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access_time12 hours ago
A bold new proposal to decentralize social media from Jack Dorsey, YouTube bans “malicious insults,” you can only clean your Pro Display XDR with a special cloth, Silicon Valley is no longer everyone’s favorite place to work and the big tech companies whistled past their troubles this In Digital Marketing PodcastLinks:The Bluesky Thread (@jack)YouTube Will Ban Videos That “Maliciously Insult” People Based On Race, Gender, Or Sexual Orientation (Buzzfeed News)Apple's Pro Display XDR With Nano-Texture Can Only Be Cleaned With Special Apple-Provided Cloth (MacRumors)Intel's Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029 (AnandTech)Chrome 79 released with tab freezing, back-forward caching, and loads of security features (ZDNet)Facebook, Google Drop Out of Top 10 ‘Best Places to Work’ List (Bloomberg)Big Tech Is Under Attack, and Investors Couldn’t Care Less (NYTimes)Link to the ad-free feed!
access_time2 days ago
Apple is suing its former chip architect, the Apple Card finally makes sense to me, wheels on the Mac Pro will run you $400, Softbank abandons Wag, Microsoft brings Office to Linux and I want the new tech bubble to be about exoskeletons.Sponsors:PixelUnion.netToday In Digital Marketing PodcastLinks:Apple sues iPhone CPU design ace after he quits to run data-center chip upstart Nuvia (The Register)Apple’s Ad-Targeting Crackdown Shakes Up Ad Market (The Information)Apple Cards' interest-free iPhone installment plan goes live, now with 6% back on Apple holiday purchases (TechCrunch)SoftBank Is Selling Wag Stake Back to Company (WSJ)Microsoft Teams is the first Office app for Linux (VentureBeat)Mac Pro Build to Order Options (MacRumors)VSCO acquires video editing startup Rylo (TechCrunch)Robotic exoskeletons: Coming to a factory, warehouse or army near you, soon (ZDNet)
access_time3 days ago
China orders its own crackdown on foreign tech, Google is bringing “feature drops” to Pixel Phones, the Mac Pro is here but Wunderlist is exiting stage left, Magic Leap seems to be having issues, and an interesting raise from, well… orders state offices to replace foreign PCs and software (Asian Financial Review)Making Pixel more helpful with the first Pixel feature drop (The Keyword)New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR orders start on December 10, Apple announces (9to5Mac)Amazon blames Trump for losing $10 billion JEDI cloud contract to Microsoft (CNBC)Microsoft to finally shut down to do list app Wunderlist on May 6, 2020 (TechCrunch)Dented Reality: Magic Leap Sees Slow Sales, Steep Losses (The Information)Amazon leases Hudson Yards office space less than year after HQ2 debacle (Curbed NY)This podcaster wants to catch you up on the news on your ride home, no matter what you’re into (Fast Company)Ride Home Media Raises $1M To Build “Summary-As-A-Service” Podcast Network (CrunchBase News)The Daily Podcast Revolution (Medium)
access_time4 days ago
I’ve been trying to read books about AI lately to get a firmer grasp on this important topic, and the best book I’ve read for both a basic grounding of the history and the state of play of AI, but also looking at potential frameworks for the technology, both ethically and socially is A Human Algorithm: How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Who We Are by Flynn Coleman.Sponsors:PixelUnionMealime
access_time5 days ago
I had already reached out to Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen this week to talk about the Google Civil War, but then, of course, there was other big Google news this week. So, come for the assessment of Google’s culture at the moment but stay for an assessment of regime change and a lot more.Sponsors:MetalabMealime
access_time5 days ago
The Uber safety report, more Galaxy S11 rumors, could Apple be about to kill the charging port on iPhones entirely and what would that mean, Samsung’s new chips to make AR mainstream and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.Sponsors:MetalabPaintYourLife. Text TECH to 64-000Links:Uber Says 3,045 Sexual Assaults Were Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year (NYTimes)Samsung to Take on iPhone’s Popularity With Big Camera Overhaul (Bloomberg)Kuo: Apple to Launch 'Completely Wireless' iPhone Without Lightning Connector and 'iPhone SE 2 Plus' With Touch ID Power Button in 2021 (MacRumors)5G and face tracking: The weird future of VR headsets like Oculus Quest and HoloLens (CNET)Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8c and 7c processors will power cheaper ARM laptops (The Verge)Spotify Year In Review Thread (@baekdal)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:How Ring Went From ‘Shark Tank’ Reject to America’s Scariest Surveillance Company (Motherboard)Inside VSCO, a Gen Z-approved photo-sharing app, with CEO Joel Flory (TechCrunch)Commentary: Andy Jassy aims to reinvent Amazon Web Services for the cloud’s next generation (Silicon Angle)Why Silicon Valley Investors Are Bonkers For European Startups (Forbes)A decade of hacking: The most notable cyber-security events of the 2010s (ZDNet)HOW SONY BOUGHT, AND SQUANDERED, THE FUTURE OF GAMING (The Verge)The difference between Windows Notepad and WordPad, and when to use each (Windows Central)Why ‘The Mandalorian’ cites Fortnite dev Epic Games in its credits (VentureBeat)Unintended Perk of the Online Mattress Boom: Never-Ending Free (WSJ)
access_time7 days ago
The FTC might be broadening its look into Amazon, the new flagship Snapdragon Chips, a disc-free Xbox, checkins with Slack, Imgur and Robinhood, and craigslist enters the 21st Promo Code: Ride50 (for up to 50% off)Links:Amazon Faces Widening U.S. Antitrust Scrutiny in Cloud Business (Bloomberg)Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 865 and 765(G): 5G For All in 2020, All The Details (AnandTech)Sources: Microsoft Is Still Planning A Cheaper, Disc-Less Next-Gen Xbox (Kotaku)Slack Raises Outlook After Winning New Corporate Customers (WSJ)300M-user Imgur launches Melee, a gaming meme app (TechCrunch)Red Flags for Robinhood (Fortune)Craigslist Finally Gets an Official App (Gizmodo)
