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access_time2 months ago
Singer, songwriter Maanu sat down with me to talk about the local Hip-hop and Rap scene.

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access_time4 months ago
Born with a very rare condition, known as congenital amputation, when your limbs are not fully formed. Bilal has managed and continue to overcome life's daily challenges, all with a smile and an iron will.

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access_time5 months ago
Mr. Somji is a serial entrepreneur, corporate executive and board director with a proven track record of growing businesses. He is the founder and former President and CEO of Matrikon Inc., a recognized leader in industrial intelligence for the oil and gas industry. Nizar grew Matrikon from a one person operation to a publicly traded, multinational company employing 600 people, which serves customers on six continents and produces revenues in excess of $90 million. Under Nizar’s leadership, Matrikon enjoyed 22 years of growth, profitability and international expansion, all with a strong, debt-free balance sheet. Matrikon was acquired by Honeywell in June 2010 for $144 million. Nizar founded and currently serves as President and CEO of Jaffer Inc., a real estate, investment and hospitality company with assets in Canada and the USA. He is also Chairman of Zafin Inc, supplier of relationship banking software to the financial service industry and on the Board of Governors, University of Alberta. Nizar is currently serving as Director General Campus Development at Aga Khan University, overseeing major construction projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan & East Africa. He resides in Edmonton Canada, he has 2 children a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren. Nizar holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

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access_time5 months ago
Gul aka Bawbarz is a Calisthenics practitioner and trainer in Karachi. In this podcast Gul and I spoke about the sport, the community and much more on health and fitness.
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access_time7 months ago
Ibad a husband and a good friend, a qigong practitioner and inventor of Tubzi, sabzis growing in a tub sat down with me to talk male insecurities and much more.  
access_time8 months ago
Growing up dreaming of becoming a professional wrestler, Kovu co-founded Revolution Eastern Wrestling or REW to pursue his passion and paving the way for future athletes. Kovu sat down to talk about the wrestling scene in Pakistan, WWE days (formerly WWF) and REW's influence on  the global stage of wrestling.

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access_time8 months ago
Yahya Ghaznavi is a high performance and mindset coach, Yahya has clients all over the world who he helps overcome their fears, doubts and depression and become a better version of themselves.
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access_time9 months ago
Adnan is a singer, song writer and bassist for Pakistani rock band Brain Masala.  He also manages a virtual reality hajj/ummrah training academy and application by the name of Wuzu.

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access_time9 months ago
You never come up with the story, the story finds you. Najaf Bilgrami is a filmmaker who has lived by this moto most of his professional life. Here he discusses our collective narrative, how art education and health is directly related to visual arts and how to stop surviving and start loving Karachi
access_time9 months ago
With very little in his life to get by, at 15 he contemplated suicide, 35 years later he owns and operates a chain of cafes in the city and with an ambition to expand it nationwide in the next 5 years. He lives with a simple code, be/stay happy and always be grateful, which he has translated not only in his life but also in his brand.

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access_time9 months ago
Faizan is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience in the field. Focusing on individual goals and development and helping people reach those in a sustainable manner.  
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access_time9 months ago
Shaan is a Pakistani Turk entrepreneur settled in Istanbul for over a decade.  We talked about his experience in Turkey and how people from Pakistan can settle in Turkey, do business and obtain Turkish citizenship. 
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access_time9 months ago
Shazia works with individuals, couples, and families as a psychotherapist and wellness consultant. She began her career in sexual health and education, and pivoted to mental health to support emotional intelligence and communication skills for personal & social well being. 
You can contact her at
access_time9 months ago
Lately the Islands off the coast of Karachi have been in the news. I sat down with Environmental Activist, Ahamd Shabbar, who along with other citizens have filed a petition in the Sindh high court to stop any development work on Bundal Island. We sat down to discuss whole controversy behind the Islands and why the provincial, federal governments and the citizens are locking horns on the issue.
access_time10 months ago
Raza Zaidi is a senior member at the CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee), also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Raza devotes much of his time assisting crime victims through his resources at CPLC. We spoke on host of issues in the city, as well as problems with the police and how communities and law enforcement agencies can work in harmony to keep our neighbourhoods safe.
access_time10 months ago
Portrait Photography Enthusiast, Senior Graphics Designer, Adobe Trainer & Retouching Artist. |
Work experience of more than 10 years in field of Graphic Design and Photography, with well known brands of Pakistan.

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access_time10 months ago
Abdul Mannan Baig is a Senior Instructor-Researcher in the department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at the Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. Dr Baig has authored over 35 papers on neurotropic microbes, as first and corresponding author, in the past 5 years. He is the recipient of several awards in recognition of his contribution to science, including the prestigious research productivity award from the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology for the year 2017–18.

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access_time10 months ago
8 years ago,  Javeria was diagnosed with a kidney ailment which put her on dialysis 3 times a week and a realization that she can never conceive. Dejected and heart broken, Javeria managed to turn her life around with support from her husband, who stood by her at times when most men would've called it quits. 
access_time10 months ago
Aleem is a drone enthusiast who founded Karachi Kwadz, a small Quad Copter community based in Karachi. He makes breathtaking drone videos for leisure as well as for commercial purposes. In this podcast we spoke at length about drone flying in Pakistan, the rules and laws on flying drones, gears and what you should know before getting into the hobby. The link to his Youtube channel is provided below in case you want to check out his work. 
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access_time10 months ago
Aman Virji, is the owner of the newly opened restaurant in Karachi, The verge. His experience in the food and hospitality spans over a decade.  In this episode we talked about his venture, his passion for food and the food industry as a whole. 
access_time11 months ago
Usama Saeed is no ordinary fitness trainer, model and influencer,  He is a cancer survivor who proved all his nay sayers wrong and became a  different animal. He's an inspiring upcoming talent in the field of fitness and bodybuilding, who will be competing in this year's muscle beach Dubai. I had a great time talking to Usama and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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access_time11 months ago
Ahmad Shabbar is an environmentalist and founder of GarbageCan, a waste management organization. He was very actively involved in draining flood water from the streets of Karachi and very vocal during the protests against the city's administration. 

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