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Today, Jason is joined by the hosts of “What are your thoughts?” Downtown Josh Brown (CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management) and Michael Batnick (Managing Partner at Ritholtz Wealth Management). They discuss the Knicks (1:22), Podcasting (14:25), markets (26:20), Disney (37:52), and more. Finally, Jason takes some audience questions (44:50).
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Today, we bring on Kim Clark, an attorney at Legal Voice, who reached out to Molly after listening to our shows last week that mentioned the impacts of surveillance on healthcare privacy, notably abortion (2:13). And in related news, today’s Startup of the day is Stardust, an end-to-end encrypted Period Tracking App (39:13). Then, we cover a non-Roe v. Wade story: Zendesk will be acquired by an investor group in an all-cash transaction valuing it at around $10.2B (42:45).
access_time4 days ago
For today's VC Sunday School, Molly asks Jason about co-investing with other VC firms (3:11). Then for This Week in Climate Startups, Molly sits down with REGENT co-founder Billy Thalheimer to talk about the ins and outs of their electric sea gliders (29:46).
access_time5 days ago
Today, Jason sits down with the anonymous account Praying For Exits — they discuss everything going on in markets, crypto, startup valuations post-crash, and even what was behind the All in podcast controversy (3:09). Then, Producer Rachel sits down with Anisha Sunkerneni of Cyphr VC to talk about NFT NYC and navigating tech events (1:13:30).
access_time6 days ago
Today we bring on Lon Harris to discuss the Obi-Wan Kenobi finale (2:23), then we do a quick hit on the FDA taking action against Juul (42:14). Finally, Molly chats with AJ Loiacono from Capital RX, who is laser-focused on increasing transparency in prescription drug pricing (55:26).
access_time7 days ago
Today we kick it off with a discussion of BuzzFeed’s reporting on TikTok, and we debate if there are real risks to worry about here (2:04). Then, we discuss Amazon forecasting it will run out of workers in some of the cities it operates in (37:16). Finally, we talk about some of the ways we are reducing our consumption (43:55).
access_time8 days ago
There’s been some crazy news in Crypto, so we bring on Vinny Lingham, an early investor in Solana, who runs a startup that encrypts identity information on the blockchain called Civic. We dig into NFT NYC (8:24), the fiasco on Solend protocol (22:29), and how South Korean prosecutors have instituted a flight ban for employees while they investigate the $40 billion collapse (45:54). Finally, we talk about how, despite all of this, the Solana NFT Marketplace Magic Eden still raised $130 million at a $1.6 billion valuation (51:04).
access_time11 days ago
For this week's VC Sunday School, Molly asks Jason about when to take a meeting with a founder (2:20). Then for This Week in Climate Startups, Molly speaks with the CEO and Founder of Hyfé Foods, Michelle Ruiz (16:45). Finally, as we're off tomorrow, we wrap with a couple of Juneteenth book recommendations (44:17).
access_time12 days ago
Today, we recap the Warriors' finals win (2:50) with some potential takeaways for founders (14:00). Next, Jason speaks with Jesse Powell: founder, and CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, and they discuss the state of crypto and the recent hit piece the NYT published on him (48:06). For this week's OK Boomer segment, Producer Rachel sits down with Alexander Olesen, co-founder, and CEO of Babylon Micro-Farms (2:07:41).
access_time13 days ago
It’s Thursday, so we talk all about streaming with our guy Lon Harris! Spoiler alert as we dive into Obi-Wan Kenobi E5 (1:53) and Star Trek E4-5 (34:48). We cover Disney losing cricket streaming rights in India (41:44) and Apple acquiring MLS soccer rights (50:48). Finally, we hit on an internal memo that shows Facebook plans to be more like TikTok (57:17).
access_time14 days ago
First, we’ll dig into the creator economy: Youtube shorts almost has as many users as TikTok (3:06), and Twitch is changing how they pay creators (24:00). We quickly hit on some breaking news as The Federal Reserve approved its steepest interest rate increase since 1994 and signaled it would continue lifting rates this year at the most rapid pace in decades (38:20). The crypto contagion continues, so we’ll give an update (41:50) and discuss the full context of MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin comments in 2021 (54:13). And we can’t leave without talking about Aliens. China thinks it has a sign (1:16:24).
access_time15 days ago
Today, we kick off the episode with Coinbase’s several hundred-person layoffs (3:23) and the EU’s crypto regulation in progress (23:15). We cover Netflix talking with Roku to help run its planned ad-supported tier (35:18). Our Startup of the Day is Catholic Prayer and mediation app Hallow, partnered with Mark Wahlberg for promotion (41:03). We’ll also showcase Prey, a company that helps protect laptops from theft, which our producer Justin should’ve used in his recent burglary (47:57).