access_time8 days ago
Larry and Sergey ride their Segway’s off into the sunset, a new entrant in the streaming wars, more news from the re:Invent conference, YouTube says it’s algorithm change is working and the year that was, in the world of letter from Larry and Sergey (The Keyword)GOOGLE’S THIRD ERA (The Verge)Plex launches a free, ad-supported streaming service in over 200 countries (TechCrunch)With Outposts, Local Zones, and Verizon, AWS looks beyond the cloud (Mostly Cloudy)YouTube says viewers are spending less time watching conspiracy videos. But many still do. (The Washington Post)Instagram to collect ages in leap for youth safety, alcohol ads (Reuters)Reddit's monthly active user base grew 30% to reach 430M in 2019 (TechCrunch)Subreddit That Hates on ‘Game of Thrones’ Is the Most Popular TV Subreddit of 2019 (The Wrap)
access_time9 days ago
Headlines from re:Invent, how tech is caught up in a tariff war with France, Facebook created a chatbot to help employees explain themselves during the holidays, and let me tell you about the new foldable phone from Pablo Escobar’s Graviton2: What it means for Arm in the data center, cloud, enterprise, AWS (ZDNet)AWS launches its custom Inferentia inferencing chips (TechCrunch)Trump Administration Proposes Tariffs Against $2.4 Billion of French Goods (WSJ)Former Google employees who say they were fired for organizing are filing labor charges against the company (Vox)Google fired us for organizing. We’re fighting back. (Google Walkout For Real Change)TikTok curbed reach for people with disabilities ( prevented disabled users’ videos from showing up in feeds (The Verge)DHS wants to expand airport face recognition scans to include US citizens (TechCrunch)Facebook Gives Workers a Chatbot to Appease That Prying Uncle (NYTimes)Pablo Escobar's Brother Has Apple In His Crosshairs With an 'Unbreakable' Foldable Phone? (Gizmodo)
access_time10 days ago
Interesting Galaxy S11 leaks, T-Mobile flips the switch on its 5G network, might different models of next year’s iPhone have different versions of 5G, the rundown of Black Friday/Cyber Monday and why an e-sports team is Suddenly Exposes Radical New Galaxy Smartphone [Updated] (Forbes)T-Mobile launches 600MHz 5G across the US, but no one can use it until December 6th (The Verge)4 new iPhones could have 5G in 2020, but not the same kind of 5G (Mashable)Google and Facebook run into more trouble over data in Europe (CNN Business)Driving Innovation in Data Portability with a New Photo Transfer Tool (Facebook Newsroom)Black Friday sees record $7.4B in online sales, $2.9B spent using smartphones (TechCrunch)Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV's security (TechCrunch)Amazon debuts automatic speech recognition service, Amazon Transcribe Medical (TechCrunch)Amazon’s kooky new keyboard lets humans and AI write music together (Fast Company)Counter-Strike World Champions Aim for First Esport Team IPO (Bloomberg)
access_time13 days ago
Since it’s a holiday week in the US, I’m going to do what I’ve done once before on Holiday weeks and give you an episode from the Internet History Podcast archives. This is a story about tech history that, if you’ve never heard it, will blow your mind. What if I told you there was a crazy entrepreneur who was the true founder of what would become America Online? He was the guy who hired Steve Case back before AOL was AOL. What if I told you that same entrepreneur invented true, networked, online gaming—not in the era of the Xbox 360, or Stadia, but back in the days of the Atari 2600? What if I then told you that same entrepreneur invented a Napster/Pandora/Spotify/Sirius-like music service, all the way back in 1981, before the compact disc was even widely available? That Man Is William von Meister And he is the subject of this episode. This is a crazy story, about a hard drinking, heavy-smoking, women-chasing entrepreneur, seemingly from the Mad Men cloth, who was “a pathological entrepreneur” with a “reality-distortion-field” that would give Steve Jobs a run for his money. It’s a story of about a dozen harebrained businesses, none of which were really successful (excepting of course that some or all of them lent their DNA to the company that would become AOL) but all of which were way ahead of their time, and in many ways, presaged technologies we take for granted today.Sponsors:CloudBees.ioMealime
access_time15 days ago
Google fires four workers associated with labor organizing, Amazon's ruthless quotas lead to high rates of warehouse injuries, grass-roots opponents to Amazon's power form a coalition, a report cites the public cost of Amazon warehouses on Southern California, the California DMV is selling driver information, the Rev transcription service exposes contractors to horrific recordings, Facebook pays people to take surveys, Zuckerberg mostly listens to old white men, a TikTok teen spreads the news about Chinese mistreatment of Muslim Uyghurs, and Texas Instruments keeps toting up new profits from an old calculator style.SponsorsSilicon Valley BankMealimeLinks:Google fires four workers, including one tied to protests (Bloomberg)Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees (the Atlantic)Amazon's Own Numbers Reveal Staggering Injury Rates at Staten Island Warehouse (Gizmodo)Grass-roots activists on Amazon's power coalesce (New York Times)Amazon costs Southern California big time in public assistance for its workers, environmental and transportation impact (Economic Roundtable)California DMV makes $50 million a year selling personal information (Vice)Rev Transcribers Hate the Low Pay, But the Disturbing Recordings Are Even Worse (The Verge)Facebook pays people to take surveys (Engadget)Zuck talks to old white men (Bloomberg)TikTok suspended a teen who posted a viral takedown of China disguised as a makeup tutorial (Business Insider)The Texas Instruments Chained-Calculation Massacre (Medium's GEN)
