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access_time2 days ago
Zach Coelius joins Jason to answer live listener questions (1:09), and then the pair discuss Apple's recent debacle in firing Antonio Garcia Martinez after being pressured by employees (42:43).
access_time2 days ago
This episode reveals the product strategies of two of Jason's high-performing portfolio companies, Superhuman & Fitbod. First, Superhuman's Founder & CEO Rahul Vohra shares his 7 principles for improving products with game design (01:40), then Fitbod's CO-founder and Product Head Jesse Venticique describes how to optimize your product hook (20:08), and to wrap up, Jason brings the two together for a Q&A session (36:44).
access_time3 days ago
Jason gives his take on Facebook's Instagram for kids initiative (0:53), then Ōura's CEO Harpreet Rai discusses how sleep & recovery scores are calculated (25:09), how Oura works with the NBA & enterprise to keep organizations healthy (50:49), and more!
access_time5 days ago
Jason & Charles Hudson from Precursor Ventures take 8 pitches from founders and give feedback on how the pitches were structured (13:10) and their business models (38:48).
access_time9 days ago
Jason covers the Facebook Oversight Board's decision on Trump (15:49), gives a potential solution for bad actors on social media that are of public consequence (39:25), provides a concrete way to reverse engineer TAM (55:00), and more!
access_time10 days ago
Two startup CEOs share their approach to fundraising, Andrew Farah explains the strategy he used to raise $100M for Density (03:58), Dejan simplifies his community-forming principles for SoleSavy (38:27), and both give tactical lessons from the mistakes they made along the way (46:23)!
access_time11 days ago
Morgan Spenla shares why her company Crafter delivers a wonderful experience to makers (01:06), how they monetize (15:04), why she hires customer support from Starbucks (48:07), and more!
access_time12 days ago
Jason weighs in on Basecamp's ban of political discussion at work (10:57), the ensuing employee exodus (22:40), shares his policy for his companies (26:32), answers a listener's question about how to surround yourself with great people (40:09), and more!
access_time16 days ago
Tiger Global, a crossover hedge fund, is moving at an unprecedented speed and scale in venture capital. Everett Randle of Founder's Fund joins Jason to break down Tiger Global's strategy, discuss the implications for the investing ecosystem (13:14​), explain his "Walmart of VC firms" mental model (24:42​), and more!
access_time17 days ago
A high-functioning sales machine is a way to predictably scale revenue quickly. Two 8-figure B2B SaaS CEOs share the lessons they've learned from building effective sales teams including how to create an effective sales motion (2:49), structure a sales pod (12:00), hire a great VP of sales (15:10), train SDRs into AEs (28:55), deal with average performers (47:54), and more! Slide Deck Slide Deck:
access_time19 days ago
Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital discussed her $5M crowdfunding raise on Republic (04:16​), what's "popping" in her current portfolio (20:06), her founder education course (49:46), and more!
access_time20 days ago
Jason dives deep on Apple vs. Facebook (5:05): the numbers, the philosophical differences, the potential outcomes & more!
access_time23 days ago
Crossover technology investor Brad Gerstner came on to discuss Altimeter Capital taking Grab public in the largest SPAC ever (38:55), why the IPO process is broken and how to fix it (12:55) and the responsibility of people with platforms to encourage responsible retail investing (22:12). As well as how $2000 for every American invested in the public markets at birth would display the power of capitalism to improve lives (50:50) and more!
access_time25 days ago
Jason is joined by two outstanding CEOs running marketing companies, Mehak Vohra (Skillbase) & Kate Bradley-Chernis (Lately). Mehak shared the strategies she used to drive signups for Skillbase on TikTok(2:57). Kate shared her top business writing techniques (18:48), how to create engagement for B2B sales on LinkedIn (24:15), and more! To see the deck discussed in this episode go to
access_time26 days ago
Jason reacts to all of Apple's most notable product releases from their Spring Loaded event: Apple Podcasts redesign (2:43), AirTags (13:09), M1 iMac (20:08), M1 iPad Pro (25:15) & more!
access_time26 days ago
First Jason discusses Clubhouse's facing new competition in social audio from Reddit and others (2:44). Then he asks Crypto investor & entrepreneur MetaKovan why he bought Beeple’s "Everydays" NFT at a Christie's auction for $69M (23:30), what crypto assets he is invested in (28:29), and more!
access_time29 days ago
New format! Jason's EOW (End of Week): Jason wraps up the week covering some current events he's interested in, explaining things he's been working on (0:00), and answering fan questions live (14:56).
access_time1 month ago
Kendrick Nguyen of Republic, an early-stage investing platform, talks about the power of the retail investor crowd, the ability for startups to convert their followers into investors (13:05), the diligence process Republic uses for deals on their platform (47:46), and more!
access_time1 month ago
Jason reflects on Coinbase's monumental direct listing (0:00), then tosses to a November 2017 interview featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (6:21). Check out the pod notes here:
access_time1 month ago
Growth experts Craig Zingerline (Growth University) and Allen Chen (Fitbod) cover how startups can grow their user base, including tactical tips and best practices on building a growth model, acquiring and activating customers, retaining users, measuring performance and more.
access_time1 month ago
Roham Gharegozlou, the CEO of Dapper Labs discusses his vision for NFTs, why he created Flow blockchain. (12:26​) How he used CryptoKitties to get the NBA to buy into the Top Shot partnership (43:25) How the Blockchain can erode Facebook's power. (52:08​) and answered a lightning round of audience questions.
access_time1 month ago
Hank Leber, co-founder of Giggster talks about building their production location marketplace that has brought 10,000 locations for content production online from a totally offline process, it's like an AirBNB for professional locations. (17:35) He shares Giggster's funding story and the impact of raising remotely. (30:05) Hank also describes their typical uses and rates for bookings .
access_time1 month ago
First, Jason answers fan questions on attracting VCs and the 3 key metrics for consumer, enterprise SaaS and marketplace startups (1:32), then Snack App CEO Kim Kaplan joins to talk about her new Tinder-meets-TikTok dating app (15:21). For in-depth podcast notes, click here:
access_time1 month ago
Season 9 Episode 1: TWISTA Patron Saint Jason Calacanis joins us to kick off series 9 with a deep dive into the post-pandemic startup world – and the virtuous cycle of successful startups.
access_time1 month ago
Today's show features a throwback format, where Jason answers a fan question about his early blind spots in angel investing (1:54), is joined by Founder Sarah Hum (9:08), and then shares his thoughts on the growing "creator economy" (34:22). Check out the advanced pod notes here:
access_time1 month ago
Wilson Sonsini Partner Becki DeGraw joins Jason for another discussion around common first-time founder mistakes. Topics include avoiding founder legal disputes, no vesting on shares, IP protection, super-voting shares and more! Check out the full Startup Basics series at
access_time2 months ago
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