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access_time3 months ago
The final NRC list will be published on 31 August, and several lakhs of people could lose their right to be called Indian citizens.
The National Register of Citizens goes way back to 1951. The NRC was created in 1951 as a list of Indian citizens in Assam to prevent “unabated” migration from then-east Pakistan which is now Bangladesh.
This list was supposed to be updated but didn’t. The situation came to a head in 1985, when the centre, the Assam govt and people who were part of an anti-foreigner movement entered an agreement called the Assam Accord, which would deport all “foreigners” in Assam. Who were the foreigners? Anyone who couldn’t prove that they lived in Assam before 24 March 1971, which was the day the Bangladesh war began.
But is this enough to qualify someone as a foreigner? What does the NRC entail? How many of them will be included in this list? And how many people will lose the right to call themselves Indians?
For this podcast we spoke to several residents of Assam whose families have been affected by the NRC and Sanjoy Hazarika the Director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. Tune in!
access_time3 months ago
At least 10 petitions challenging the validity of the Modi government's decision to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcate the state into Union Territories were up for hearing at the Supreme Court on Wednesday – and the Chief Justice of India, in a big development, has ordered that these cases will be heard in the first week of October by a five-judge bench!
That's not all. The Supreme Court has sought a response from the government within seven days on the issue of media freedom.
In just a week, it will be one month since Jammu and Kashmir lost its special status. Remember, days have gone by, weeks have passed, but normalcy has not been restored in the Valley – there's still no to minimal phone and internet connectivity, movements restricted, local media stifled, and empty classrooms even though schools re-opened today – after 24 days of remaining shut.
But, finally, some decisions were made in the house of law. In this episode of The Big Story we talk about the Supreme court directions in the first half of this podcast but stay on because I'll also talk about the current situation in Kashmir — the three deaths, the several detainees. Tune in!
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access_time4 months ago
On August 26, the RBI approved the transfer of a record sum of Rs 1.76 lakh crores worth dividend and surplus reserves to the government. Why it made to the headlines is because so far the amount has never been so big, it's more than double the usual amount.
Where is this surplus money coming from? Where is it going? If those are your questions, tune in to The Big Story where we deep dive into the math of the surplus transfer, why the sum higher than usual for FY 2019-20 and the pros and cons of this move.
access_time4 months ago
India's badminton star PV Sindhu has been turning heads with her game since she began but on 25 August, she took it to new heights. It's been 42 years since the Badminton World Championships began in 1977 and India finally bagged its first gold
For sports fans and even for those who aren't this game has been big for India and not just Sindhu because became the first Indian to win badminton World Championships gold by beating arch-rival and a higher-ranker Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in a lop-sided summit clash in Switzerland.
For those who don't follow badminton this year hasn't been a great one for India in terms of titles. And PV Sindhu has bit of a bitter history with Okuhara from two years back when she lost to her at Glasgow in one of the best games, but she turned around all that in this game. PV Sindhu started attacking from word go, dominated the proceedings throughout and created the history by winning 21-7, 21-7 inside 38 minutes. In this episode of The Big Story we speak with sports commentator and analyst Novy Kapadia about what makes this match one of the greatest badminton games. Tune in!
access_time4 months ago
Former Union Minister Arun Jaitley breathed his last at 12.07 pm on 24 August 2019 at Delhi’s AIIMS hospital.
Arun Jaitley was a lawyer, a leader and a political powerhouse who held some of India’s most powerful ministries in his hand.
But today, we dive deeper, past the public face that everyone knew and look at not the leader Arun Jaitley, but the man Arun Jaitley.
access_time4 months ago
12 October 2017. Priya Ramani who is a senior journalist writes an article for Vogue India titled ‘To the Harvey Weinsteins of the world’ ( . She describes an experience where her senior, an editor harassed her without naming him.
One year later on 8 October 2018 — that's around the time when the MeToo movement picked up pace in India - Ramani tweets, “I began this piece with my MJ Akbar story. Never named him because he didn’t “do” anything. Lots of women have worse stories about this predator—maybe they’ll share.”