access_time17 days ago
Uber loses its license in London, the web’s founder launches a “contract” to save it, eBay sells StubHub, the Threadrippers seem to be the real deal, Deadpool is buying a mobile carrier and Elon Musk knows why those windows loses London licence after TfL finds drivers faked identity (The Guardian)Tim Berners-Lee unveils global plan to save the web (The Guardian)EBay to sell StubHub to Viagogo for about $4 billion in cash (CNBC)India's financial services firm Paytm raises $1B (TechCrunch)The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and 3970X Review: 24 and 32 Cores on 7nm (AnandTech)AMD confirms 64-core Threadripper 3990X for 2020 (The Verge)Ryan Reynolds now owns a stake in budget carrier Mint Mobile (Engadget)Elon Musk explains why Tesla’s Cybertruck windows smashed during presentation (The Verge)Tesla's polarizing Cybertruck was preordered 200,000 times within 3 days (USA Today)
access_time20 days ago
We gotta talk about Cybertruck, Twitter continues its shipping products hot streak, AirPods are hotter than even Apple anticipated, some trouble in Russia for gadget makers and, of course, the Weekend Longreads, the Tesla Cybertruck is here (TechCrunch)Tesla accidentally busted two windows on the Cybertruck while demonstrating how tough they are (TechCrunch)Wall Street analysts say Tesla’s pickup is ‘really weird’ and Ford can ‘breathe a sigh of relief’ (CNBC)Tesla all-electric ATV makes a surprise debut at Cybertruck event (TechCrunch)Russia bans sale of gadgets without Russian-made software (BBC News)Twitter will finally let users disable SMS as default 2FA method (ZDNet)Twitter rolls out its 'Hide Replies' feature to all users worldwide (TechCrunch)Apple AirPods Shipments Expected to Double to 60 Million in 2019 (Bloomberg)Microsoft pushes Surface Earbuds release back to spring 2020 (Windows Central)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:How our home delivery habit reshaped the world (The Guardian)The Architect of Modern Algorithms (Quanta Magazine)Spotify’s Daniel Ek Has a Plan to Harness Hollywood for Podcasts and Create "the World’s No. 1 Audio Platform" (The Hollywood Reporter)Inside the Most Watched YouTube Channel in the World (Bloomberg Businessweek)Global Protests Reveal Bitcoin’s Limitations (CoinDesk)Robert De Niro and Al Pacino: A Big, Beautiful 50-Year Friendship (GQ)
access_time21 days ago
Google is changing its rules around political ads, PayPal is acquiring Honey for a ton of money, why have a Dash Button when you can have a Dash Shelf? Route puts all your orders in one place and I’m afraid Google’s original culture is definitively update on our political ads policy (The Keyword/Google)Google to Limit Targeting of Political Ads (NYTimes)Facebook Weighs Steps to Curb Narrowly Targeted Political Ads (WSJ)PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B (TechCrunch)Amazon unveils new Dash Smart Shelf that automatically reorders items when supplies run low (GeekWire)Route's app auto-tracks all your packages, raises $12M (TechCrunch)Inside Apple’s iPhone Software Shakeup After Buggy iOS 13 Debut (Bloomberg)Google Hires Firm Known for Anti-Union Efforts (NYTimes)
access_time22 days ago
Hackers could take over your Android cameras, the police can do whatever they want with your Ring videos, if your Disney+ account is hacked, is it probably your fault? An amazing breakthrough in solar technology and why fishing by drone has become a Camera App Bug Lets Apps Record Video Without Permission (BleepingComputer)Police can keep Ring camera video forever and share with whomever they’d like, Amazon tells senator (Washington Post)Amazon says it’s considered face scanning in Ring doorbells (Associated Press)Hacked Disney+ accounts are reportedly being sold for as little as $3 (CNBC)Apple expands in Austin (Apple Newsroom)Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough (CNN)A new solar heat technology could help solve one of the trickiest climate problems (Vox)Tackle Box for the Modern Fisherman: Rod, Reel, Drone (WSJ)
access_time23 days ago
Apple’s planning an awards ceremony? Amazon has a new fire TV accessory, Spotify launches Your Daily Podcast, Google announces Your News Update, Ransomware comes for the vets, and the hidden cost hurdle for electric announces press event on Dec. 2 (CNBC)Amazon’s latest Fire TV accessory is an IR blaster that lets your Echo control your TV (The Verge)AMAZON EXPANDS FREE MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE TO APPLE, ANDROID DEVICES (MusicBusinessWorldwide)Google is putting an algorithmic audio news feed on its Assistant (The Verge)Ransomware Bites 400 Veterinary Hospitals (Krebs on Security)Why the electric-car revolution may take a lot longer than expected (MIT Technology Review)
access_time24 days ago
The Mustang Mach-E wants to out Tesla Tesla, John Legere is stepping down from T-Mobile, .org domain names might be getting a lot more expensive, and the reviews on Google Stadia are decidedly mixed, but at least it works.Sponsors:CastroMealimeLinks:FORD’S MUSTANG MACH-E IS AN ELECTRIC SUV WITH UP TO 300 MILES OF RANGE (The Verge)UP CLOSE WITH FORD’S ELECTRIC MUSTANG SUV, THE MACH-E (The Verge)Wayve raises $20 million to give autonomous cars better AI brains (VentureBeat)John Legere to step down as T-Mobile CEO next year (CNBC)The org that doles out .org websites just sold itself to a for-profit company (The Verge)ByteDance to take on rivals with music streaming launch (Financial Times)HP board unanimously rejects Xerox’s bid to acquire the company (CNBC)GOOGLE STADIA REVIEW: THE BEST OF CLOUD GAMING IS STILL JUST A BETA (The Verge)Stadia the Technology? Awesome. Stadia the Service? Not So Much (Vice)Stadia tech review: the best game streaming yet, but far from ready (EuroGamer)
access_time26 days ago
So, that Razr event, out in LA obviously I didn’t get to cover it live… and if there was ever a recent hardware event crying out for “hands-on” reporting, this was one. So, I reached out to someone who was there:’s Mike Murphy, and actually, his take was pretty different than some of the others I read to you on Thursday. Come for that, and stay for the reality check about what will really make the 5G revolution
