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விசித்திர புராணங்கள் | Vichithra Puranangal - - A World of Music

விசித்திர புராணங்கள் | Vichithra Puranangal

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Vichithra Puranangal is a compilation of unheard tales from Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other mythological works

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access_time22 days ago
Raavanan, Kumbhakarnan, and Vibhishanan prayed for several years to obtain a boon from Brahma. Raavanan wished for immortality but was denied, hence he requested that he shouldn't be killed by yakshans, ratchasans, serpents, birds, etc (excluding humans). The boon was granted. While Vibhishanan gets his wish granted as well, Kumbhakarnan (as a result of a trick played by Goddess Saraswati) gets the boon of being asleep his entire lifetime.
access_time4 months ago
Mahiravanan, one of the brothers of Raavanan, was a Rakshasan with incredible powers. Following the death of all his brothers and Indrajit as well, Ravanan took the help of Mahiravanan to destroy Raman and Lakshmanan. While Hanuman guarded the abode of the two brothers, Mahiravanan disguised himself as Vibhishanan and kidnapped the two of them. Hanuman used deceit to kill Mahiravanan and brought Raman and Lakshmanan back to Ayodhya.
access_time8 months ago
Jayan and Vijayan, the two gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu, were quite arrogant in nature and treated a saint with disrespect, thus receiving a curse that they will be born as mortals and spend their lives on Earth, and eventually be killed by Vishnu himself. Hence, they were incarnated as Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha in Satya Yugam, Ravanan and Kumbhakarnan in Treta Yugam, and finally Shishupalan and Dantavakran in Dvapara Yugam.
access_time10 months ago
Following the death of Kumbhakarnan, Indrajith returns to war and performs a yagnam at his native deity's temple after informing Hanuman that he was going to kill Sita. Raman sends the army of monkeys along with Lakshmanan to wage a war against Indrajith. Lakshmanan kills Indrajith using the Indrastram. Sulochana, the wife of Indrajith, is the daughter of one of Lakshmanan's avatars, making Lakshmanan the father-in-law of Indrajith.
access_time11 months ago
Sage Parasuraman obtains powerful boons from his father after fulfilling his wishes. Proud of his own competence, Parasuraman challenges Raman to a duel. Raman successfully strings Parasuraman's bow and acquires all his power, thus depriving the sage of his pride.
access_time12 months ago
An arrogant Raavanan, who is consumed with power, tries to mess with Vali, the king of Kishkindha. His plan backfires as Vali winds him up in his tail and travels in air across the world, much to the terror of Raavanan.
access_time12 months ago
Unable to tolerate Meganathan's atrocities, Indran approaches Maha Vishnu and requests him to destroy the demon himself. When Vishnu turns him down, Indran wages a war against Meganathan and the latter defeats him, thus gaining the name of Indrajith.
access_time1 year ago
Vishwamithra takes Raman and Lakshmanan to the Tataka Vanam, the dwelling site of Ratchasi Tatakai. The sage tells the brothers about Tatakai's history, following which Raman and Lakshmanan engage in a war with Tatakai, destroying her permanently.
access_time1 year ago
Distressed by Sita's plight in Lanka after being held captive by Ravanan, Inthiran disguises himself as a Brahmin and reaches Ashoka Vanam to offer Sita the 'Divya Payasam', that provides multiple benefits upon consumption.
access_time1 year ago
Pillayar appears as a small boy in front of Ravanan and tricks him into giving him a Jothi lingam carving. Defying Ravanan's orders, Pillayar places the lingam on the ground, thus receiving a knock on his head from an angered Ravanan.