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Samvedh Sagas

Samvedh Vegi


Will discuss travelling, nature, life and Entrepreneurship
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access_time8 days ago
Winners and Losers share the same goals. But only a few succeed. So, setting up goals is not the key secret of being successful. Goals are always there, but they always increase expectations, restrict the essence of whatever we do. They don’t make any difference for winners or losers. But how to deal with these Goals and fear of failure? Explained in Podcast. Please listen and leave your feedback.
access_time8 days ago
Before we even try, We can’t decide a result. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone for anything. Each one of us has our own style, own pace, own way of doing things. Try, Practice and Master.
access_time8 days ago
Even best friends are crazy and scary sometimes. In this podcast, I’ll talk about such best friend called “Fear of Failure” and how to deal with it.
access_time8 days ago
People say that fear is our biggest enemy. But it can be our best friend. Listen to this podcast to know how you can make fear, your friend.
access_time25 days ago
All of us know that there is a universal language called nature. It speaks to us. It sends a lot of omens which can signal the upcoming events of our life. I shall talk about different aspects of Nature language.