder and chairman of Crescent Investment Management LLC, a New York investment partnership since 1990 that includes retired General James Alan Abrahamson, former director of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative.   Away from Crescent's daily business affairs, Ijaz serves on the College Foundation Board of Trustees at the University of Virginia and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.   Ijaz appears regularly on a variety of financial and political news programs for CNN, Fox News, BBC, Germany ARD TV, Japan NHK, ABC, and NBC. 
access_time9 years ago
Rinaldo Brutoco, J.D. Founder and President of World Business Academy   Today's discussion covers The State of the Economy: How being a consciousness consumer can help everyone. The importance of watching your spending and not getting caught up in consumerism.
access_time9 years ago
Russell Targ is a physicist and author who has co authored 8 books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities, including Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing, Transformation of Consciousness and his autobiography, Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a Blind Biker.   His upcoming book to be released in 2012, The Reality of ESP: A Physicists’s Proof of Psychic Abiliities.   Using declassified data, Targ shows that during the course of the program at SRI, psychic readers were able to find downed Russian bomber in Aficia, describe the health of American hostages in Iran and locate a kidnapped American General in Italy. Viewers also described Soviet weapons factories in Siberia, A Chinese atomic bomb test three days before it occurred and countless other amazing tasks – all using psychic ability dubbed “remote viewing.”
access_time9 years ago
Dr. Eunhee Jung is the Founder and Executive Director of IVECA International Virtual Schooling.
The Center for International Virtual Schooling pursues to implement the intercultural education program IVECA into all levels of schools across the world. The Center also conducts research and strives to provide the necessary educational support system in collaboration with other universities, the United Nations, UNESCO, international NGOs and business groups.
IVECA is designed to promote young students’ ability to live together with people in different cultures and countries as friends and to work cooperatively for the prosperity of the global society.
access_time9 years ago
Jacqueline Lundquist - Former First Lady of the US in India. Jacqueline worked on a variety of issues including HIV/AIDs, women and children's causes, the environment, breast cancer awareness and the promotion of fashion and arts. Married to Richard Celeste who served as Ambassador to India under President Clinton (1997-2001).

Author of Letters From Vietnam (endorsed by President Bill Clinton)

Today Deepak and Jacqueline discuss her visit to Haiti with President Clinton, the water initiative.

access_time9 years ago
Olivia Harrison is a producer and philanthropist. She has received a GRAMMY Award for her video of the 2002 Concert for George, which she organized to benefit the Material World Charitable Foundation in memory of her husband, George Harrison; and a UNICEF Spirit of Compassion Award in recognition of her family’s assistance to the children of Bangladesh
She is the co producer of the Martin Sorsese’s George Harrision – LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD
access_time9 years ago
Hailed as a "mail-order magnate" by TIME and one of the "ten most stylish women in fashion" by VOGUE, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is the driving force behind the multifaceted world of VIVRE., exclusive Vivre collections, V by Eva, and boutique and lifestyle concepts for leading hotels.