access_time27 days ago
Apple takes down vaping apps from the App Store, why is Google going ahead with the Stadia launch this month? Amazon protests the JEDI decision, the TikTok juggernaut rolls on—especially in India—and, of course, the weekend longreads promo code Ride50Links:Exclusive: Apple to remove vaping apps from store (Axios)November 2019 Xbox One Update Brings Xbox Action for the Google Assistant, Gamertag Updates, Text Filters and More (XBox Wire)Microsoft to launch xCloud in 2020, with PS4 controllers and PC streaming on the way (The Verge)Google demos Stadia UI and lists several missing launch features (Engadget)Amazon cites ‘unmistakable bias’ in Microsoft’s military cloud contract win (CNBC)TikTok surpasses 1.5 billion downloads — with almost 500M in India (TNW)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:WeFail: How the doomed Masa Son-Adam Neumann relationship set WeWork on the road to disaster (Fast Company)How VCs Make Money (VCStarterKit)Superhero or Supervillain? Technology’s Role Changes Comic Books (NYTimes)AN ORAL HISTORY OF LIMEWIRE: THE LITTLE APP THAT CHANGED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOREVER (MelMagazine)As L.A. ports automate, some workers are cheering on the robots (LATimes)Managing Your Friendships, With Software (The Atlantic)From Instagram to Candy Crush: These are the most important apps of the decade (CNET)
access_time28 days ago
There’s a new Razr phone with a foldable screen that might actually work? That Apple Prime bundle might be coming sooner rather than later. That Apple Research app is here right now. Why did 1Password raise a bunch of money for the first time ever? And can Netflix use Nickelodeon to fend off Disney?Sponsors:PixelUnion.netleap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Motorola's foldable Razr: Inside the remaking of a flip phone icon (CNET)MOTOROLA RESURRECTS THE RAZR AS A FOLDABLE ANDROID SMARTPHONE (The Verge)Apple Plans Mega Bundle of Music, News, TV as Early as 2020 (Bloomberg)Apple launches Research app, US users can enroll in three health studies (9to5Mac)In Its First Funding In 14 Years, Toronto’s 1Password Raises $200M Series A Led By Accel (Crunchbase)Netflix and Nickelodeon partner on original programming, following Disney+ launch (TechCrunch)First ‘Tuned by THX’ home theater speakers need no A/V receivers — or wires (Digital Trends)Support the pod directly! Subscribe to the ad-free feed directly in your podcast app!
access_time29 days ago
The new 16-inch MacBook pro might actually have a keyboard that works! Google wants you to bank with them. The Brave browser comes out of beta. And there’s an AI that can predict if you’ll die in the next year… but doctors don’t know how it does’S 16-INCH MACBOOK PRO IS HERE AND IT HAS A GOOD KEYBOARD (The Verge)16-Inch MacBook Pro First Impressions: Great Keyboard, Outstanding Speakers (Daring Fireball)Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance: Banking (WSJ)Brave 1.0 launches, bringing the privacy-first browser out of beta (The Verge)DoorDash Picks Up Another $100 Million at Nearly $13 Billion Valuation (Bloomberg)Border officials can’t have ‘boundless’ access to search devices, court rules (The Verge)AI can predict if you'll die soon - but we've no idea how it works (New Scientist)
access_time30 days ago
Google has hoovered up the health records of millions of folks without telling anyone, Instagram debuts a TikTok competitor, Facebook debuts Facebook Pay, debuts recurring payments and Disney+ literally just’s ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans (The Wall Street Journal)Instagram Stories launches TikTok clone Reels in Brazil (TechCrunch)Facebook Pay is a new payment system for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook (The Verge)Facebook finally lets you banish nav bar tabs & red dots (TechCrunch)Whoop, the sports tech and analytics company that makes discreet wearables, raises $55M (TechCrunch) sites can now accept subscriptions with new 'Recurring Payments' feature (TechCrunch)Disney+ experiencing ‘unable to connect’ errors on launch day (The Verge)Here’s what time every episode of The Mandalorian and other Disney+ shows go live (The Verge)
access_time1 month ago
New York State is investigating the Apple Card for alleged gender bias, sources say Apple thinks AR glasses could someday replace the smartphone, Dara Khosrowshahi said some things he regrets, and Amazon is gonna launch a grocery store not called Whole Text RIDE to 64-000.Links:Viral Tweet About Apple Card Leads to Goldman Sachs Probe (Bloomberg)@dhh ThreadAbout the Apple Card ( CEO backtracks after calling Saudi murder of Khashoggi "a mistake" (Axios)Apple Eyes 2022 Release for AR Headset, 2023 for Glasses (The Information)Amazon will launch new grocery store as alternative to Whole Foods (CNET)DoorDash Won Food Delivery by Seizing the Suburbs and $2 Billion (Bloomberg)
access_time1 month ago
Hello! @jyarow and @fmanjoo are back! and enter "ride10" at checkout
access_time1 month ago
Disney Plus will be on Amazon’s Fire TV when it launches next week, Andreessen Horowitz launches a completely free crypto school, Twitter seems to have woken up all of the sudden, T-Mobile really wants that merger with Sprint to happen, and, of course, the Weekend Longreads stock rises after beating on top and bottom lines (CNBC)Andreessen Horowitz launches free crypto startup school (TechCrunch)Twitter Is Trying To Fix The Dunk And Ratio (BuzzFeed)T-Mobile dangles $15 plan, 5G gains, big freebies to get Sprint deal done (CNET)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:Pessimists Archive PodcastThe new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising (The Correspondent)THE BIG BITCOIN HEIST (Vanity Fair)We are living in Hideo Kojima’s dystopian nightmare. Can he save us? (Washington Post)A critical analysis of scroll bars throughout history (The Verge)The Making of the World’s Greatest Investor (WSJ)How Cheap Robots Are Transforming Ocean Exploration (Outside)
