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NookaRaju And Balaraju


NookaRaju And Balaraju are friends since childhood and have all the time in the world to talk about anything and everything, with sarcasm and humour sprinkled generously, So, Now Stay updated while you smile!
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access_time5 hours ago
Akhil and NTR are to clash on Dasara Which movie will Nookaraju choose? There's a Proper Analysis that you shouldn't miss.
access_time2 days ago
Nani's Bigg Boss is the talk of the town, but you must hear this Talk of ours to get the real entertainment.
access_time3 days ago
Vijay Devarakonda gives away his Award to CM Relief Fund, What exactly is his attention? we tell you, listen out now!
access_time4 days ago
Balaraju has no clue about Foot Ball World cup, listen to find out his hilarious confusion about this foot ball craze
access_time5 days ago
Alludu Vs Menalludu we are talking about Chiranjeevi's dilemma. Listen to find out
access_time7 days ago
What do we learn from Serials, the viral message has a different twist in our Nookarajau Balaraju Episode, find out now
access_time8 days ago
It is Rumoured that Ram Charan will remake Gang Leader, Balaraju doesn't like it at all, can Nookaraju convince him?
access_time10 days ago
Nannapaneni Rajakumari garu blamed TV serials for criminal mindset in women, you can blame us for a comic relief in your busy life.
access_time11 days ago
Big Boss 2 has started, Everybody is confused about the Celebrities in it, Balaraju has all the answers, listen now
access_time12 days ago
Most Awaited Ee Nagaraaniki Emaindi Teaser is out, Find out what Nookaraju has to say about this trendy Teaser, and What is Biryani has to do with it.
access_time15 days ago
Kaala Everywhere. how did our sarcastic friends like it, check out the unique point of view now!
access_time16 days ago
After so much thought, Nookaraju decides to dance at weddings to become famous like the dancing uncle, will it work? find out.
access_time18 days ago
Indian Football captain Sunil Chhetri urges all to watch the matches at the stadium, but the sarcastic friends deny it with their own take.
access_time19 days ago
The Sarcastic duo talk about the big fat Banjara hills Wedding, listen to find out about it.
access_time21 days ago
Banks are on strike, but do we bother? we were prepared in advance by our PM, listen to the strategy!
access_time22 days ago
Large Numbers are turning out at Pawan Kalyan Yaathra, but no media is covering it, not to worry, we are here!
access_time23 days ago
Petrol rates slashed by 1Paisa, but thats ok, Nookaraju has a plan to remove petrol problems forever! Find out Now
access_time25 days ago
The IPL Fever is over, Whats the next entertainment, find out now
access_time28 days ago
Petrol rates have increased, but this doesn't effect Nookaraju, but how? find out!
access_time28 days ago
How Can our Nookaraju left behind this Venkanna Chowdhary chaos! Listen to this madness now
access_time29 days ago
Nookaraju's Favourite Ileana is coming back to Telugu, you cant imagine his excitement, listen now
access_time1 month ago
In this episode, they talk about similarities between raviteja and pawan kalyan, want to know? listen now!
access_time1 month ago
Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava has a storyline that only we know, find out
access_time1 month ago
The Film Maniacs talk about married heroines still working as main leads and the changing trends,and where is Srireddy now?
access_time1 month ago
The Karnataka Drama has shifted to Hyderabad, Nookaraju thought they were here for a wedding, can Balaraju clear the confusion?
access_time1 month ago
Everybody is talking about AB Devilliers Catch, so did Nookaraju and Balaraju with a different take. Listen up now!
access_time1 month ago
Nani to host Bigboss Season2, Who will be the guests? all the buzz and Balaraju's unique opinions!
access_time1 month ago
After Karnataka Election drama, Nookaraju Balaraju wonders about 2019 Andhra Pradesh results, will Chiranjeevi come into the picture?
access_time1 month ago
PM spends 4343Crores for Publicity in the last 4 years, what is the inspiration behind it? Nookaraju knows it.
access_time1 month ago
Its Mahaanati Everywhere, Nookaraju has ideas on another biopic, also we have an answer for who will direct NTR biopic. Find out.
access_time1 month ago
Hyderabad Team is winning continuously in this IPL Season, Nookaraju has different interests. Find out what.
access_time1 month ago
After the Flipkart's 16billion dollar deal, Nookaraju wants to start his own business and has an idea too, how does Balaraju respond to it?
access_time1 month ago
Nookaraju feels its easy to be a film director, and come up with a biopic, Bala Raju has the best reply for that.
access_time2 months ago
Nandamuri Kalyanram has copied Nithin, no one knows this secret except Nookaraju, find out what it is.
access_time2 months ago
Talk of the Media, Sonam Kapoor Wedding, but there is a conspiracy only our Nookaraju knows. Find out what it is.
access_time2 months ago
Nookaraju Balaraju does care about National Award Winner's pain, here out what do they have to say.
access_time2 months ago
Facebook has now dating feature, does this work in India? Nookaraju and Balaraju analyse this in their way!
access_time2 months ago
India has 14 of 20 most polluted cities in the world. Nookaraju Balaraju discuss this progress in their style
access_time2 months ago
In this Episode, Nookaraju Balaraju discusses the exit of Teja from NTR Biopic. Who can handle this prestigious project, they have few suggestions, find out.
access_time2 months ago
In this Episode, Nookaraju Balaraju talks about Dhoni's match finishing performance and how Anushka Sharma is upset.
access_time2 months ago
In this Episode, Nookaraju and Balaraju discuss the secret meeting by stars at Annapurna. What do they know?
access_time2 months ago
Sania Mirza is pregnant, which country does the baby belong to? India or Pakisthan? What does Pawan Kalyan has to do with it.. find out in this hillarious take on the breaking news.
access_time2 months ago
Keerthi Suresh looks so close to Savitri that Our Nookaraju thought that they recreated savitri garu thru graphics.
access_time2 months ago
NTR Attends Mahesh's Pre Release Event and starts a new trend, or is it really a new trend? Our Nookaraju has his own take on this.
access_time2 months ago
In this episode, they talk about rather they talk like balayya babu's legendary hindi speech.
access_time2 months ago
In this episode, they talk about bharath ane nenu blockbuster talk connecting it with the obvious pawan kalyan and the current buzz.
access_time2 months ago
In this Episode, they talk about the conspiracy of RGV on Srireddy and Pawan Kalyan. will it affect PK? Find out
access_time2 months ago
Nookaraju Balaraju reacts on Pawan Kalyan's defaming by Sri Reddy. 
access_time2 months ago
In this episode, they talk about casting couch and the noise that it is making. and yes balaraju has a solution for this. well almost.
access_time2 months ago
In this episode, they talk about the recently announced national awards and why Bengali and Malayali films always perform well at national awards.