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Difficult Conversations with Your Kids - - A World of Music

Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

The Indian Express


Parent and professor of psychology Tanu Shree Singh helps you figure out how to have the tough conversations with your kids
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Are you worried that your children are spending too much time watching TV or on the internet? Before you have the talk with them, Tanu Shree Singh tells you things to keep in mind. Is all screen time bad? How much time should be allowed daily, if at all? What content should you be wary of? How do you get kids off their screens, without them hating you? This episode covers everything you need to know about screen time.
access_time8 days ago
What do you tell your child if they're getting teased about being dark, fair, skinny, big? What do you tell your child if they are the bully? How do you talk to them about different body sizes and what they're seeing on the media? What is healthy and what is not? 
On this episode, parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh leads you through how to talk to your kids about positive body image, teasing, insensitivity, acceptable behaviour and more.
access_time15 days ago
When should you talk to kids about crushes? For the teen or preteens, their feelings are very real and important. How do you talk to them about heartbreak? How do you broach topics of toxicity and sexuality? Psychologist Tanu Shree Singh talks about creating an open environment for children to talk about crushes, not forcing labels and how to be empathetic and non-judgmental.
access_time16 days ago
Our parenting podcast, in which parent and professor of psychology Tanu Shree Singh helps you navigate tough conversations with your children, is back with a new season.  Hosted by Anuradha Varma, Season 2 deals with screen time, adoption, body image, infidelity and more. Tune in every Thursday at 3pm. Listen to the trailer now.
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