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access_time3 hours ago
Mourners heard that a 'pandemic of racism' had caused the African-American's death. Also: Iran's second coronavirus spike, and why the French are turning wine into sanitiser.
access_time11 hours ago
Officers erected barricades around the city's Victoria Park, but protesters knocked them down and held candlelit gatherings.In Libya, the government regains full control of Tripoli from General Haftar. The US city of Minneapolis prepares to hold a memorial service for George Floyd.
access_time1 day ago
The charge against Derek Chauvin has been elevated to second-degree murder, while three of his colleagues now face abetting charges. The family of Mr Floyd called the move a significant step on the road to justice. Also, scientists say identifying and stopping so-called 'superspreaders' will be key to tackling the coronavirus pandemic.
access_time2 days ago
Beijing hits out after Britain criticises plans to impose new security law in Hong Kong. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman says the UK should give up what he called ‘its colonial state of mind.’ Also, further protests held across US but violence falls, and Cyclone Nisarga makes landfall near Mumbai.
access_time2 days ago
His family members were among the tens of thousands of people protesting in Houston,Texas. The continued violence in the US has prompted international concern. Also, scientists say the blood of someone with coronavirus could provide clues as to how ill they are likely to become.
access_time3 days ago
President Trump has been criticised for threatening to use military force to end the unrest. TV, radio and music industries mark 'Blackout Tuesday'. Germany divided as states lift coronavirus lockdown.
access_time3 days ago
President's call comes as protests across the United States continue, also: new ebola cases in the DRC and what to do about smombies?
access_time4 days ago
Unrest over the death in police custody of an unarmed black man has now spread to 75 cities across the United States. Police in Hong Kong ban a vigil for victims of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. A glimmer of hope for the world's rarest primate.
access_time4 days ago
Almost a week after George Floyd died as a police officer knelt on his neck, there’ve been fresh demonstrations in dozens of American cities. One sacked officer is due in court today charged with third degree murder. Also: Brazil records the world's fourth highest coronavirus death toll; and a privately built rocket delivers two American astronauts to the International Space Station.
access_time5 days ago
Minnesota fully mobilises the National Guard as it and other US cities prepare for more unrest. Also: private SpaceX rocket takes astronauts to space station, and 12-year-old Keedron Bryant’s song about Floyd death goes viral.
access_time6 days ago
Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck for several minutes before he died. Also: President Trump says he is ending Washington's relationship with the World Health Organisation, and the Self-Isolation choir prepares to perform Handel's Messiah despite the lockdown.
access_time6 days ago
Station attacked on third night of protests over death of black man in police custody. President Trump described demonstrators as 'thugs' and called on National Guard to restore order. Also, Philippines reports rise in online child abuse during lockdown, and how two men in Australia broke into wrong house during 'fantasy role play'.
access_time7 days ago
The US president's move follows a decision by Twitter to add a "fact-check" notice to his tweets. Also: Moscow more than doubles Covid-19 death tolls, and scientists in Peru discover a population of Chinchilla rats -- thought to have been extinct.
access_time7 days ago
The law allows China's intelligence agencies to be present in the territory. Also: Workers protest at plans to close Nissan factory in Spain, and the spike in coronavirus cases in South Korea.
access_time8 days ago
The United States has seen more deaths and infections than any other country. Also: top Huawei executive suffers US extradition ruling, and the big day for Nasa and SpaceX hindered by the weather.
access_time9 days ago
Police arrest hundreds of demonstrators angry over new laws planned by Beijing. These include a bill penalising any insult against the Chinese national anthem, and new security measures. Also, a warning that Coronavirus crisis may affect young people throughout their working lives, and a Pakistani pigeon is held by India on charges of spying.
access_time9 days ago
Brazil is now second only to the US in the number of confirmed cases and the rate of infection is increasing. Also: how billions of years of evolution is under threat from humans, and JK Rowling reveals her first non-Harry Potter children's book.