access_time1 month ago
Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia, those weird text messages a whole bunch of people received overnight, the most powerful desktop CPUs in the world, Ghost Locomotion wants to turn existing cars into autonomous vehicles, Wrench will repair your car on demand, and what smart speaker seems to be unhackable? Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into the accounts of kingdom critics (Washington Post)Alphabet’s board of directors is investigating executives over inappropriate relationships (CNBC)A ton of people received text messages overnight that were originally sent on Valentine’s Day (The Verge)AMD unveils world's most powerful desktop CPUs (ZDNet)Uber faces costly choices after expert finds it uses Waymo self-driving tech (Reuters)Ghost raises $63.7 million to develop an aftermarket kit that gives cars self-driving capabilities (VentureBeat)Wrench's on-demand vehicle repair and maintenance service picks up $20 million (TechCrunch)Facebook Portal survives Pwn2Own hacking contest, Amazon Echo got hacked (ZDNet)
access_time1 month ago
Twitter announces Topics, Xerox might take a run at HP, Uber’s getting into the ads business, Ford’s electric Mustang makes Tech Crunch angry, and the best blockchain startup idea I’ve heard of in a long time.Sponsors:Metalab.coLeap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Twitter is rolling out Topics, a way to follow subjects automatically in the timeline (The Verge)Xerox Considers Takeover Offer for HP (WSJ)California Says Facebook Failed to Comply With Subpoenas (NYTimes)California asks for court order forcing Facebook to hand over Cambridge Analytica documents (The Verge)Self-Driving Uber in Crash Wasn’t Designed to See Jaywalkers (Bloomberg)Uber is entering the ads business (TechCrunch)Neural Magic raises $15 million to boost AI inferencing speed on off-the-shelf processors (VentureBeat)How Arweave's Permaweb cheaply hosts sites & apps forever (TechCrunch)Ford built an electric Mustand with a manual transmission. And we're mad. (TechCrunch)
access_time1 month ago
How are things in Masa Son’s world post-WeWork? How long until Uber will be profitable? How is the new Surface Pro X to use? Why is iOS aggressively quitting background apps? And why data scoring companies are maybe worse than credit score imposes new standards to rein in start-up founders (Financial Times)WeWork Isn’t the Only Stumble for SoftBank’s Vision Fund (WSJ)Uber Books Another Quarterly Loss as Revenue Climbs (WSJ)MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO X REVIEW: HEARTBREAKER (The Verge)Xiaomi unveils its 108-megapixel smartphone (Engadget)Actively exploited bug in fully updated Firefox is sending users into a tizzy (ArsTechnica)IOS 13.2 IS OVERZEALOUSLY KILLING APPS IN THE BACKGROUND (Daring Fireball)I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can Get Yours, Too. (NYTimes)
access_time1 month ago
Your smart speakers aren’t secure in a wild new way, crazy product announcement day from Microsoft and Adobe, crazy new logo design day from everyone but especially Facebook, and Wikipedia makes a big change to Can Use Lasers to ‘Speak’ to Your Amazon Echo or Google Home (Wired)Microsoft’s new Office app for iOS and Android combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (The Verge)Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser arrives January 15th (Engadget)Microsoft Teams is getting Outlook integration, tasks support, and more (The Verge)Microsoft Ignite 2019: Meet Project Cortex, Office 365 knowledge-management service (ZDNet)Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Outlook for iOS and Android with a new ‘masculine’ voice (The Verge)Introducing Our New Company Brand (Facebook Newsroom)Photoshop for iPad is now available in the App Store (WCCFTech)The Internet Archive Is Making Wikipedia More Reliable (Wired)
access_time1 month ago
Steve Case is obviously an internet and technology legend, as the founder of America Online. But as I said when I did a segment about it this week, I’ve always been fascinated with his Rise of the Rest Tour and Fund because, look, the whole basic principle of the project is to try new things, try to find new ideas and new people in new places. So after doing the segment on the new Rise of the Rest Fund II, I reached out to Steve to learn more about what he’s been learning as he’s been barnstorming the country to try to find exciting new companies outside of the major tech hubs.Sponsor:WeWorkRemotely
access_time1 month ago
Google acquires Fitbit, Apple TV+ officially launches, might the US Government be about to bring the hammer down on TikTok, and of course, the Weekend Longreads suggestions.Sponsors:Tiny CapitalLeap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Google to acquire Fitbit, valuing the smartwatch maker at about $2.1 billion (CNBC)Maps Incognito is launching for Google Maps Android Users (Google Maps Help)Apple TV+ is now live in the TV app: Start watching Apple’s original TV shows and movies (9to5Mac)Exclusive: U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok - sources (Reuters)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420 (Fast Company)Talking with former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos (CJR)Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours ( Gross Margin Problem: Lessons for Tech-Enabled Startups (Craft)The Ransomware Superhero of Normal, Illinois (ProPublica)
access_time1 month ago