Now this was a very big deal because MJ Akbar was a Minister of State at that point of time. Subsequently, over a period of time 19, yes, 19 other journalists came out against Akbar accusing him of sexual harassment, molestation and rape. And then he filed a defamation suit against Priya Ramani which is an ongoing case. But talk about it now? Because it's the very first time that Ramani has given her statement in the Rouse Avenue trial court.
In this episode, we talk about the defamation case filed by former minister MJ Akbar against senior journalist Priya Ramani for what Akbar said "falsely" accusing him. The hearing has been going on since last year and so far we've heard MJ Akbar's version of the story, we've heard what his character witnesses said, but not much from Ramani since the tweet. In this podcast, I'll bring you upto date with the case. Tune in!
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access_time4 months ago
Why has the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate trained their sights on former Finance Minister P Chidambaram?
The Congress leader was denied anticipatory bail by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday, 20 August. But what was the case he’s being questioned in?
Why is he facing the heat now and how did the former minister get here?
We explain everything about P Chidambaram, the INX Media case and what could happen next to the leader.
access_time4 months ago
The man behind some of Indian cinema’s most memorable songs breathed his last on 19 August 2019 - Mohammad Zahur Hashmi…or as his fans knew him….Khayyam.
Indian composer Mohammad Zahur “Khayyam” Hashmi passed away at Sujay hospital in Mumbai’s Juhu, after battling a lung infection for nearly two weeks.
Khayyam was 92 years old.
Condolences started pouring in barely moments after the news of his death was confirmed. What was Khayyam’s life like? How did he go from humble roots to winning multiple awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Indian cinema?
On this podcast we’ll hear some of Khayyam’s most renowned work, as well as memories of the legend, from the people who were closest to him.
access_time4 months ago
On Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi said that India was facing an overwhelming risk from population explosion.
We’ve heard it in the past, but how severe is population explosion in India? Is the population growing at an uncontrolled rate and does this speech hint at more intensive population control and family planning measures?
Today we dive into India’s population problem and how to fix it. Should we punish families who have more than two children or should we provide better access to family planning resources?
I’m joined on this podcast by Poonam Muttreja, the Executive Director of the Population Foundation of India, Ekta Kumar who works with the European Parliament on India-EU relations, as well as senior journalist Vivian Fernandes.
access_time4 months ago
No one killed Pehlu Khan. At least that seems to be the message of the judgment of a trial court in Rajasthan that was hearing the 2017 lynching case involving Pehlu Khan. All that after 44 witnesses, including Khan’s two sons Irshad and Aarif deposed in the case, registered under several sections of the IPC — 302 (murder), 147 (rioting) and 341 (wrongful restraint).
Pehlu Khan’s lynching in Alwar was shot on video. You've possibly watched the video where he was captured being beaten up mercilessly. So firstly, there is a video proving that he was indeed attacked by a mob. Then, there's a dying declaration of Pehlu Khan who died two days after the attack. And yet there are no accused? Who are the perpetrators and how are they getting away with the crime? We’ll look at the highlights of this recent verdict, and also the several discrepancies in the handling of this case. Tune in!
Click here ( to read the key highlights from the recent verdict.
access_time4 months ago
Roughly ten days back, Home Minister Amit Shah made the surprise announcement of scrapping Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. We have extensively covered the news for you, including as a couple of special podcasts –– explaining what Article 370 means, what are the implications of the bifurcation of the state ––  and so on. Additionally, we have brought to you ground reports as to what the people are going through.
Tune in to this episode of The Big Story for The Quint’s ground reports on what's happening in Kashmir in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370.
J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik did tell reporters that the valley has been largely peaceful and several facilities were provided for the locals to aide them in this lockdown. Nonetheless, there have been a lot of consequences of this move.
For instance a lot of migrant laborers from Bihar were left clueless about how to get home without proper transportation and a sudden cash crunch since the lockdown began. Click here ( to read the story.
