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Runway 34 is propelled by Ajay Devgn’s swag. There is no other way to put it . His slo-mo walk exudes equal doses of cockiness and confidence. Captain Vikrant Mathur has a photographic memory. He never misses a detail, can fly a plane literally with his eyes shut and simply has to press an unlit cigarette between his lips when faced with the prospect of impending death. “Na fuel hai, na visibility, na time” says a panic-stricken co-pilot. That’s essentially how tricky the landing is.

Voiceover: RJ Stutee
access_time27 days ago

Jersey marks the Hindi directorial debut of Gowtam Tinnanuri who remade his own 2019 Telugu hit by the same name. It tells the story of Arjun Talwar, a failed but talented cricketer, who wants to make a comeback to the Indian cricket team in his late 30s to fulfill his son’s wish.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to consider Jersey a sports film considering it doesn’t deviate much from the tropes one has come to associate with the genre.

Voiceover: RJ Stutee
access_time1 month ago
When K.G.F Chapter 1 released, it resonated with people across the country and carved a unique image for the Kannada film industry in Indian cinema. Therefore the hype around the sequel, K.G.F: Chapter 2, was immense.
The main theme of the film is to emphasise that it doesn't matter if you live for 100 years, you cannot and should not live a life of slavery. It's in line with Dr. BR Ambedkar’s quote “Life should be great, not long”.

Voiceover: Soundarya Athimutu
access_time1 month ago
A film can be anything it wants to be, but Dasvi makes the cardinal mistake of being boring! Innumerable yawn-inducing, unfunny moments together conspire to make it a tiresome watch.

It’s all very well to end with a Nelson Mandela quote about the “power of education”, but good intentions alone can’t make a great film.

Host: RJ Stutee
access_time1 month ago
The UN's big report on climate change is out. It is the IPCC's (WG-III) sixth report on climate mitigation. And if you have been confused about all the jargon, and have been wondering how this report is different from the previous ones and what the big takeaways from it are, then we have the answers. 

The Quint spoke to Dr Navroz K Dubash, who is a professor at the Centre for Policy Research, where he conducts research and writes on climate change, energy, air pollution, water policy, and the politics of regulation in the developing world. Dubash is also one of the co-authors of this latest report and the coordinating lead author of Chapter 13.

Host: Sadhika Tiwari
Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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(This is a review of the Hindi dubbed version of RRR)

A man after being bitten by a poisonous snake breaks a wall with his own fist! When he's on death row and in solitary confinement he does push ups! Someone else has his legs broken but takes ferocious leaps in the air to kill his target! SS Rajamouli’s 3-hour-long, hypnotic spectacle RRR is made up of many such moments that nudge us to suspend our disbelief. “Load, aim and shoot! “ - that’s what Rajamouli’s screenplay and K V Vijayendra Prasad’s story is all about unencumbered as it is by the need to be historically accurate or even logical for that matter. The only way to have fun then is to unquestioningly surrender yourself to this ambitious setup where the directors’s mastery over his craft is never in doubt.

VO: RJ Stutee