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Angrezi Adda | English Pronounciation

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In Today’s World, learning of a language is becoming more and more important. In addition to opening up employment opportunities, being able to speak a foreign language helps us to make a real connection with people and to know more about diverse cultures, places and lifestyles. The more proficient you are, the better you can express yourself.

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access_time3 years ago
Today's session is about the medical terms that we use in our daily life.
access_time3 years ago
Today's session is about the phrases and their stories that we use everyday.
access_time3 years ago

Today we are going to learn about  some common grammatical mistakes that all of us make & How to avoid them.

access_time3 years ago
 In Today's lesson we are going to learn about the most commonly mispronounced car brand names & How to pronounce them.
access_time3 years ago
Today’s session is about the everyday idioms that you can make use of to sound fluent, confident and charismatic in your language.
access_time3 years ago
 Learn about the most commonly mispronounced English words & how to pronounce them.
access_time3 years ago
So in this lesson today we are going to talk about food items that we may have been mispronouncing all our lives. So we are going to learn how to pronounce them correctly. 

access_time3 years ago
Ten words you can use to talk about yourself in a successful interview .