And because of the curfew in some areas and section 144 that prohibits gatherings of people, a lot of weddings planned on these dates also had to be unfortunately cancelled. Click here ( to read the story.
One of the most important consequences of this clampdown perhaps has been the complete shutdown of communication. And this is we have reported on from both sides, the mainland where a lot of students have been desperately trying to get in touch with their families and also from Kashmir, where all mobile connectivity and internet connections have been shut down save for some landline numbers that scores of people are queueing upto for one phone call. Click here ( to read the story.
Although Eid was portrayed to be quite the successful event in the valley, peaceful, photos of people sharing sweets some interviews that The Quint’s correspondents did ahead of Eid and on the day of Eid suggested that there was a big difference in the celebrations irrespective of namaz being offered in all mosques.
Cattle sellers ahead of Eid told The Quint about how the sale of animals had dipped drastically. Click here ( to read the story
The Quint also reported that hospitals were admitting patients with pellet gun injuries, some were getting treated without registering their names formally fearing trouble from the security forces. Click here ( to listen to an interview with a doctor.
access_time4 months ago
Recently there have been reports of protests being held by food delivery partners in Kolkata against delivering beef and pork products by Zomato.
It’s the second time in a row in about a fortnight that Zomato has come under the limelight over food delivery.
Who all are behind the protest? What are their demands? Is the protest completely apolitical? Tune in to this episode of The Big Story where we speak to two BJP workers who were instrumental in organising the protest.
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access_time4 months ago
It's been a week since the abrogation of Article 370, but Kashmir hasn't quite returned to normalcy yet. Phone lines and internet connections are still down, Eid celebrations are also hardly celebratory and there's not much clarity on what the situation is on ground because of restricted communication.
Two parallel and contrasting versions on Kashmir are emerging — one from the officials and a different one from certain reports. And for this podcast, we've gotten in touch with journalists on ground to get an idea of what's actually the situation on ground zero on the day of Eid. Tune in!
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access_time4 months ago
Several parts of India have been gripped by floods. 
Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat have all been affected with more areas likely to experience heavy rains in the coming days. Multiple deaths have been reported from most of these parts.
What is the situation on the ground? How can you and your loved ones stay safe? How will the situation change in the coming few days?
We’re joined by our reporters from across India today. They’ll help walk us through the flood situation. After that we’ll tell you some Dos and Donts to stay safe during the floods.
Get the latest updates here. (
access_time4 months ago
Jammu and Kashmir has been in a state of crisis since the Centre announced the revocation of Articles 370 and 35A and the bifurcation of the state into two Union Territories.
Domestically, a communication blackout is in effect. Over 500 political workers and local leaders have been detained, nearly 20,000 troops have been deployed, Section 144 is in effect in most parts and Kashmiri citizens outside the state report that they’re unable to get in touch with their loved ones.
Internationally another crisis is brewing. The centre’s move has led to India and Pakistan’s relationship deteriorating further, with Pakistan's decision to expel the Indian high commissioner and suspend trade with India. Pakistan has said it will reconsider its decisions if India reconsiders its decision about Articles 370 and 35A.
What happens next and what should we prepare for?
To walk you through what to expect, I’m joined by counter-terror expert and Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management Ajai Sahani and strategic affairs expert Praveen Swami as well as former Indian high commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan.
access_time4 months ago
6 August 2019 was a Tuesday.
6 August was also the day Sushma Swaraj breathed her last. Sushma Swaraj’s funeral took place on 7 August. 
Most of you who hear this podcast, will remember Sushma Swaraj as India’s external affairs minister during the first tenure of the Modi govt.
But from her stint as the first woman chief minister of India’s capital, to being one of India’s most loved external affairs ministers, Sushma Swaraj went above and beyond the positions she held, winning fans and hearts along the way.
On today’s edition of The Big Story podcast we look at the life of Sushma Swaraj.
access_time4 months ago
Remember, remember the fifth of August. It doesn’t have the same ring as “remember, remember the fifth of November”.
