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மேகநாதன் இந்திரஜித் ஆனா கதை | Meganathan Indrajith Aana Kathai
Sage Parasuraman obtains powerful boons from his father after fulfilling his wishes. Proud of his own competence, Parasuraman challenges Raman to a duel. Raman successfully strings Parasuraman's bow and acquires all his power, thus depriving the sage of his pride.
வாலி வாலில் ராவணனின் உலக உலா | Vali Vallil Raavaṇanin Ulaka Ula | Vichithra Puranangal
An arrogant Raavanan, who is consumed with power, tries to mess with Vali, the king of Kishkindha. His plan backfires as Vali winds him up in his tail and travels in air across the world, much to the terror of Raavanan.
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