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Welcome to Kathala Veedhilo.. The Street of Stories! There are many houses in this street, each house has a story waiting to be told. Each person in that beautiful looking house has a story to tell of their own! Some of them are sweet some of them are shocking, some of them are thought provoking and some are fantasy, Some of them has a life in it, some of them are woven around one incident! So, Welcome to this amazing street of Stories! The Street of Unforgettable Stories! Today We will look in to this house with blue walls and big black gate, lets find out what this house to say to us!
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access_time27 days ago
Madhu has the habit of observing people in busy places, one day at Warangal bus stand, his life changes forever. Find out how.
access_time2 months ago
Revathi breaks her Marriage with Vijay just 15 days before their wedding. 5 Years Later they meet, destiny has other plans. 
access_time3 months ago
Rao Garu goes to a village to get a break from his ill health, but crazy incidents there makes it worse
access_time4 months ago
When Avinash, a 20 year old successor of a Shoe Company behaves irresponsibly, his dead grand father comes to rescue!
access_time4 months ago
 Meghana Loves the Waiter of the Cafe she visits regularly - When she disappears, Alex, her Lover thinks she had cheated on him, Destiny has a different ending.
access_time4 months ago
Karthik's Love Failure has a different twist. Listen Now to Enjoy this Romcom
access_time5 months ago
Shravya with horrifying past relationship with her boyfriend gets engaged to an NRI, Her best friend Shashi has something to share which changes the whole story.
access_time6 months ago
Virinchi is going thru a break-up, his dad narrates his love story, that will change virinchi's life forever!
access_time6 months ago
Rajesh Loves Hema, or Rajesh is suffering from Hema. Listen to this Romantic Comedy to find out how it ends! 
access_time6 months ago
Sharada is a practical Woman, who lives her life by calculations, Parimala is her neighbour who doesn't believe in all this. They Meet after many Years..only to realize who is happier!
access_time7 months ago
Raghava loses his family, left alone he decides to die, When a Sadhu Baba tell him to live for God, he doesn't understand this concept, until one day.
access_time7 months ago
When Saroja's husband goes against their son's love. Saroja takes a bold step that will change everybody's life forever.
access_time8 months ago
Madhura Vilas is a restaurant on a highway. When a family Visits the place, they get more than they ordered, that will change their life. The Heartwarming story of a night!
access_time8 months ago
Shashidhar is a budding scientist, a big storm in his life forces him to kill himself, Tap to listen to the brand new story
access_time8 months ago
Rich NRI Satti Babu avoids going to his native village When he hears about Sattem Maamma he rushes to his village, tap to hear this heartwarming story
access_time9 months ago
Jeevi stays above Sridevi's house. Struggling musician Sridevi, failed artist Mohan suddenly start making money, does Jeevi has something to do with this? Find out from this classic Romantic Comedy!
access_time9 months ago
Maria is a lonely girl whose Mother and Father abandon her, She is in her 10th Class, Her don't give a damn attitude lands her in trouble, her school teacher comes to her rescue.
access_time9 months ago
Bhaksar stays with his Anna and Vadina, he develops an emotional bonding with his Vadina, until his brother misunderstands it, What his Vadina does is remarkable!
access_time9 months ago
Veerayya repeatedly gets a call informing about a death, he hangs up saying its the wrong number. He has a recurring dream where a lady is crying in the middle of the road, what is the connection?
access_time10 months ago
Ramani is the only earner in her poor family, She is forced to sell her body in return for a Job, Married Man Madhava Rao utilizes this opportunity, with an unexpected Ending.
access_time10 months ago
A Man spends 26 years in Jail for a crime he did not commit, What happens when he confronts the real culprit of the crime.
access_time10 months ago
Srikanth is a shy, reserved guy, doesn't mingle with others. He meets a person on a flight with whom he clicks instantly and become good friends, but there is a flip side which will change his life upside down.
access_time10 months ago
Kishore treats his neighbour girl Neelima as his sister, but when they both go missing everybody is in shock! What really happened?
access_time11 months ago
Vivek is a 36 years old happily married guy, who gets killed brutally in his apartment. Police fail to crack the case, The Killer leaves no clue but confronts Vivek's Wife Pravallika. Whats the motive? Who killed him?
access_time11 months ago
Phani n Ramya love each other in their school days, now after 17 years they come across each other, what destiny has in store for them and their true first love? 
access_time11 months ago
Shashi is an emotionally strong girl, enjoys life in her own way. She meets a guy that is selected by her parents, but she has a past. What happens when she opens up about her past to the guy. How is it going to change her life?
access_time12 months ago
Sangeetha is an independent and successful designer who gets married to this rich guy. A Mishap changes everything in their life.