As a leader in the industry, Eva is frequently invited to speak and share her passion and insight on the industry and style at such venues as the Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Conference, the International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference, CNN, CNBC and the Fine Living Channel. She is also a spokesperson for the BlackBerry advertising campaign and a contributing editor for InStyle magazine.
access_time9 years ago
The Loudest Duck dives into the many aspects of diversity in the ever-expanding, increasingly global workplace. Through practical stories, cultural anecdotes and personal experiences, Laura Liswood explains how to ensure a fair and level playing field for anyone working his or her way up the ladder in this new corporate world order. Non-dominant groups - women, minorities, short people, just to name a few - face an uphill battle when it comes to reaching the top levels in leadership. Liswood discusses some of the reasons for the challenges encountered by historically underrepresented groups and suggests ways to overcome those obstacles by going beyond usual ideas about diversity.??The tools, frameworks and parables in the book aim to offer a new vision, a new level of awareness, a new understanding of diversity. If the loudest duck in China gets shot, but the squeaky wheel in the U.S. gets the grease, there must be a way for the two different approaches to be appreciated and not unconsciously judged, especially as globalization continues to 'shrink' our world. This book details why those differences should be made conscious and why awareness of such issues should be embraced and harnessed to the benefit of all in order to create a workplace where no one is subtly advantaged or disadvantaged because of their diversity.
access_time9 years ago
Rinaldo Brutoco, J.D. Founder and President of World Business Academy. A leading international executive, writer, and keynote speaker for over 25 years, Rinaldo Brutoco is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent, and futurist.  He uniquely combines theory and practice to assist executives and organizations in adapting to change with breakthrough ideas.   Today, Rinaldo gives us an update on the Euro crisis.
access_time9 years ago
FRED KUTTNER co author of Quantum Enigma   Fascinated by the mysteries of quantum mechanics since he first encountered them as an undergraduate, he was delighted to join Bruce in research in this area. He also share with him a concern for the job prospects of our physics undergraduates, which led to our joint teaching of the course “The Physicist in Industry.” This concern has also led me to another degree, in counseling psychology, and a future in career counseling.   A concern of both Bruce and Fred is the expropriation of the profound mysteries of quantum mechanics by the purveyors of pseudo-science. they have combated this in publications and by many lectures. (One I recently gave in San Francisco was titled “Combating Quantum Nuttery.”)  They believe that their book, Quantum Enigma, also serves this purpose.
access_time9 years ago
Ida Liu - Managing Director and Senior Private Banker at Citi. She focuses on providing strategic advice and tailored solutions to ultra high net worth individuals. At Citi bank she heads up the Asian Client Group.
Ida joined Citi from Vivienne Tam, a women’s wear design house, where she was Global Head of Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development. Prior to this, Idaspent seven years in investment banking with Merrill Lynch.

Ida has been a featured speaker at many industry events, including the Forte Foundation Wealth Management Seminar, the Goldman Sachs Brokering Change Conference, and the Ernst and Young Corporate Best Practice Conference. Ida holds a BA with honors from Wellesley College and a Merrill Lynch Executive MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
access_time9 years ago
Dylan Ratigan is the host of MSNBC's “The Dylan Ratigan Show,” an opinion and analysis-fueled daily broadcast program airing weekdays at 4pm on MSNBC. Ratigan also writes regularly for the Huffington Post and produces one of America’s most insightful and provocative podcast’s “Radio Free Dylan” and His upcoming book to be published by Simon & Schuster later this year, is tentatively titled “Greedy Bastards”

The country, now more than ever, needs passionate debate and smart policy, a brazen willingness to scrap what doesn't work, and the entrepreneurial spirit to try what does. It needs heroes to take on the establishment, and fight for the new American ideal. Ratigan is one of this movement's most powerful mouthpieces.

Today's Topic: Hot Spotting: It's How, Not How Much - Winning Back Our Future
access_time9 years ago
JACKI ZEHNER an impassioned philanthropic visionary committed to the social and economic empowerment of women, she serves as Co-Chair of Women Moving Millions, is Vice Chair of The Women’s Funding Network, and is President of the Jacquelyn & Gregory Zehner Foundation.
access_time9 years ago
Guest Michael Shermer
Founding publisher and editor of Skeptic MagazineWWW.SKEPTIC.COM
Monthly columnist for Scientific American
Author of The Believing Brain (latest book)
Adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University and Chapman University
Michael has appeared on National TV, The Colbert Report, 20/20, Dateline, Charlie Rose, and Larry King Live.
access_time9 years ago


In his book, 15 Minute Heart Cure, John M Kennedey shares simple relaxation tools/techniques.  The techniques are a combines two proven forms of relaxation therapy, guided imagery and deep breathing.


Effectiveness of the BREATHE technique include:

•   Helping Children cope with stress (academic, social, parental and peer pressure)

access_time9 years ago
Author and Motivational Speaker Agapi Stassinopoulos joins Deepak Chopra to speak about her frequent lectures for women's groups, business conferences, facilitates workshops and empowerment seminars for diverse audiences. She also works with teenagers, helping them build their self-esteem and realize their dreams.
access_time9 years ago
Revolution and worldview of physics caused by quantum phenomenon - leads to consciousness.
Lothar Schäfer, Distinguished Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  Lothar has devoted over forty years to teaching and research in physical chemistry.
YouTube -   Book: In Search of Divine Reality
access_time9 years ago founder Mark Ruffalo Joins Deepak Chopra as they discuss the importance of water to everyday life.