But it WILL be remembered. 
5 August 2019 will go down as the day the Indian government scrapped Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution. The day the Centre passed a bill to divide Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories.
The J&K Reorganisation Bill divides the state into the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh.
What happens now that the state has been bifurcated? That’s what we’ll tell you on this edition of The Big Story.
Listen to part 1 of this podcast here ( .
access_time4 months ago
First there was panic about possible cross border terror attacks, then the Amarnath Yatra was suspended, then troops were moved in, and then internet was shut down, and then political leaders put under house arrest without so much as even a reason.
And if all this while you’ve been worrying sick about what is happening in Kashmir, Home Minister Amit Shah's big revelation and the parliamentary proceedings on the 5 August 2019, explained all of it.
India's history was rewritten as Article 370 that gives special status to Kashmir and by extension Article 35A was abrogated, repealed, scrapped! Not only that, a Bill was moved to bifurcate the state into two union territories – Jammu Kashmir as one and Ladakh as the other.
After the decision was made to scrap Article 370, there are lots of questions on everyone's mind. We touch upon all of these in our special two-part Big Story, where in the first part, we look at where Kashmir stands after this announcement? Are there ways to challenge the order? how are people reacting? And what's happening in Kashmir right now? And in part 2, we'll talk about what happens after the state is split in two. Tune in!
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access_time4 months ago
On this episode of The Big Story we dissect the provisions of the newly passed Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill.
What are the new laws coming into effect? How will your travel and daily life be affected? Well, at the least, let’s say they’ll be affected a LOT. Traffic violations, driving without helmets or a license, and drunk driving will draw heavy fines now. 
However, cab services like Uber and Ola will also be held accountable for surge pricing, driver quality and passenger safety. So, in short, there’s a lot on offer in this new bill.
I’m joined by The Quint’s Tech and Auto correspondent, Aadeetya Sriram to explain some of the new laws. 
We also hear from transport minister Nitin Gadkari and opposition leaders on this episode.
Listen to the podcast for the whole breakdown.
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The POCSO Act (
access_time4 months ago
On 1 August 2019, the President of India gave his assent to the Triple Talaq Bill, now making it the Triple Talaq Law.
Just two days before this the Rajya Sabha passed the bill that criminalises instant Triple Talaq.
What does this mean for muslim men and women? Why does it matter, who's affected by it, what are the arguments for and against it? That’s today’s Big Story.
The Triple Talaq bill has been controversial, and so we hear from several voices on this podcast, including members of the Muslim community, the ruling government , as well as members of the opposition.
Check out more podcasts from The Quint here ( .
access_time4 months ago
The body of VG Siddhartha, the owner and founder of Cafe Coffee Day was recovered from the banks of the Netravati River on 31 July — a day after a note written by him surfaced in reports.
Siddhartha's CCD was competing with international coffee chains like Barista and then later on even Starbucks.  And then two days back a note purportedly written by him that came up says that he was under tremendous pressure by lenders and that he takes sole responsibility for his mistakes. In this episode of The Big Story podcast, I’ll look at the rise and fall of VG Siddhartha, I’ll also talk about the financial troubles that he ran into and also the contents of the letter. Tune in!
access_time4 months ago
India’s tiger population has risen by 33% since 2014 and this good news came from PM Modi on the occasion of International Tiger Day no less.
The last decade has had a major decline in the world's tiger population so bad that only 3,900 tigers are estimated to remain in the world and India brings glad tidings with the increase of tiger population within its territory. The government data that was released on the occasion boasts that the total count has risen to 2,967 from 2,226 in 2014 - that's 741 more tigers! Great news right?
The government maybe trying to protect tiger but it's also taking two steps backward. An IndiaSpend report ( found out that India’s environment ministry exempted 13 pending railway projects, worth Rs 19,400 crore from seeking forest permits that will affect a tiger corridor, a tiger reserve and a national park.
