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Tejabhiram Yadavalli



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2017 New year Announcement
While I discuss the greatness of Mokkapati Narasimha Sastry Garu I am going to make some BIG announcements about some of the work we have been doing in the past one year Big announcements everyone Hold on tight
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#9 Chiluka Buddhi
Another Short story by Tatayya to the kids Enjoy
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#7 Cheppinchina Vidhya
Cheppinchina Vidhya Kattinchina moota entho dooram raavu
Telugu#4 Enni Rakala Dayyalu Unnayi???
How many ghosts are there and what are their characteristicshttpsenwikipediaorgwikiListofghosts
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 12 - Dharma Nidhi
The village head in which Papanna lives forces papanna to under take a Herculean task of fasting for 30 days The fruition of which would result in a casket of gold Find out how papanna and his wife survive 30 days of hunger
Telugu#3 Mystery Podcast
I recently heard about a medical condition that relates closely to a lot of spiritual teachings I dug in and found a correlation between a spiritual guru and a condition that he might have suffered during the early years of his life Find out more in the podcastRamana Maharshi Barua AThe silences of Ramana Maharshi Selfenquiry and liberation in Skhya Yoga and Advaita Vednta2015 Religions of South Asia 9 2 pp 186207 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2084975073388amppartnerID40ampmd5ec6bd4bb7df4f20845f9ff5a975fe4afDOI 101558rosav9i226921DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusLucas PCNontraditional modern advaita gurus in the west and their traditional modern advaita critics2014 Nova Religio 17 3 pp 637 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2084894175588amppartnerID40ampmd5430ed78b2d1f8464be60acf485165015DOI 101525nr20141736DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusLucas PCWhen a movement is not a movement Ramana Maharshi and NeoAdvaita in North America2011 Nova Religio 15 2 pp 93114 Cited 1 timehttpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2084860367975amppartnerID40ampmd5bc2462a060296c2d7958404e055f4d74DOI 101525nr201115293DOCUMENT TYPE ReviewSOURCE ScopusStein RSnapshots from the Void Refections on Jungs Relationship to Indian Yoga2010 Jung Journal Culture and Psyche 4 2 pp 6284 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2077951815782amppartnerID40ampmd50dc95ee26e1ab14ee2cbb506faaf2259DOI 101525jung20104262DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusForsthoefel TAWeaving the inward thread to awakening The perennial appeal of Ramana Maharshi2002 Horizons 29 2 pp 240259 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2070449945473amppartnerID40ampmd5bf68b55e1b6cba3ab25cf1c29c014c27Cotards DelusionMeaning httpsenwikipediaorgwikiCotarddelusionJules Cotard httpsenwikipediaorgwikiJulesCotardOne of the first documented case reports KAUBISH VK ON THE DELUSION OF NEGATION AND COTARDS SYNDROME O BREDE OTRITSANIIA I SINDROME KOTARA 1964 Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii imeni SS Korsakova Moscow Russia 1952 64 pp 876882 Towards Understanding Cotards httpwwwfuturemedicinecomdoi102217npy1267Other ReferencesParks NE Rigby HB Gubitz GJ Shankar JJ Purdy RADysmetropsia and Cotards syndrome due to migrainous infarction Or not2014 Cephalalgia 34 9 pp 717720 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2084904660252amppartnerID40ampmd58f80604f6699faae93e59508b5addc92DOI 1011770333102414520765DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusDebruyne H Audenaert KTowards understanding Cotards syndrome An overview2012 Neuropsychiatry 2 6 pp 481486 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2084871318551amppartnerID40ampmd5df65c62a07a840152fa27ee82f4efaecDOI 102217npy1267DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusSingh SG Heramani N Lenin RK Bihari Th Khesoh N Debbarma SCotards syndrome A case report2008 JMS Journal of Medical Society 22 3 pp 153154 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2053849149376amppartnerID40ampmd58f5cc6c7320f340e08ce9132a4a5f1a0DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusShiraishi H Ito M Hayashi H Otani KSulpiride treatment of Cotards syndrome in schizophrenia2004 Progress in NeuroPsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 28 3 pp 607609 Cited 15 timeshttpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s201842839790amppartnerID40ampmd5d455001cba26ab82c15db8f5d5e9d581DOI 