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access_time4 years ago
Part 2 of a 4 part series featuring my conversation with Mr. Anand Rao Vasishta. In this episode we discuss a wide range of issues involving the challenges in creating a dictionary for Dakshini Marathi and some ways in which every member of our community can contribute to this great cause.
access_time4 years ago
First Episode of Season 2 of Maja Astitva. It features an interview with Mr. Anand Rao Vasishta. 2 more parts of the interview will be published in the next episodes.
access_time5 years ago
access_time5 years ago
Special Gudi Padwa episode featuring Padma Prasad who talks about the rituals involved in this festival.
access_time5 years ago
Episode dealing with current women safety issues in India and why we do not talk more about it in our homes.
access_time5 years ago
Episode thanking Mr. Shashikant Oak for writing about "Maja Astitva" on
access_time5 years ago
Mega episode featuring 5 generations of female Tanjavur Marathi singers.
access_time5 years ago
Introductory episode featuring Mr. Raghavendra Bhima Rao who introduces us to Madhwa philosophy.
access_time5 years ago
Episode featuring young Harikatha artist and traditional Thanjavur Marathi folk singer Maanasa Dhotrekar.
access_time5 years ago
Episode of Maja Astitva that features Sri Madhwacharya.
access_time5 years ago
Episode featuring Saisridhar Janardhan who discusses the dictionary project for Tanjore Marathi words called Lexicon.
access_time5 years ago
Episode that focuses on instilling Tanjavur Marathi in kids. Features first child guest Stuti Rao.
access_time5 years ago
Second and final segment with Padma Prasad on the rituals of a Tanjore Marathi wedding.
access_time5 years ago
Episode 4 featuring Padma Prasad. Part 1 of 2 describing a Tanjore Marathi wedding.
access_time5 years ago
Special Mega Episode featuring guest speaker Shri. Gopal Rao.
access_time5 years ago
Episode 2 of Maja Astitva where I focus on Enduring Voices project and promoting preservation of Tanjore Marathi orally.
access_time5 years ago
Intro Tanjore Marathi podcast.

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