So let's take a break from appreciating the government's efforts on tiger conservation, and take a deep dive into the tiger census itself. How do we measure, how do we know exactly know if we are doing a good job with tiger protection, how do we read between the lines of the government report ( says? In this podcast, we will talk about all that and talk about how this census was conducted and how the numbers were arrived at.
We also spoke to Natural historian and Wildlife Conservationist Valmik Thappar and Tiger Watch's field biologist Dr Dharmendra Khandel. Tune in!
access_time4 months ago
In 2017, a minor girl in the Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh alleged rape by BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar, his brother and others. The incident has been making headlines off and on since. Why? Two reasons.
First, because the accused Shengar is a four-time legislator who has been in jail for the past year.
And second because of the several curious accidents in the case. And it's back in the news after the survivor got into a car accident where her two of her aunts lost their lives.
Some people including the survivor's family members and opposition leaders are smelling a conspiracy and calling this accident a planned attack. What's raising the suspicion? What all turns has this case taken? Tune in to this episode of The Big Story podcast.
access_time5 months ago
What does the Right to Information Act and Information Commissioners mean for Indians?
This act that was passed in 2005 allows any citizen of India to request information from a "public authority", could be a body of Government also, which means every public authority has to make a record of everything they do so it can be given to people easily, within 30 days if and when they request for it.
So if I had to crunch all that down to one single word, it'd be: transparency. That's what the bill is worth.
Now many people including the opposition and former Information Commissioners and RTI activists are opposed to these, some on social media are also calling it “Regret to Information Act” or “Death to Democracy”. What is the controversy about? Tune in to The Big Story podcast for a deep dive into the amendments.
Click here ( and here ( and here ( for The Quint's stories on major institutional oversights exposed through RTIs.
access_time5 months ago
What are the new amendments to POCSO Act or the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences act that were passed in the Rajya Sabha on 24 July 2019?
On this episode, we dive into the act, its origin, what it says, and the new amendments to the law as well as the inclusion of the death penalty in the law.
Well the first, biggest amendment is the death penalty for aggravated penetrative assault is one. The other amendments include fines for storage and distribution of child pornography, as well as specific laws to punish people for chemically inducing children to attain early maturity. 
The amendments also provide for setting up over 1,000 new fast-track courts to dispose off the new and existing cases.
What else? Listen to the podcast for the full story!
access_time5 months ago
What seemed inevitable in the last few days finally happened late evening on 23 July 2019.
After weeks of speculation and political drama, the ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka collapsed as they lost a trust vote in the state assembly.
How did it start, what’s happened so far, and what next for the people of Karnataka?
Listen to the podcast to find out.
access_time5 months ago
Recently US President Trump made a controversial statement suggesting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked Trump to mediate on the Kashmir conflict. This statement was made while hosting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Oval Office.
“I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this subject (Kashmir). And he actually said, 'would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator?' I said, 'where?' (Modi said) 'Kashmir'," Trump said as he held talks with Khan for the first time since the latter came to power in August, 2018.
Now, of course the Minister of External Affairs categorically denied Trump’s claim but the matter isn’t completely settled.
In this episode of The Big Story podcast, we take a look at what India and Pakistan’s bilateral approaches have been on Kashmir, how Indian and US politicians are reacting to this episode and we also spoke to former IFS officer Pawan K Varma on what this comment might mean for Pakistan. Tune in!
Click here ( for full details on the Simla Agreement.
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access_time5 months ago
India's second lunar mission, Chandrayaan 2 was successfully launched at 2.43 pm IST on 22 July, but not without incident.
Indian's first lunar probe Chandrayaan 1 turned heads with its success and low cost budget.
Chandrayaan 2, India’s far more ambitious second lunar mission turned heads too, but for less fortunate reasons. Chandrayaan 2’s initial launch was scheduled for 2.43 am on 15 July.
But the initial launch was suddenly and unceremoniously terminated with less than an hour left for it to take off, because of a technical glitch.