access_time10 days ago
Carrie Lam says the new law proposed by China will protect the law-abiding majority. Critics say it will curtail civil rights. Also: Egypt doctors accuse government over medics' deaths and Stanley Ho, Hong Kong's 'King of Gambling' dies aged 98.
access_time10 days ago
Testing of hydroxychloroquine was put on hold due to safety concerns. Some public figures including President Trump had suggested it could work against Covid-19. Also: the British Prime Minister' chief advisor has said he has no regrets about travelling several hundred kilometres during the coronavirus lockdown, and security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir say they have a pigeon in custody on suspicion of spying for Pakistan.
access_time11 days ago
Japan's Prime Minister ends Tokyo's seven-week long coronavirus state of emergency; A German pensioner wins a landmark court case against the carmaker Volkswagen, and a very special guitar goes on sale
access_time11 days ago
Israel's longest serving Prime Minister has become the first holder of that office to stand trial in a criminal case while still in power. Also: Protests return to Hong Kong as China plans to ban what it calls "treason, secession, sedition and subversion”, and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his senior aide after claims he broke lockdown rules.
access_time12 days ago
Three-day truce with government forces timed to coincide with Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan. The move has been welcomed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Also: Myanmar tries to convince the world it's turned its back on what's been dubbed a textbook case of ethnic cleansing; and the end of the road for the octogenarian reptile known as ‘Hitler’s alligator’.
access_time13 days ago
President Trump has told US state governors they must immediately reopen places of worship. Also: quarantine plans for UK arrivals revealed, and the African music star Mory Kanté dies aged 70
access_time13 days ago
Pakistan International Airlines plane carrying 99 people crashes in residential area. A major rescue-operation is underway to find survivors. Also, how middle-class New Yorkers are relying on food-banks as US unemployment soars, and why bumble-bees are much cleverer than we'd realised.
access_time14 days ago
The law could ban what Beijing defines as subversion and sedition, and may spark new social unrest. Also: US pulling out of 'Open Skies' arms control deal, and what did two school boys discover in an attic in rural France?
access_time15 days ago
Amphan struck land on Wednesday, lashing coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain. Also: Facebook to 'take down' coronavirus misinformation, and Spandau Ballet and a $10K riddle.
access_time15 days ago
President Jair Bolsonaro has promoted the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Also: Greece to start tourist season in mid-June, and the spiral twist leading to the birth of a planet.
access_time16 days ago
Millions of people have been evacuated before arrival of super-cyclone. Storm is forecast to cause huge waves, ferocious winds and torrential rains. Also, Taiwan's re-elected president demands that China learn to coexist with the island, and will the French have to give up their traditional greeting kiss ?
access_time16 days ago
Scientists warn that the reduction is likely to be temporary, as people around the world return to work. Also: the head of the WHO defends its role in the coronavirus pandemic, and in China, a son is reunited with his parents - 32 years after being abducted.
access_time17 days ago
President Trump accuses the WHO of being a 'puppet of China'. Also: TikTok appoints a new boss from Disney, and why the Getty Museum in LA now has a toilet paper genre.
access_time17 days ago
US president says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine despite medical warnings about its safety. Also: US firm reports promising early results in its vaccine trial, and a Ghanaian war veteran aims to follow in Colonel Tom Moore’s fundraising footsteps.
access_time18 days ago
Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and Poland are also further relaxing restrictions imposed because of Covid19. China backs a virus inquiry but not until after the pandemic. In Hong Kong, parliamentary mayhem as lawmakers are dragged out of the chamber.
access_time18 days ago
Benjamin Netanyahu will serve for another 18 months as prime minister under the new deal. Also: Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing agreement, and Brazil struggles to cope with a surge in coronavirus infections.
access_time19 days ago
The German Bundesliga matches took place in crowd-free stadiums. Also, a man suspected of involvement in the Rwandan genocide has been arrested in France, and the former US president, Barack Obama, has delivered a scathing attack on the Trump administration.
access_time20 days ago
Nelson Teich resigned after disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro, who opposes lockdown measures. Also: Trump outlines plans for coronavirus vaccine, and the Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr dies aged 81.