Twitter says it will ban ALL political advertising, Cognizant says it is getting out of the content moderation business, Facebook earnings are good, Apple earnings are good… and evolving, and can the Chinese monitor SMS messages at the provider level, at scale?Sponsors:Tiny CapitalLeap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Jack Dorsey's Twitter ThreadZuckerberg defends politician ads that will be 0.5% of 2020 revenue (TechCrunch)Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg (NYTimes)Facebook shares rise on strong Q3, users up 2% to 2.45B (TechCrunch)A Facebook content moderation vendor is quitting the business after two Verge investigations (The Verge)Apple is laying the groundwork for an iPhone subscription (CNBC)Researchers unearth malware that siphoned SMS texts out of telco’s network (ArsTechnica)Unraveling the Secret Origins of an AmazonBasics Battery (OneZero)
access_time1 month ago
WhatsApp sues the NSO Group about that crazy exploit, Uber is threating to sue Los Angeles about a crazy tracking program that I’m not sure about, we’ve got the full details surrounding HBO Max, an activist is taking Facebook’s political advertising policy to its logical conclusion, and how come none of you told me about Mario Kart Tour?Sponsors:Tiny CapitalPessimists Archive PodcastLinks:Why WhatsApp is pushing back on NSO Group hacking (Washington Post)WhatsApp Says Israeli Firm Used Its App in Spy Program (NYTimes)The New HBO Max is competing with Netflix by giving you Friends and Game of Thrones for $15 a month (Recode)Report: Apple to Use Qualcomm's X55 5G Modem in All Three 2020 iPhones (MacRumors)Uber in talks with Los Angeles as scooter location data lawsuit looms (CNET)Privacy groups actually side with Uber in scooter data fight (Mashable)This man is running for governor of California so he can run false Facebook ads (CNN Business)Mario Kart Tour Has a Rocket Start With 123.9 Million Downloads in Its First Month (SensorTower)
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Earnings from Alphabet and Shopify, hacking the Olympics, the Rise of the Rest rides again, Amazon is making grocery delivery free and letting you pay your electric bill via Alexa, and don’t update your HomePod, or you might brick it.Sponsors:Tiny Capitalleap.fidelitycareers.comLinks:Alphabet Earnings Dented by Spending on Cloud Business (Bloomberg)Shopify Shares Tumble After Surprise Loss on Spending Boost (Bloomberg)Microsoft: Russian hackers are targeting sporting organizations ahead of Tokyo Olympics (ZDNet)AOL Founder Steve Case Launches Second $150 Million ‘Rise Of The Rest’ Fund To Back Entrepreneurs Across U.S. (Forbes)China to Funnel $29 Billion Towards its Chip Ambitions (Bloomberg)Amazon axes $14.99 Amazon Fresh fee, making grocery delivery free for Prime members to boost use (TechCrunch)Amazon will let you pay bills with Alexa (VentureBeat)New 13.2 Update Bricking Some HomePods [Update Pulled by Apple] (MacRumors)PlayStation Vue is Shutting Down Live TV Streaming Service in January (The Streamable)
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AirPods Pro are here, new Nvidia streaming gadgets are here, Alphabet might be about to acquire Fitbit, the fallout from the Pentagon JEDI contract and what happens when your entire city orders from Amazon every single reveals new AirPods Pro, available October 30 (Apple NewsRoom)Apple unveils new in-ear AirPods Pro coming October 30 for $249 (9to5Mac)Google parent Alphabet makes offer to buy Fitbit, sending stock soaring (CNBC)Nvidia’s new Shield TV wins the Android TV market with amazing 4K upscaling (TechCrunch)Microsoft snags hotly contested $10 billion defense contract, beating out Amazon (CNBC)Spotify grows users 30% in Q3 2019, premium subscribers reach 113 million (VentureBeat)Microsoft’s Xbox bundles are back and ready for the new Project Scarlett Xbox (The Verge)1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets (NYTimes)Subscribe to the premium ad-free feed here!
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The news that Yahoo was shutting down Yahoo Groups, as I said, was another gut punch when you realize how much of the web’s history is so ephemeral. It also got me thinking that Yahoo as a company might be about to go down the memory hole, and that got me thinking about Yahoo’s legacy as perhaps the first great Internet company, and that got me talking to one of the deans of tech journalism, Harry McCracken. What IS Yahoo’s legacy? Why has it ended up the way it has? And also, why do we feel nostalgic for the sort of web Yahoo Groups represents? What has changed on the Internet from the Yahoo Groups glory days until now?Sponsors:PixelUnion.netLegalForce RAPC (650-390-6461 or
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Introducing Facebook News. Did the major US Carriers do an end-run around Google out of spite? Amazon is back to making as little profit as it possibly can, HBO Max makes its aggressive pricing move, and, of course, the Weekend Longreads Suggestions.Sponsors:MealimeLegalForce RAPC (650-390-6461 or Murdoch wanted Mark Zuckerberg to pay him for news stories — and now Facebook is going to do just that (Recode)[Update: Google responds] Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile join forces to bring RCS to Android in 2020 (9to5Google)AMAZON.COM ANNOUNCES THIRD QUARTER SALES UP 24% TO $70.0 BILLION (Amazon)Behind AT&T's plan to take on Netflix, Apple and Disney with HBO Max (Reuters)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:The 2010s Broke Our Sense Of Time (Buzzfeed)Inside R/Relationships, the Unbearably Human Corner of Reddit (The Atlantic)He revolutionized how millions of people spend money in India. His next target: America (CNN Business)Now the Machines Are Learning How to Smell (Wired)Pentagon, With an Eye on China, Pushes for Help From American Tech (NYTimes)Google CEO Sundar Pichai on achieving quantum supremacy (MIT Technology Review)How Do You Like We Now (Bloomberg Opinion)
