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Listen anywhere on any device.

Enjoy your music and podcasts wherever you are!

Access the entire library from your device.


On iPhone & iPad

Play all the music you want on your iPhone and iPad.

iOS Store

On Android & Tablets

Enjoy millions of songs, playlists and albums on your Android devices and tablets.

Android Store
On Desktop & Laptops

On Desktop & Laptops

Go to and start enjoying your favorite music or download our Desktop App that allows you to bring your own music.

Windows Store

On Smart Speakers

Be the DJ at every house party by connecting Raaga to the smart speakers,turning the volume up and playing the best party playlists.

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Smart Speakers
On Chromecast

On Chromecast

Sit back, relax and let Raaga detect the Chromecasts on your network so you connect immediately and play your favorite music.

On Carplay

Your car rides will never be the same with Raaga on CarPlay. Turn the volume up and drive to the sounds of the songs you love.

works with Apple carplay
On Android Auto

On Android Auto

You can still enjoy your music while you're on the go. Raaga will be your entertainer with all the playlists, mixes and artists you like.

works with Android auto

On Apple TV

Enjoying music on TV is now easier than ever. All you have to do is plug your phone and play the songs you want while chilling in your living room.

works with Apple TV
Apple Tv
On TVs

On TVs

Your living room is your new dance floor. Play your favorite songs, albums and playlists from your Samsung, Android and Sony TVs and get that party started.

Available Samsung Tv Available Android Tv Available Amazon fire Tv