What’s different about Chandrayaan– 2? What’s the mission’s objective and who are the minds behind?- that's what this podcast is about.
Now with all eyes on the mission – here’s everything you need to know about Chandrayaan 2!
access_time5 months ago
Mansoor Ali Khan was arrested by a Special Investigation Team on 19 July 2019. Khan is the prime accused of a multi-crore ponzi scheme scam. We're talking to the tune of approximately Rs 2000 crore. 
Both Khan and IMA Jewels are the focus of over 25,000 complaints accusing them of fraud.
Who is Khan? What is the IMA? Why were the two at the centre of a 2,000 crore-scam? This is everything you need to know about the IMA controversy.
access_time5 months ago
On 17 July 2019, the International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Hague, delivered a verdict that India as well as Pakistan had been waiting for, for a long time.
The verdict made headlines – sending media into a tizzy – in both the countries.
We’re talking about the verdict in Kulbhushan Jadhav's death sentence. On today’s Big Story we dive into the whole timeline of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s arrest, confinement and extended ordeal with Pakistan.
On this episode you’ll hear from the President of the International Court of Justice, India’s leaders, as well as The Quint’s own legal editor Vakasha Sachdev.
access_time5 months ago
On 17 July, it's already been a month since the ruling JD(s)-Congress government turned, in what we say in political terms, unstable.
In a nutshell, 16 rebel MLAs had resigned and withdrawn their support to the coalition government. 15 of them landed at the Supreme Court's doorsteps accusing the Karnataka Assembly speaker of not accepting their resignation. Then the court decided two things –– First, the Speaker is free to decide on the resignations, in a time-frame he wants to. And second, that the rebels don't have to attend the assembly session.
How did we get here? And what does the apex court ruling even mean? To understand all this tune in to The Big Story!
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access_time5 months ago
For the better half of 2019, the Pakistan airspace remained shut down on the eastern side finally to re-open on 16 July. When we say better half, we mean five long months, after the Balakot air strikes and that affected as many as 400 flights on some days.
In this episode of The Big Story, we deep dive into why the airspace was shut to begin with, how did that affect Indians and what is the impact of the re-opening of the airspace? We spoke to passengers who were affected by this decision, and former Air Marshal PS Ahluwalia for this podcast. Tune in!
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access_time5 months ago
On this episode of The Big Story, we discuss the 2019 Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand.
We look at the highlights of the final match, including the boundary-count rule that won England the cup. But first, picture this: Two teams - neither who have ever won the cup,tied in the final match, and then a tie-breaker - a super over - where the team to score more runs wins .which ends with both teams scoring 15 runs. What else could you ask for?
I’m joined by two people on this podcast - The Quint’s Sports Correspondent Sumit Josh, and Legal Editor Vakasha Sachdev (because of his love for cricket, not his legal expertise):
access_time5 months ago
The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) set the launch date for Chandrayaan 2, its 2nd lunar mission, on 15 July.
Depending on when you read this, Chandrayaan 2 will be/will have been launched from ISRO’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
Chandrayaan 2 is India’s second moon mission after the Chandrayaan 1 in 2008.
Chandrayaan, the name itself means a ‘moon vehicle’ (Chandra - Moon, Yaan - vehicle).
Here’s everything you need to know about Chandrayaan 2, ISRO's second lunar mission!
access_time5 months ago
It’s 11 July. A day after India lost its last chance to make it to the 2019 Cricket World Cup. For Indian cricket fans and critics, this loss hit hard and hit close to home.
But what was Team India like at the 2019 World Cup? How was the team in what was easily the most anticipated event for Indians in 2019? Which players were impressive? And who let the team down?
In episode 224 of The Big Story we give you Team India’s Report Card from the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Tune in!
access_time5 months ago
Most of us missed a small advertisement that the NCRB put out calling for applicants to bid for the implementation of a nationwide Automated Facial Recognition System.
Fair enough, it came out the same day as the Union Budget was presented, but irrespective of how tiny and unflattering the ad was, its implication are wide and severe.