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Is TikTok a national security risk? Inquiring Senators want to know. Earnings running the gamut from bad to surprisingly good from Twitter, Amazon and Tesla. And to paraphrase an old saw: if a voicemail system goes down how would anyone even notice?Sponsors:MealimeLegalForce RAPC (650-390-6461 or raises national security concerns in Congress as Schumer, Cotton ask for federal review (The Washington Post)Music Video Upstart ‘Triller’ Says It’s Taking On TikTok Amid $28 Million Series B (TubeFilter)Twitter Q3 misses bi on revenues of $824M and EPS of $0.05 on the back of adtech glitches (TechCrunch)Twitter’s Growth Sags, But That Wasn’t the Worst Part (Bloomberg)Microsoft Sales, Profit Top Estimates on Cloud; Azure Slows (Bloomberg)Tesla Shares Soar as Elon Musk Packs Profit Report With Positives (Bloomberg)AT&T claims a weeks-long voicemail outage will be fixed with a single device update (The Verge)Apple TV app launches on Amazon Fire TV devices (9to5Mac)40 Major Music Festivals Have Pledged Not to Use Facial Recognition Technology (Vice)BBC News launches 'dark web' Tor mirror (BBC News)Behold the massive social media explosion from Fortnite’s Season 10 finale (The Washington Post)Last week's Fortnite update helped Akamai set a new CDN traffic record (ZDNet)
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Mr. Zuckerberg went back to Washington, Google claims “Quantum Supremacy,” Apple overtakes Starbucks, HireVue is a controversial AI hiring tool and is the influencer bubble on the wane?Sponsors:leap.Fidelitycareers.comMealime.comLinks:Zuckerberg, in Washington to Talk Cryptocurrency, Gets Grilled on Everything (NYTimes) Snapchat beats in Q3, adding 7M users & revenue up 50% (TechCrunch)Apple Pay Overtakes Starbucks as Top Mobile Payment App in the US (eMarketer)Google Claims a Quantum Breakthrough That Could Change Computing (NYTimes)On “Quantum Supremacy” (IBM Research Blog)A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job (The Washington Post)Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listening (WSJ)
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SoftBank is taking over WeWork in order to save it, Verizon will give you Disney+ for free, Surprise! Comcast’s “free” streaming box really isn’t, and how much does Dark Mode save in battery life? Quite a bit, it turns out…Sponsors:LegalForce RAPC (650-390-6461 or to Get Up to $1.7 Billion to Exit WeWork as SoftBank Takes Control (WSJ)Verizon Will Give One Year of Disney Plus for Free to All Unlimited Wireless Customers (Variety)Roku is buying ad tech company Dataxu in $150 million deal (CNBC)Comcast’s ‘free’ streaming box actually requires an additional $13 / month fee (The Verge)Forty-six attorneys general have joined a New York-led antitrust investigation of Facebook (The Washington Post)The Pixel 4 supports fast wireless charging on any Qi charger [Updated] (AndroidCentral)Dark Mode in iOS 13 significantly helps iPhone battery life, robotic test shows [Video] (9to5Mac)
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It’s review-a-palooza day with Surface reviews and Pixel 4 reviews. Also, Facebook announces new disinformation initiatives, and Microsoft announces a Secured-core PC initiative and Twitch wants in on the Watch Party disables Russian, Iranian networks, illustrating continued 2020 election threat (Washington Post)Helping to Protect the 2020 US Elections (Facebook Newsroom)Microsoft announces Secured-core PCs to counter firmware attacks (VentureBeat)Twitch’s new Watch Parties test taps Prime Video for movie night (SlashGear)MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 7 REVIEW: I WISH THIS LOOKED LIKE A SURFACE PRO X (The Verge)MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP 3 15-INCH REVIEW: IT’S A BIGGER SURFACE LAPTOP (The Verge)Google Pixel 4 XL review: A night vision camera that's dead by sunset (Android Central)GOOGLE PIXEL 4 AND 4 XL REVIEW: MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS SENSORS (The Verge)
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Zuckerberg defends Facebook as a champion of free speech, will iPhone users have unlimited photo uploads to Google Photos while Pixel 4 owners will not, dial back your expectations for the Photoshop iPad app, the Vatican has a wearable prayer gadget, and, of course, the weekend longreads promo code RideLinks:Samsung says fingerprint security fix is coming as early as next week (The Verge)Defiant Zuckerberg Says Facebook Won’t Police Political Speech (NYTimes)On Facebook’s live stream, Zuckerberg’s free-speech lecture got a big thumbs up (Washington Post)Google Photos format loophole seems to give iPhone free unlimited storage for orig. quality photos, Pixel 4 left behind (9to5Mac)Photoshop for iPad Nearing Launch With Some Key Features Missing (Bloomberg)Vatican launches $110 'click to pray' wearable rosary (CNN)Weekend Longreads Suggestions:The Apple, iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Review (AnAndTech)The Creators Of Pokémon Go Mapped The World. Now They're Mapping You (Kotaku)The Young Firms Rethinking Social Media (The Information)Inside Apple's Long, Bumpy Road to Hollywood (The Hollywood Reporter)How Pinterest Built One of Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Algorithms (OneZero)Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free (ProPublica)
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Fingerprint sensors on the Galaxy S10 can be tricked by a phone case, the Pixel 4 face recognition system unlocks your phone even when you’re asleep, Netflix kicks off tech earnings season, Airbnb’s losses double, and Travis Kalanick is getting the Billion’s treatment. Paging Bobby Axelrod to patch the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor over screen protector concerns (The Verge)Netflix soars 8% after beating on earnings, despite miss on subscribers (CNBC)Netflix finally admitted two things we already knew about the streaming wars (CNBC)Airbnb’s quarterly loss reportedly doubled in Q1, a bad sign as investors grow wary of money-losers (CNBC)Airbnb’s Q1 Loss More Than Doubled, New Data Shows (The Information)The FCC has voted to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger (The Verge)Privacy-focused Brave browser boasts 8M monthly active users (The Block)Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock works if eyes are shut (BBC News)Yahoo Groups Is Winding Down and All Content Will Be Permanently Removed (Vice)Microsoft introduces new open-source specs for developing cloud and edge applications (ZDNet)‘Billions’ Creators to Develop ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’ Series at Showtime (Variety)
