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Love In The Time Of Corona

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access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_09 Cheenu is making travel plans once the lockdown is lifted. Poppy is trapped in her own mental lockdown. Will we ever travel the way we did before Corona came in our lives? Listen to cheenu trying to convince Poppy that everything will be the same again...Or will it?
access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_08 Corona, lockdown, earthquake.. You thought that would be enough for a couple to let go of their future dreams. Not Cheenu and Poppy. Infact it's this time of separation that has brought them closer. Who would have thought a marriage proposal could be so random.
access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_07 The world is facing a new threat and with that threat comes a small but really important question "If you could choose one person as your #quarantine partner, who would that be? Poppy asked Cheenu that question and now he is stuck in a catch 22 situation.
access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_06 Sharing is caring. Share your #Netflix password and sing the title tracks of your favourite shows together.
access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_05 There was a time when the world was their playground.. Today Cheenu and Poppy are reminiscing over their travel album. Photographs of trips and vacations reminding of a time when they were free birds and could go anywhere. Will travel ever be the same again after Corona?
access_time1 year ago
Nobody is ordinary, everyone is someone's Superhero. Cheenu is Poppy's Superhero and every superhero needs a sidekick ....Who is it? He is smart, awesome, trustworthy, big fan of random socks and even Corona can’t scare him. #mnmtalkies #comeseethesound #quarantinelife #lockdown #quarantineandchill
access_time1 year ago
#LITOC_03 Everybody is becoming an artist during #quarantine, Cheenu after becoming a chef (dal chawal aloo sabzi is NOT a three course meal guys) is now a painter.. PS. wash your hands carefully coz Cheenu just dropped his phone in water while following the 20 second rule...
access_time1 year ago
Cheenu and Poppy are trying to stay sane in such difficult times. Situation is a little difficult, but if you have your own weirdo in these strange times, consider yourself lucky! What are you watching during #Quarantine

Cheenu is watching Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind for the 25th time and Poppy is singing some songs from her Chitrahaar playlist (True 90's kid ).
access_time1 year ago
Meet Cheenu and Poppy Two lovers stuck in different cities because of a national lockdown. 4G, WIFI, Video calls nothing can replace the warmth of holding hands. Divided by Quarantine, united by a cell phone.