access_time16 days ago
On today's show, Jason and Molly cover crypto losing $200B from its total market cap this weekend (14:51) and Binance pausing withdrawals of Bitcoin for almost 4 hours this morning (29:53). We also quickly talk about a Google engineer claiming Google's AI chat bot has become sentient (38:15). For our We Live in the Future, we cover Amazon announcing drone delivery for later this year (48:52). Finally, we wrap on our Startup of the Day: Magic Spoon, a high-protein cereal maker (53:57).
access_time18 days ago
For today’s VC Sunday school, Molly asks Jason about valuation- valuing startups (1:44). Then for This Week in Climate Startups, Molly sits down with Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether, to talk about how Aether makes diamonds using carbon extracted from the atmosphere (37:22).
access_time19 days ago
Today, Lon Harris joins for This Week in Streaming and we talk about Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 4 (1:49), then we cover some Disney news as they fire their head of General Entertainment Content, Peter Rice (43:05), and enter a bidding war to keep their rights to Indian Cricket (48:30). We wrap with a segment of OK Boomer: this week Producer Rachel sits down with Capri Wheaton, founder, and CEO of Dressd, a peer-to-peer clothing rental service (1:06:37).
access_time20 days ago
Today, Deirdre Bosa from CNBC joins Molly to talk about Twitter’s plans to comply with Musk’s demands for data (1:28), Apple being its own bank for Apple Pay Later (17:15), and Facebook's parent Meta changing its ticker to META (32:19). To wrap up, Jason and Molly interview Kalshi co-founder and CEO Tarek Mansour, where they talk about Kalshi building the first CFTC regulated predictions market (39:11).
access_time21 days ago
Today, we talk about Flexport Founder Ryan Petersen bringing on Amazon’s Dave Clark to be CEO (2:56). Then, we discuss Bird laying off almost a quarter of their team (17:32), and we talk about Twitter working on a bring-your-own algorithm feature (28:24). Our Startup of the Day is Multiverse, a startup building a pipeline of apprenticeships as a college alternative (37:47). We cover Citadel getting into crypto (47:25) and SEC Chair Gary Gensler hinting there might be some overhauls coming to payment for order flow (54:33). We end with a recap of Jason on Megyn Kelly’s show (1:00:10) and Kara Swisher leaving NYT for Vox (1:17:07).
access_time22 days ago
BuzzFeed is tanking- we talk about what it means for its employees and the company (2:07). Next, we discuss Uber Eats coming for GoldBelly (23:51), then we cover the EU mandating that USB-C ports be standard by 2024 (36:17). We close out the show with our Startup of the Day in the sports space (41:21) and a We Live in the Future in the ear transplant space (49:42).
access_time23 days ago
Jason talks with independent candidate for California Governor Michael Shellenberger on what he wants to improve in California (2:57). Then, we cover Apple's 2022 WWDC (48:40). We cover the $2.35B of illicit funds laundered through Binance from hacks, investment frauds, and drug deals (1:27:25), and we touch on Elon Musk accusing Twitter of withholding bot information (1:37:24). Finally, we cover Beijing wrapping up the Didi investigation (1:41:11).
access_time25 days ago
First, in VC Sunday School Jason answers Molly’s questions about markups and markdowns (1:35), then in This Week in Climate startups, Molly talks with Coral Vita’s Sam Teicher about Coral Regeneration (33:37).
access_time26 days ago
Today we have a Warriors Game Recap (2:01), we discuss the new Apple emojis (11:29), and then we dive into more layoffs news: Coinbase and Loom rescinding job offers (26:34). Jason and Molly give tips on how to not get laid off (37:55), and then Producer Rachel closes out the episode with an OK Boomer segment with Skillbank founder and CEO Mehak Vohra (1:07:08).
access_time27 days ago
Today, we dive into Sheryl Sandberg leaving Meta (2:14), then Lon Harris joins for This Week in Streaming where we cover Kenobi episodes 1-3 (12:36). We talk about Disney’s response to racism (26:54), where the Star Wars sequels went wrong (36:00), and the Depp v. Heard trial coverage (51:00).
access_time28 days ago
First, we talk about Deutsche Bank getting raided by law enforcement for “greenwashing” its ESG funds (2:59), then we touch on Fidelity marking down its investments in Stripe and Reddit (17:00), then we discuss companies going back to the office over concerns about worker productivity (19:35), Jason explains how he’s collaborating with everyone on the team to increase productivity as we go into this recession (26:00). To end, we have an interview with DroneUp CEO Tom Walker where we discuss their current rollout with Walmart, the regulations that need to get sorted out, and how DroneUp is approaching safety (50:00).