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Twitter explains how world leaders can break its rules but they’ll kinda, sorta crack down on them. LinkedIn launches Events, Giphy launches Giphy arcade, DoNotPay fascinates me, and a debrief on yesterday’s Google event.Sponsors:WeWorkRemotely.comLeap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Twitter says it will restrict users from retweeting world leaders who break its rules (TechCrunch)Huawei Reports Stronger Sales Growth (NYTimes)LinkedIn gets physical, debuts Events hub for people to plan in-person networking events (TechCrunch)Giphy Arcade lets you play, create, and share mini-games on the web as if they were GIFs (The Verge)This brilliant app waits on hold for you (The Verge)Go inside Pixel 4's new camera features with Google's photo technology experts (CNET)
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All the headlines from the Google hardware event, Apple butts in with new Beats, Libra loses another one, your movie theater wants to rent you movies, and Fortnite is back from the “black hole.” GO: GOOGLE FINALLY MADE A REASONABLY PRICED CHROMEBOOK (The Verge)Google announces Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL (The Verge)BEATS ANNOUNCES SOLO PRO ON-EAR HEADPHONES WITH NOISE CANCELLATION (The Verge)Facebook's Libra announces board as support shrinks further (Reuters)AMC Theater Chain Gets Into Streaming With On-Demand Movies (NYTimes)Fortnite’s black hole has closed, and Chapter 2 is finally here (The Verge)
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More China related controversy for Apple, for gaming, for all of tech really… but why Apple suddenly finds itself in a unique bind. More iPhone SE 2 rumors, the latest installment of “Will We Actually Ever See Libra?” and why nobody can play Fortnite right safe is Apple’s Safe Browsing? (Matthew Green)Chinese app on Xi’s ideology allows data access to users’ phones, report says (The Washington Post)Kuo: iPhone SE 2 Launching in Q1 2020 with A13 at $399 Price (MacRumors)Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency coalition is falling apart as eBay, Visa, Mastercard and Stripe jump ship (CNBC)SoftBank is reportedly seeking to take control of WeWork through a financing package (CNBC)‘Fortnite’ Goes Dark: A Masterful Marketing Stroke by Epic Games (Variety)
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More on Apple’s China controversy, hands-on with Google’s Pixelbook Go laptop, Twitter returns to the Mac, Africa’s first homegrown smartphone, SpaceX and NASA kiss and make up, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.Sponsors:CastroCognitoHQ.comToday In Digital Marketing PodcastLinks:TIM COOK’S COMPANY-WIDE MEMO ON HKMAP.LIVE DOESN’T ADD UP (Daring Fireball)Exclusive: This is the Google Pixelbook Go [Gallery] (9to5Google)Twitter releases new Catalyst app for macOS Catalina (The Verge)Rwanda just released the first smartphone made entirely in Africa (Fast Company)NASA aims for first manned SpaceX mission in first-quarter 2020 (Reuters)Apple Launches In-House Studio With 'Band of Brothers'/'The Pacific' Follow-Up (The Hollywood Reporter)Weekend Longreads:Is Amazon Unstoppable? (The New Yorker)Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan (The Atlantic)When GoFundMe Gets Ugly (The Atlantic)Can a Machine Learn To Write For The New Yorker? (The New Yorker)The Style-Quantifying Astrophysicists of Silicon Valley (Wired)The State of Machine Learning Frameworks in 2019 (The Gradient)Who Needs Moonshots? How Former Hollywood Mogul Barry Diller Built A $4.2 Billion Tech Fortune Out Of Underdog Assets (Forbes)Subscribe to the ad-free feed RIGHT IN YOUR PODCAST APP!
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Apple takes down the Hong Kong app that it reinstated after taking it down in the first place, Waymo will soon let real people into driverless cars, Grammarly is the newest unicorn, and why, if you live in the Bay Area, your house might be without power… but your work probably won’t Removes App That Helps Hong Kong Protesters Track the Police (NYTimes)APPLE REMOVES HKMAP.LIVE FROM APP STORE (Daring Fireball)Apple, Google Pull Hong Kong Protest Apps After China Uproar (WSJ)Tweetstorm (@Grummz)Grammarly raises $90M at over $1B+ valuation for its AI-based grammar and writing tools (TechCrunch)Splinter Shutting Down (Daily Beast)Why the PG&E Blackouts Spared California's Big Tech HQs (Wired)What Happens When Your Tweet Becomes a Subway Ad (One Zero)
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Twitter used your 2-Factor credentials to sell ads against you, the China/Hong Kong/tech controversies roll on, Mark Zuckerberg is going back to Washington, and the Nobel Prize for chemistry gives long overdue recognition to the most important technology innovation of our time.Sponsors:Today In Digital Marketing PodcastCastroLeap.FidelityCareers.comLinks:Twitter says it unintentionally misused user data for advertising (Axios)Twitter says phone numbers users provided for security were ‘inadvertently’ used for ad purposes (The Washington Post)'Protecting rioters': China warns Apple over app that tracks Hong Kong police (The Guardian)'Call of Duty: Mobile' smashes records with 100 million downloads in first week (Reuters)Kuo: New iPad Pro and iPhone SE 2 in early 2020, followed by Apple AR headset collaboration with ‘third-party brands’ (9to5Mac)Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress on Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency (CNBC)Postmates’ new IPO delay says something bigger: Wall Street is turning against Silicon Valley (Recode)Smart fitness device Mirror launches one-on-one personal training (CNET)Nobel prize in chemistry awarded for work on lithium-ion batteries (The Guardian)