access_time12 months ago
Sekhar is a self-centered rude guy that you want to avoid, he curses GOD whenever and wherever he is disturbed, One fine Morning GOD decides to visit him.
access_time12 months ago
When the old 3 friends meet for a reunion, one friend's revenge plan disturbs everything and backfires him in this funny story about friendship and pranks!
access_time1 year ago
A Selfish guy wishes a Hot girl to love him unconditionally, A Baba helps him to fulfill his desire in a wicked way! 
access_time1 year ago
Srikanth loses everything when his Gran'ma dies. He goes into depression, watching his condition his granny returns to him via a cell phone! What happens next is a humorous journey that takes care of Srikanth for the rest of his life!
access_time1 year ago
Third Eye, a rich and popular contractor throws a lavish party on his daughter's 5th birthday, the same night he will be arrested on the charge of killing his PA. Was he framed or did he actually kill? find out from this Suspense thriller.
access_time1 year ago
Shraavya meets a stranger at a party, which leads to one-night stand... but there is a bigger surprise waiting for her! What does Kavitha, her roommate get to do with this?
access_time1 year ago
Virinchi, the heir of a Millionaire businessman gets killed in his own house! He and his father both don't have enemies. Who killed him? whats the motto? Listen to this gripping thriller story to find out.
access_time1 year ago
Kiran and Kiranmayi are Best Friends. Kiranmayi has her share of boyfriends and breakups where Kiran Supports and stands by her whenever she needed him. But Whats Kiran's Side of Story? Whats the destiny has for them? Unconditional Love at its best!
access_time1 year ago
Harish and Swathi are Unhappily Married! Amongst all the quarrels Harish has a shocking news to share, which changes the course of their life! Can they survive this and continue with their marriage? or will they part ways? Who is the real victim here?
access_time1 year ago
When the NRI Venu's Father-in-law passes away, Venu leaves to India and make arrangements to get his mother in law to US, and takes care of her like his own mother, but he has his own motive behind this.
access_time1 year ago
Popular Heroine Indira, who is a best friend to medical student rishi, while their friendship blossoms Indira disappears from Rishi's Life, and when they both meet after 15 years, Indira has a frightening secret that will shake the whole relation between them.
access_time1 year ago
Sunanda comes to know that her grand daughter has eloped with her boyfriend, and her daughter is in a state of shock and depression, sunanda gives her a reply that will make things even with her daughter!
access_time1 year ago
He lived alone in his apartment, like every story he falls for a beautiful girl who lives across his flat, but that girl gets married to another guy! what happens next,is something unimaginable!
access_time1 year ago
After many years hardship, Avinash's family comes out of poverty due to his Education. He gets his dream job, dream life and is about marry the girl of his dreams, but that one night changes everything!
access_time1 year ago
A Retired Bank Employee has a daughter settled in the US. Her demands and expectations from her parents are endless. The Parents keep sending her all the things she asks for even if they suffer financially. Ignorant of her parent’s suffering she asks them to come and help her as she is pregnant. They were treated like house maids there, she doesn’t bother even if her mother falls seriously sick. The Father takes a firm decision and stops all kind of support to their insensitive daughter, with a message that convinces the mother too.
access_time1 year ago
A Poor Single Father rises his girl child without anybody’s help. To give her the corporate education he works as a gardener in the same school. On the Eve of Mothers Day the children were asked to write an essay on their Mothers! The Gardener’s daughter writes a heartwarming essay on her Father saying he is her Mother! How does the Principal and the staff reacts to it. What is that decision that makes every children in the school learn a lesson of a life time!?
access_time2 years ago
A Die Hard Fan of Pawan Kalyan aims to become a director. He Finishes his Engineering and lands in the dream world of Tollywood. Rejected by everybody, he starts his journey as an office boy goes on to become an assistant director, after many years of struggles and insults he lands up as an assistant director to a Pawan Kalyan’s Film. He gets a chance to narrate a story to his idol himself! Will he become a director? Who will be his first hero?
access_time2 years ago
An Innocent boy sincerely loves the girl of every boy’s dream in the college. She rejects him outright! The Boy later comes to know about her relation with another guy. He forgets her and moves on in his life. He cracks Civils and becomes an IAS. His Parents arrange a marriage alliance for him, the girl turns out to be the same girl from his college. Knowing her past relation and rejection, will he accept her? Will she buries the past and agree to marry the guy?
access_time2 years ago
A Typical Middle Class Employee with a wife and 5 year old kid struggles to manage personal life and career like every other guy. Miracle happens as he gets a gift to be at two different places at the same time. He starts to enjoy the gift until one day he witnesses a murder. How does he take the advantage of his gift to take revenge on the culprit? Will he enjoy the gift of being at 2 different places at the same time, for life?

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