It's not an unimaginable technology these days. Some of us even unlock our phones using this tech. So simply put, it's a way of recognising people by using computers to scan their faces. So why does the NCRB want it? How does it want to use it and what are the concerns? Tune in to episode 222 of The Big Story podcast for more!
access_time5 months ago
Was the Union Budget presented by Modi 2.0 innovative or the same old formula? What worked and what didn’t?
Tune in to an exclusive discussion between Raghav Bahl, The Quint’s Editor-in-Chief, and Nishtha Gautam on Budget 2019.
access_time5 months ago
With Team India all set to face New Zealand in the first semi-final of ongoing ICC World Cup, the think tank is faced with a few choices to make, or to put it more aptly, a couple of gaps to plug.
On this podcast, we discuss what can be India’s best possible XI going into the knockout phase of the tournament. Tune in to episode 220 of The Big Story.
access_time5 months ago
It's budget day! While ,we can't comment on whether India's economic situation is changing for the better or not, there has been some positive development in Parliament - Our first woman finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, delivered her maiden budget speech.
On this podcast we discuss the budget – the highlights and takeaways - What is cheaper and what will burn a hole through our pockets?
access_time5 months ago
Today is the fourth of July, and while our friends in the United States of America are celebrating their Independence Day, in India, our leaders have just revealed the economic survey.
This is Part 1 of a two-part podcast. On the second part we dive into the 2019 Union Budget and what we should expect in the coming months.
I'm joined by Hindi Quint’s Mayank Mishra as well as The Quint's Editorial Director Sanjay Pugalia, on this podcast.
Host: Vishnu Gopinath
Producer: Vishnu Gopinath
You can follow Vishnu on Twitter at @VishnuSaysWhat (
access_time5 months ago
Rahul Gandhi has been trying to resign for a while now and he officially resigned from the post of Congress president on 3 July after a stint of roughly 1 and a half years - taking responsibility for the party’s humiliating defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
Rahul’s resignation comes as big news quite obviously - we just finished with the election, the BJP looks strong, the opposition weaker than ever and on top of that Rahul Gandhi who had made his stand as a leader in the last couple of years resigned.
He was elected as the party president unanimously and but quitting didn't come easy - there were meetings after meetings and all the Congress members trying to dissuade him, around 130 office bearers in Congress even quit in solidarity, but Rahul wouldn't budge.
In a letter that he posted on Twitter he wrote, “As President of the Congress Party, I am responsible for the loss of the 2019 election. Accountability is critical for the future growth of our party. It is for this reason that I have resigned as Congress president.”
In this podcast we take look at his career as the reluctant politician to the Congress chief, the ups and downs that the party had under Rahul’s tenure, who the potential candidates are for this vacant position in the Congress and the kind of reactions this resignation has gotten. Tune in!
access_time5 months ago
Climate change is getting more and more apparent in India. Some areas have a rain deficit of 33% this year and in the meantime Mumbai is having the highest rainfall since 1974, if you leave out the 2005 floods. The rainfall in the last 24 hours has been recorded at 375.2 mm.
And all that rain and the subsequent water logging caused walls to collapse in Mumbai's Malad East and Kalyan and that killed at least 18 people and injured 13 people.
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut claimed that the wall collapse in Malad was not the BMC’s failure, and called it an accident.
“It’s not BMC’s failure. It is an accident. It is because of heavy rainfall. There are several illegal constructions in Mumbai and BMC has nothing to do with it,” said Raut to ANI.
In this episode of The Big Story podcast, we talk about why Mumbai is getting waterlogged year after year even without heavy rainfall. Tune in!
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The lynching incident of Pehlu Khan is back in the news not because justice has been served, but because of a report that said that he was named in the charge sheet of a cow smuggling case.
Although Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot called the information “factually incorrect”, the state police acknowledged that Pehlu was indeed booked along with his two sons for cow smuggling under provisions of the Rajasthan Bovine Animals (Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act. However, his name was dropped later because deceased people can’t be tried.