access_time29 days ago
Today, Acquired’s David Rosenthal joins us. We discuss their recent Climate Pledge Arena Show (1:37), the new fundraising environment, and what the best founders and VC firms are doing (21:29), and we dig into the New York Times' latest hit piece on Glossier CEO Emily Weiss (37:40). We wrap with an optimistic look at what Australian billionaire and Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes is doing to take on Australia's biggest polluter (1:00:59).
access_time1 month ago
In today's episode, Jason and Molly cover Bolt's layoffs (12:11), Walmart's drone deliveries (17:02), Lunar Outpost's $12M seed (32:31), a16z's $4.5B crypto raise (44:07), and Seth Green's Bored Ape heist (54:40). Producer Rachel sits down with Jordan Singer, founder of Diagram, for this week's OK Boomer (1:03:54).
access_time1 month ago
Today's episode is a Molly solo interview with Bonobos founder and author of "Burn Rate," Andy Dunn (2:30). We go deep on entrepreneurship and mental health, talk about how founders are up to 7x more likely to suffer from bipolar disorders than the average person, how Andy's bipolar disorder impacted building his business (22:09), and advice for founders navigating mental health struggles (34:31).
access_time1 month ago
We discuss the tragedy at a Texas elementary school and gun violence in America (2:25). Can tech play a role in preventing gun violence and school shootings? (21:14) Then we cover mental health startup Cerebral getting probed by the DOJ (52:55). Finally, we touch on a breaking story: Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter’s board (1:13:25).
access_time1 month ago
First, we break down SNAP dropping over 40% after lowering earnings estimates (4:43). Then we cover some layoffs at instant-delivery startup Gorillas AND BNPL player Klarna (29:18). Next, we talk about Adam and Rebekah Neumann co-founding a tokenized crypto carbon marketplace called Flowcarbon (1:00:02). We wrap on Coinbase’s new Ray Dalio-inspired employee rating system (1:10:36).
access_time1 month ago
Molly and Jason are BACK from Miami to break down all the most interesting stories and content from the All-In Summit! (2:13) Then, they cover Argo AI, an AV company that just launched autonomous test cars in Miami and Austin (36:50). Finally, they close by discussing a recent Bloomberg report on how Amazon is looking to sublease 10M+ square feet of warehouse space negative signal, or no big deal? (45:23)
access_time1 month ago
In this episode of This Week in Climate Startups, Molly sits down with Fleur Heyns of Proof of Impact about how to measure, verify, and analyze ESG & impact data. We discuss the current pain points for investors (11:20), how blockchains can interact with real-world assets (21:15), ESG regulation (34:16) and more!
access_time1 month ago
First, Jason and Molly reflect on their time in previous tech recessions (03:06). Then, Privateer Space CEO Alex Fielding joins to discuss solving the space junk problem (18:02), the difficulties of mapping debris (33:25), and more. Then, Producer Rachel hosts an OK Boomer episode where she talks with the other Gen Z employees that work for Jason about how they got their jobs and what they've learned at Launch (1:00:21).
access_time1 month ago
Molly Wood sits down with Melissa Hanna, CEO and Co-Founder of Mahmee, a care network for parents (01:44), they discuss the impetus for Melissa launching the company (12:34), the challenges of bringing the product to market (22:08), how she built the network and more (37:29)!
access_time1 month ago
Molly speaks with Carolyn Childers, CEO of Chief, a women’s professional network (01:26) about how their community stretches across digital and physical spaces, accelerating women's executive careers, growing with word-of-mouth as marketing (30:08), their $100M raise (33:22), augmenting Linkedin (39:18) and more.
access_time1 month ago
First we cover the news of Ex-Meta crypto chief David Marcus launching a Bitcoin payments startup backed by a16z & Paradigm (02:05). Then, Jack Mallers, the CEO of Strike joins (8:13) to discuss the lightning network & the history of payment networks (12:10), why companies use the Strike API (24:42), why he thinks Visa and Mastercard can't compete (31:24), Strike unlocking Bitcoin’s potential (34:40) and more!
access_time1 month ago
Jason and Molly chat with Jason Lemkin of SaaStr (01:44). They discuss: advice for new VCs (16:14), the future of SaaS investing (27:37), playing offense as investors (35:50), secondaries and more.
access_time2 months ago
In VC Sunday School we discuss Pitchbook's data on women-led VC funds (03:16), how much money they've raised and how the industry is evolving. Then, Jason explains why new fund managers often have more success with individual LPs than institutional LPs (27:12). In This Week in Climate Startups Molly speaks with Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner of, a zero-waste grocery service (38:31).
