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Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa Songs

Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa songs

Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa (2019)

Adr Anand songs

Music: Adr Anand

{"title":"Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa","albumseokeyword":"AailaTaDhanwaPitKeJaa","albumId":"BJP04426","image":"https:\/\/\/raagaimg\/r_img\/250\/bj\/bjp04426.jpg","releaseYear":"2019","music":"Adr Anand","cast":"","share_link":"bhojpuri\/album\/aaila-ta-dhanwa-pit-ke-jaa-songs-BJP04426","musicprofile":[{"name":"Adr Anand","link":"bhojpuri\/music\/Adr-Anand"}]}
{"title":"Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa","songseokeyword":"AailaTaDhanwaPitKeJaa","song_id":"637053","singers":"Sunil Yadav, Khushbu Raj","music":"Adr Anand","albumname":"Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa","albumkeyword":"AailaTaDhanwaPitKeJaa","lyricist":"Sonu Singh","albumId":"BJP04426","rating":0,"duration":"11:15","songKeywords":"ilaTatanwaPitKeJa SunilYadavkusbuRaj AdrAnand SonuSink ilaTatanwaPitKeJa","songimg":"https:\/\/\/raagaimg\/r_img\/250\/bj\/bjp04426.jpg"}
Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa is a Bhojpuri pop album released on 2019. Music of Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa songs are composed by Adr Anand. Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa album has 1 songs sung by Sunil Yadav, Khushbu Raj. Listen to all songs in high quality & download Aaila Ta Dhanwa Pit Ke Jaa songs on
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