In this episode of The Big Story, we take a lot at what has happened in the case so far and what are the recent developments. Tune in!
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In February of 2019, West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle announced his plan to retire from One-Day International cricket after the 2019 World Cup.
On 26 June 2019, Gayle reversed his decision. The West Indian cricket team breathed a collective sigh of relief, and the man who called himself Universe Boss, would continue playing not just ODI cricket, but may even return to play the gruelling five-day test cricket format the first time in five years.
But why was Gayle’s retirement such big news? As of this podcast being recorded, Gayle had made 10,345 runs in ODIs, 7215 runs in Test cricket, he was the first to score a century in T20 cricket, he holds the record for most highest individual score in the IPL with a whopping 175 runs, and he’s scored the fastest IPL century, hitting 100 off of just 30 balls!
Listen to the podcast for the whole, riveting profile.
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H1-B visas, trade wars, S-400 missile defence systems from Russia, Iranian oil - after a steady high, a few hugs between Modi and Trump, these are a handful of thorns in the India-US relation and today US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar met to smoothen out the differences.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is one a three-day visit to India. On day one, he met both PM Modi and EAM S Jaishankar.
Before the visit Pompeo seemed to have done his homework as well because in a statement, he said, “Modi hai toh mumkin hai.”
Well done, but is restoring India-US ties going to be mumkin? Let’s dive into that question with today’s edition of The Big Story.
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A 24 year old man was tied to an electricity pole in Jharkhand, beaten up for more than seven hours by a mob, forced to chant "Jai Shri Ram”. And then after four days in police custody, he was declared dead when he was brought to a hospital on 22 June. All this for allegedly stealing a bike.
Ansari is one of 94 people have been killed in cases of mob lynchings since 2015. At least 10 cases have been reported this year alone. But most governments don't even like to acknowledge these cases of vigilantism as something serious and there's barely been any justice at all. How has mob lynching turned into a trend? Has there been any progress in curbing lynchings? And what are the laws to tackle it? We'll take a look at all these points in this podcast. Tune in to The Big Story podcast!
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Istanbul has a new mayor and Turkey is in the headlines. Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to tell you on this edition of the Big Story Podcast. 
Ekrem Imamoglu, from Turkey’s Republican People’s Party or the CHP defeated the candidate from President Erdogan’s AK Party, Binali Yildirim, to become Mayor of Istanbul, not once, but for the second time in four months!
These same elections were held for the first time in March this year. Imamoglu had won back then too, by a slim margin of 13,000 votes over President Erdogan’s party.
But then Erdogan’s AK Party, or AKP, raised hell about this victory, alleging that there were widespread irregularities in the voting. What were these irregularities? Well, some officials who were overseeing the elections, weren’t civil servants, Erdogan said.
This was a problem, he said. So then, the country’s electoral board scrapped the election results. Listen to the podcast for the rest of the story!
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What is an H1B visa? For US President Donald Trump it is a ‘cheap labour programme’ , for Indians and others it’s a golden ticket.
Currently there are only 65,000 H1B visas under the general category and 20,000 for advanced degree holders but so far there has no cap on any specific country - which is why the false alarm about US putting a 15% cap on H1B visas for Indian applicants was alarming.
Now there a bunch of different visas to apply for if you want to go to the US, but why do we always hear about H1B? Long story short, this is what people look to for a career and an American life because this one can potentially get you a green card. But it’s not nearly as easy to apply for this visa anymore, what are the new guidelines? To know tune in to The Big Story!
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One nation, one election - we’ve been hearing that for sometime now - it’s ambitious but the plans is slowing in motion.
But how do you even define it? Right now the state assemblies and the Lok Sabha elections are held separately because all terms aren’t in sync but the idea is to hold both state and central elections together.
Modi and the BJP has been trying to build a case for it. But is this a pitch you’d buy? You’d have to consider all sides of the argument first. Tune in to The Big Story for more!