101016jpnpbp200401011DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusHagen S Voss SHCotards syndrome in depression and continuation electroconvulsive therapy ECT Cotards syndrom ved depression og vedligeholdelsesbehandling med elektrokonvulsiv terapi2002 Ugeskrift for Laeger 164 26 pp 34523453 Cited 6 timeshttpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s200037166502amppartnerID40ampmd56ab35665a9a1a736af126a4f05cee165DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusMalone KRemarkable resolution of an uncommon psychosyndrome Epilepsyinduced remission of Cotards syndrome1992 Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine 9 1 pp 5354 Cited 2 timeshttpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s200026703893amppartnerID40ampmd5003b6df0346f0db1c857276446aea84bDOI 101017S0790966700013963DOCUMENT TYPE ArticleSOURCE ScopusMatsukura S Yoshimi H Sueoka S Chihara K Fujita T Tanimoto KENDORPHIN IN COTARDS SYNDROME1981 The Lancet 317 8212 pp 162163 Cited 4 timeshttpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s200019883112amppartnerID40ampmd5c8ee927c972c945f06f536b092485772DOI 101016S0140673681907583DOCUMENT TYPE LetterSOURCE ScopusKAUBISH VKON THE DELUSION OF NEGATION AND COTARDS SYNDROME O BREDE OTRITSANIIA I SINDROME KOTARA1964 Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii imeni SS Korsakova Moscow Russia 1952 64 pp 876882 httpswwwscopuscominwardrecordurieid2s2076549162680amppartnerID40ampmd572448e80e5dcd36740354617f1833acd
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#6 Devudi Varam
God Works in mysterious ways Find out how Tatayya explains the same
Homeopathy Podcast - Does Homeopathy work
During my childhood I was a major believer of homeopathy As time passed by I understood the meaning of placebo and its significance Today I was able to sit down with a Family physician to understand the true meaning of Homeopathy and if it works
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 11 - Raalla Vyaparam
Listen how Papanna teaches a lesson to corrupt Businessmen who cheat people everyday This special episode is in lieu of the recent announcement by PM Modi to curb corruption and black money in the country
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 10 - Paedha Inti Pelli
Paedha Inti Pelli Papanna returning from one of his trips finds a sack of money lying in the midst of a rubble He donates the same to a poor man for his daughters wedding However evidence shows that Papanna stole the sack of money and gave it to an undeserving man Is this true Find out
No new episode this week - Happy Deepavali
Hello Everyone there is no episode this week as we are celebrating the Indian festival of Lights Deepavali
English #2 How I lost 30 kilos in 3 months - The Weightloss Podcast
I am not a medical Professional and the advice I give in this Podcast is not be taken at face value Please take the advice of your Personal Healthcare Professional before taking up anything mentioned in this PodcastThe Four Hour Indian BodyA person is made based on three things his FACT FICTIONand FANTASIESFact As a fat kid for a period of 26 years I have hit thegym and running circuits multiple times It never made sense to me as to whyone should be forced in to fatness just because he loves food Its like a lessexaggerated version of cancer caused because of smoking Hours of gymming andjogging were only futile in my case because of two reasons The exerciseswerent rite neither were my food habits I joined the karate kick boxingplayed cricket badminton was an active member dancing through my school andcollege till I started developing an inferiority complex because of my bodyThe chest area started looking larger than usual only get attention from peerswho teased me till I was reduced to nothing but tearsFiction The fat kid from school met a friend his name wasGeo Geo was an absolute nut believing in self help concepts and patronizingthem out of proportions His views were never taken seriously until hesuggested a book to me 4 hour Body by Timothy Ferris Being the greedyreader I was I lapped up on concepts the book had to offer It was a book toAWESOMENESS The savior that could take me out of years of obesity and especiallyhelp me get rid of my Man Boobs Thebook basically is the second in the 4 hour series that Tim had written Itwas a highly researched experimented experimental book to help anyone whowanted to transform their lives The only difficulty as is the case with mostwith the book was that it was based out of the USA It talked about food androutines and costs and drugs and exercises that were more suitable to the USmarket