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Ayyappan Puranam | ஐயப்பன் புராணம்



Ayyappan Puranam deals with the stories of the popular Indian deity Ayyappan, who is considered to be the epitome of Dharma. Ayyappan's popularity is widespread across several parts of India, with the most prominent Ayyappan shrine situated in Kerala's Sabarimala. The engrossing stories involving Ayyappan's background, birth, and life are as follows.

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access_time4 years ago
On the final day of the Sabarimala pilgrimage, the Thiruvabharanam, which consists of several gold ornaments to be adorned on the idol of Lord Ayyappan, is taken to the Sabarimala temple from the Pandalam palace.
access_time4 years ago
During their journey to Sabarimala, every devotee of Lord Ayyappan must ascend the 18 sacred steps to reach the sanctum sanctorum. It is believed that, by doing so, a person symbolically detaches themself from all the worldly ties that bind them physically and mentally to the world.
access_time4 years ago
The episode deals with the practices the devotees must conform to ahead of their pilgrimage. One of the important rituals involves the preparations for the nei abhishekam, wherein the men bring coconuts filled with ghee in an irumudi kattu placed on top of their heads throughout the journey.
access_time4 years ago
Millions of people visit the Sabiramala temple every year to offer their prayers to lord Ayyappan. However, the visitors are required to adhere to the strict codes laid out by the temple. The devotees will have to observe a 41-day penance, completely abstaining from physical pleasures, before embarking on the journey through the hill.
access_time4 years ago
While the king was anxiously awaiting the return of his son, a minister informed Rajasekaran of Manikandan's arrival. The king eagerly ran outside to see Manikandan, also called Boothanathan, seated on the tigress. At the very moment, he realized that his son was a divine entity and that his wife, the queen, had faked her illness to plot their son's murder.
access_time4 years ago
On his way to the forest in search of a tigress, Manikandan encountered the demoness Mahishamugi. Upon hearing stories of her acts of wickedness from devas and their pleas to end her atrocities once and for all, Manikandan slayed Mahishamugi, much to the relief of the men.
access_time4 years ago
When King Rajasekaran decided to perform Manikandan's coronation, the queen, who wanted to make her son the next heir to the throne, plotted along with a physician to kill Manikandan (Ayyappan). Faking her illness, the queen made the doctor demand for milk from a tigress. Hence, Manikandan decided to go to the forest to fetch the milk himself.
access_time4 years ago
After the childless ruler of Pandalam, King Rajasekaran, adopted Ayyappan and raised him as his own, the land flourished, much to the envy of the neighbouring kingdoms. The episode deals with Ayyappan's childhood exploits and his excellence in martial arts after being trained by a guru.
access_time4 years ago
King Rajasekaran of Pandalam and his wife, who were childless for a long period, yearned for a baby. The King found an abandoned baby boy in the middle of a forest and decided to adopt him upon the advice of a sage. Thus, Ayyappan was raised in the kingdom and eventually grew up to be a prince.
access_time4 years ago
Lord Ayyappan was born out of the union of Lord Shivan and Lord Vishnu, when the latter took the female form of Mohini to destroy the deadly demon Bhashmasuran, who had acquired a destructive boon from Shivan and decided to use it against the Lord himself.