access_time21 days ago
Official report largely exonerates police over handling of pro-democracy protests in 2019. The report's welcomed by the territory's leader Carrie Lam, but opposition groups dismiss it as a whitewash, Also, a warning that Covid-19 could kill nearly 200,000 across Africa, and does the pandemic mean that spontaneous socialising is a thing of the past ?
access_time21 days ago
There are reports of a huge rise in people dying with coronavirus-like symptoms in the city of Aden. Also: a former top health official says the US risks its ‘darkest winter in modern history’, and the Hollywood actor Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with a surprise radio call.
access_time22 days ago
Covid-19 infections have fallen in much of the country, but the Japanese prime minister has urged the public to be vigilant. Also: shops, parks and cafes reopen in New Zealand, and scientists in Australia say they've found a way to make coral more heat-resistant.
access_time22 days ago
The FBI said it had seen hacking attempts on groups researching vaccines, treatments and testing. Also: the Chilean government is to impose a total lockdown across the capital, Santiago on Friday, following a spike in the number of coronavirus infections, and two giant pandas from a zoo in Canada are being sent home to China early because of a shortage of bamboo.
access_time22 days ago
Small groups of new infections reported in Wuhan city and Jilin province. These come as China eased its restrictions in recent weeks. Also, EU's executive outlines plans to gradually lift borders and restart tourism, and how moths play 'secret role' - as vital pollinators of wide range of plants.
access_time23 days ago
The top infectious diseases doctor in the United States has warned senators the virus will spread if the country opens up too soon. Also: the British government is extending its coronavirus job retention scheme until October, but businesses will be asked to pick up some of the costs, and a New York law firm acting for many celebrities says hackers have stolen vast amounts of documents and are demanding ransom.
access_time24 days ago
Two babies among those killed in an attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital. Also: The Chinese city of Wuhan is drawing up plans to test its entire population of 11 million people for Covid-19, and celebrating the cancelled Eurovision Song Contest on the day the semi-finals should have been performed.
access_time24 days ago
President Vladimir Putin's decision comes after Russia registered a record number of daily cases on Monday. Also: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his plan to relax restrictions in England, and White House staff told to wear masks at work after high-profile infections.
access_time25 days ago
Many businesses and shops are starting up again. The British government publishes a detailed strategy after initial plans for a relaxation of lockdown in England is criticised for a lack of clarity. And the Chinese city of Wuhan reports a new virus cluster.
access_time25 days ago
In this special edition of the Global News Podcast, we share your experiences of isolation and quarantine during the pandemic. Whether its music, nature, craft or doing good deeds, there’s lots of inspiring tales and tips from across the globe. And we’ll pick some of the most intriguing contributors to have a longer chat with, as Jackie Leonard learns more about life in lockdown.
access_time25 days ago
Boris Johnson signals 'a change of emphasis' on the rules. Also: Italy ends earlier release of senior mafia figures from jail, and has the pandemic brought an end to kissing?
access_time26 days ago
In a leaked web call Obama said Trump had only been thinking about what was in it for him. Also: one of the kings of rock and roll - Little Richard - is dead, and British-based airlines are told that a 14-day quarantine period is likely to be imposed for almost everybody arriving in the UK.
access_time27 days ago
The queen said the message of VE day was never give up, never despair, also Gurkhas rescue British tourists stranded in Nepal, and a renaissance of bartering in Fiji.
access_time28 days ago
Nations across Europe hold low-key ceremonies on anniversary of Nazi Germany's surrender. Celebrations are small-scale due to lockdown measures. Also, WHO warns it could take at least a year to determine exact origins of Covid-19, and Germany bans use of 'gay conversion therapy' on children.
access_time28 days ago
Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI shortly before Donald Trump took office. Now the Justice Department is dropping the charges against Mr Trump’s former national security adviser. Also: Paris faces continuing curbs as France plans to relax its coronavirus restrictions from Monday; and marking seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War in Europe.