7th sense
7th Sense
Year: 2009

brahmi script - retroscape (fusion)
Brahmi Script - Retroscape (Fusion)
Artist(s): Retroscape
Year: 2012

break drums
Break Drums
Year: 1993

classic touch classical guitar instrumental
Classic Touch Classical Guitar Instrumental
Artist(s): Janarthan

classic waves (fusion)
Classic Waves (Fusion)
Artist(s): SJ. Jananiy
Year: 2007

classic waves - vol 3
Classic Waves - Vol 3
Artist(s): SJ. Jananiy
Year: 2011

classic waves 2 - silambosai (fusion)
Classic Waves 2 - Silambosai (Fusion)
Artist(s): SJ. Jananiy
Year: 2010

clement unplugged
Clement Unplugged
Artist(s): Clement V. Sastriyar
Year: 2013

darshana- the vision of fusion
Darshana- The Vision Of Fusion
Year: 2014

delightful journey (classical fusion)
Delightful Journey (Classical Fusion)
Year: 2008

drum blast
Drum Blast
Year: 1993

four by one
Four By One
Artist(s): FOF
Year: 2011

fusion destination
Fusion Destination
Year: 2014

fusion insync
Fusion Insync
Year: 2014

fusion lounge
Fusion Lounge
Year: 2010

fusion ramadasu
Fusion Ramadasu
Year: 2008

fusion rocks - r n ramkumar
Fusion Rocks - R N Ramkumar
Year: 2011

fusion transformation
Fusion Transformation
Artist(s): G. Ramesh

glowing breeze
Glowing Breeze
Artist(s): Kadri Gopalnath
Year: 2009

hridaya murali
Hridaya Murali
Year: 2014

Year: 2012

jal shanti
Jal Shanti
Year: 2012

leela - the fusion
Leela - The Fusion
Artist(s): John T Keats
Year: 2014

maika piya
Maika Piya
Year: 2012

malabar to morocco
Malabar To Morocco
Year: 2012

music for late evenings
Music For Late Evenings

music for peace
Music For Peace

music for pleasure
Music For Pleasure

music of nature
Music Of Nature
Artist(s): MS. Sheela
Year: 2006

prakriti - fusion at its purest
Prakriti - Fusion At Its Purest
Year: 2013

retro to raagas - fusion with the bamboo touch
Retro To Raagas - Fusion With The Bamboo Touch
Year: 2012

retro to raagas - vol 2
Retro To Raagas - Vol 2
Year: 2013

return to the forest (bamboo symphony - 2)
Return To The Forest (Bamboo Symphony - 2)
Artist(s): Unnikrishna Pakkanar
Year: 2013

Artist(s): Gokul
Year: 2008

sound of swan
Sound Of Swan
Year: 2014

spanish raga
Spanish Raga
Artist(s): Ashok Koshy, Kannan Tripunithura, Priya R. Pai, Vipin Manohar
Year: 2012

the best of swar utsav (fusion & folk)
The Best Of Swar Utsav (Fusion & Folk)
Year: 2003

the folk foundation - vol 1
The Folk Foundation - Vol 1
Year: 2014

this is fusion
This Is Fusion
Year: 2007

Year: 1990

woman`s day 2013 exclusive
Woman`s Day 2013 Exclusive
Year: 2013
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