In our lifetime, our limited supply of drinking water needs protection from the devastation caused by the production of dirty fossil fuels. An aggressive clean energy policy is the essential solution for ensuring every American generation has access to clean and safe water.
access_time9 years ago
Endorsed by President Clinton  - Jacqueline’s careful and loving collection of her father’s letters and then her own journey to Vietnam to see for herself where they were written is a wonderful tribute to a man she longed to know and came to know through his own words.
access_time9 years ago
New Business Paradigms: Conscious commentary on business and society.

The Euro is endanger of collapsing should you care?
Rinaldo Brutoco, J.D. Founder and President of World Business Academy   A leading international executive, writer, and keynote speaker for over 25 years, Rinaldo Brutoco is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent, and futurist.  He uniquely combines theory and practice to assist executives and organizations in adapting to change with breakthrough ideas.
access_time10 years ago
Kevin McGovern, Chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital LLC

McGovern founded and serves as Chairman and CEO of The Water Initiative (“TWI”) (, which develops and markets home-based water purification systems, particularly in developing countries. TWI has worked with the Mexican government and the people of Mexico as its first pilot. In less than 2 ½ years, TWI has formulated technology solutions to Mexico’s most severe unclean water conditions and has launched product distribution through the government and through those people most impacted.

Today we will discuss the global water issue and also sustainable water solutions.

Water is one of the biggest health and energy issues and how we can achieve substantial progress to cost effectively address them.
access_time10 years ago
Rinaldo Brutoco, J.D. Founder and President of World Business Academy
A leading international executive, writer, and keynote speaker for over 25 years, Rinaldo Brutoco is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent, and futurist.  He uniquely combines theory and practice to assist executives and organizations in adapting to change with breakthrough ideas.
Bringing up the right issues from a micro and macro economic perspective. Why I like Occupied Wall Street?
access_time10 years ago
The Reverend Michael Dowd is a big integrity / big history / epic of evolution enthusiast.   An outspoken Christian naturalist, Dowd the author of the bestselling, bridge-building book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World(Viking: 2008, Plume: 2009) which has been endorsed by 6 Nobel laureates and other science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the theological spectrum. He and his wife, Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer and gifted evolutionary educator, have spoken to more than 1,500 religious and secular groups—from Catholics to Quakers, to Baptists to Buddhists, to college and university students—since launching their itinerant ministry in April of 2002.
access_time10 years ago
Today's guest include  Lewis Kofsky, Partner and producer at Curious Pictures,  and Shauna Mei,  CEO and Founder of Ahalife.
In this engaging episode, they discuss the four components of Deepak's new video game, Leela (to be released on November 8, 2011) which include (1) Movement through the seven centers of awareness, (2) Meditation, (3) Breathing and (4) Mandala - our soul signature; and how products tell a story and brand commerce and media commerce as the future of marketing.
access_time10 years ago
Guest: Michelle Buck, Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations
Director of Leadership Initiatives
Kellogg School Management
Leadership is the most crucial choice one can make - it is the decision to step out of the darkness. A leader is the symbolic soul of the 
group.  The soul is an archetypal 
expression of who we are....
The leader operates from the soul 
access_time10 years ago
Deepak welcomes guests Joel Primack and Nancy Abram, authors of The New Universe and the Human Future.  In this program, they will discuss what does it mean to be human, what is our relationship to the universe, and what is our new identity.
access_time10 years ago
Dr. Menas Kafatos and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi.  Dr. Kafatos is the Founding Dean, Scmid College of Science and Technology, Vice Chancellor for Special Projects and Professor, Chapman University.  Dr.  Tanzi is Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Child Neurology and Mental Retardation, Harvard Medical School, Director of Genetics and Aging, Massachusetts General Hospital.

In this episode they will discuss science and spirituality, a common ground of existence.
access_time10 years ago
As we travel around the country promoting our new book, War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality, people are asking about the major points of contention between science (the worldview represented by Leonard Mlodinow) and spirituality (the worldview represented by Deepak Chopra).  Do we always disagree or are there some points of agreement?  We thought it would be appropriate to summarize the major differences and agreements.  This interview will cover four major sections in War of the Worldviews: Cosmos, Life, Mind and Brain, and God.