access_time2 months ago
First Jason and Molly cover FTX CEO SBF buying 7.6% of $HOOD (1:57), SoftBank’s $13B loss (8:29), Twitter’s exec layoffs (14:55) & give a deal update (21:50). Then Producer Rachel chats with Nicole Ruiz is an investor at Compound VC, a thesis-driven, research-centric investment firm (35:34). Together, they talk about her untraditional path to VC, their investment in Pear Bio, the importance of being a skilled researcher, and more.
access_time2 months ago
Deirdre Bosa from CNBC’s Tech Check joins to talk about a wide variety of topics (2:20), including her interview with Sundar Pichai, journalism (12:54), the crashing public markets, crypto (44:58), Twitter iterations (1:06:12) and so much more!
access_time2 months ago
First Jason and Molly open by digging into some details for the All-In Summit (02:12). Then they discuss Airbnb's search options (08:13), Airbnb's new aircover insurance feature (21:34) and Coinbase's disclosure that account funds aren't safe in a Coinbase bankruptcy (35:04). Then, Molly is joined by Ashley Carman to talk about Facebook dropping podcasts (54:46).
access_time2 months ago
First, crypto reporter Bennett Tomlin joins to break down the the massive decline of algorithmic stablecoin Terra USD (UST) and how the Terra-Luna ecosystem works (09:00). Then we recap five tech stocks that are down at least 70% off mid-COVID peaks Coinbase, Shopify, Twilio, Zoom and Block (44:44). We briefly touch of Elon’s comments about reducing permanent bans on Twitter (1:05:48). Wrap with Peloton’s painful earnings (1:22:53).
access_time2 months ago
First, we discuss Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's company-wide email rallying Uber behind a cash-generating vision to court investors (6:30). Then, we cover Apple's machine learning director departing because of the company's work from home policies (43:22) and the White House's negotiation with ISPs for low-cost high-speed internet to pair with the Affordable Connectivity Program (57:00).
access_time2 months ago
First Jason and Molly break down Twitter's new community annotation feature Birdwatch (1:40), they go through screenshots of the beta version and weigh the possibility for the Birdwatch to bridge the moderation gap. Then Producer Rachel interviews Patrick McDonnell of Flapjack (44:04) about working in a hacker house in Miami, optimizing restaurant menus and his experience making the Boring Company flamethrower.
access_time2 months ago
First we chat with Lon Harris from Inside Streaming about the latest Netflix news, strategy, exciting upcoming shows and the proliferation of ads on streaming services (2:23). Then we cover Plaid CEO insinuating that a Stripe PM probed their company for information before making a copycat (39:40), Cameo's round of layoffs that included 4 execs (53:08) and the latest on Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition (1:06:25).
access_time2 months ago
Every Monday - Thursday, Jason and Molly record live at - it has bonus content that doesn't make it into the edited version of the show. This is a sample of the LIVE version recorded today. If you like this, subscribe, sign up for notifications and join us live in the YouTube chat.
access_time2 months ago
First Jason and Molly discuss the way tech is impacted by the leaked Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision (2:20). Then they break down the differences between a Lyft and Uber’s Q1 (52:18). To wrap, we discuss AirBnB’s strong quarter and upcoming big announcement (1:03:48).
access_time2 months ago
First, we speak with The Information’s Sylvia Varnham O’Regan about Meta's plan to double its VR headsets by 2024 (02:06), VR adoption (13:14), and more. We wrap by discussing the SEC’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit adding 20 new agents (39:52).
access_time2 months ago
First, we discuss Bolt’s declining customer base and struggles with The Information’s Malique Morris (02:50). In addition, we discuss Fast, Amazon's "Buy with Prime," ShopPay (25:35) and all the other developments in online checkout. Next, we cover a massive spike in Ethereum gas prices from Yuga Labs and Solana's bot attack (55:12). We wrap with our Startup of the Day: Gravity Sketch, a 3D design platform (1:11:35).
access_time2 months ago
Sunday double-header. First, in VC Sunday School Jason discusses competing companies in the portfolio, when it's ok, when it's not and how to manage issues in good faith (01:52). Then, in This Week in Climate Startups, Molly interviews Energy Impact Partners' Shayle Kann (19:42) about "Deep Decarbonization," the carbon management industry (33:37) and more.
access_time2 months ago
First, we cover 5 news stories: Amazon Q1 earnings (02:01), Apple's fiscal Q2 earnings (06:33), China's new tune for tech (12:06), AirBnB's long-term remote commitment (16:55) and Snap's new Pixy camera drone (24:48). Then Producer Rachel interviews Landon Campbell of inTheir20s and about investing, landing big guests like Steve Wozniak for his podcast and what he's learned about how great people spent their 20s (29:47).