Another additional factor was that it was meant for meat eaters This mademe and Geo go through news papers websites articles and shops to findalternatives to make it perfect for the Indian market especially for a middleclass or poor Indian Student who survives with Rs8000 stipendRevelation from the bookYOUR RESTING METABOLICRATE IS CLOSE TO 2200KcalDAY YOU HAVE TO EAT ALOTTTT TO GROW FATHere were our findings Going through the following routinefor a period of 1 month can help you not only shed 810 kilograms but can makeyou stronger and fitter than everMornings1 Wake up drink a liter of water after consuming30 grams of protein Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein Rs900 for 1 kg or 2 eggs2 One large cup Black coffee no sugar no cream Ipersonally prefer Rs2 packets of Bru or Sunrise Easier to get rid of and theyare strong enough and helps quantify ones intake3 Drink 2 liters of water post bowel movementTry to hit 3 liters of cold water consumption in the morning4 Place a 2 kilo ice block into water bucket andfill with water to create a cold shower condition I place a vessel of waterinto the deep freezer the previous night5 Take bath with one mug of regular and cold wateralternatively pouring the water onto chest and back of the neck slowly Shiveras much as you can increases the Brown adipose tissue generation Lose moreheat from body Burn fat6 Reach work place or college Try to walk fasterand say yes to any physical work that comes to you this wont burn fatdirectly but increases ones metabolism indirectly burning fat7 Before LunchDinner take a 1 tablet Garlic extract Lasuna from Himalaya Rs150 for 60 pills Kills adipose or fat tissueb 1 tablet Green Tea extract Parrys or ZenithNutritions Rs500 for 60 pills daily dose of antioxidantsc 1 tablet Alpha Lipoic Acid Zenith Nutritions Rs500 for 60 pills daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids You can buy all thedrugs from snapdealcom 8 Lunch and Dinner 100 to 150 grams of mixeddaal cooked with 1 egg and spinach Curry of your choice except Alu or PotatoNo rice no chapatti no oatsa I usually also stock up on all types of beanslike rajma white beans green peas black beans green sprouts and kidneybeansb I buy vegetables on Monday or Sunday and pay thelocal restaurant guy Rs50 who cuts all the vegetables for me and I store themin the fridgec When I go out for lunch I order for daal fry ordal tadka along with either egg burji 9 Snacking Eat snacks out of the following lota Haldirams moong daalb Haldirams tasty peanuts masala peanuts saltedpeanutsc Haldirams Channa nutsd If nothing nutribix full fiber biscuitse Paneer items Dry10 Nomilk or milk related products except for paneer11 Nodosa idly poori pongal upma etc basically nothing to do with rice or ricebatter Rice digests faster and increases blood sugar spike enabling insulin toincrease food ingestion into cells causing a storage feast for adipose tissueIdly is the worst of the lot Its not healthy12 Onemin of exercise before and after meal I usually do either pushups or situpsJust one min nothing more nothing less Increases Glut4 protein in musclesenhancing sugar absorption into muscles rather than into adipose tissueExerciseHalf hour every alternate day either in the form of runningor gymming or anything No restrictions This is just to increase ones bodyresting metabolic rate
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#5 Saduddesam
While tatayya explained how people do stupid things in the last episode He explains how people with a good intention of doing the good things also can turn sour
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 9
Paamu KaatuPapannas son is bit by a poisonous snake He has to take him to the nearest hospital He finds another woman on the way whos son is also bit by a snakeWhat would he do Would he help the woman and risk delay
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 8
Biyyam DongaPapanna has a newly born son They have arrived in a small lodge during his travel to his home town Papanna finds a poor old villager who is running from armed guards who want the rice bag the villager stoleVillager denies this accusation Would papanna help the villager or turn him over
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 7
Thandri AasthiPapanna meets an old man in a village who is in his death bed His last wish is to meet his far forgotten son When Papanna tries to talk and reason with the son he says he doesnt even know the old man What will Papanna do now
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#4 Telivitakkuva Panulu
The kid from the previous story is playing hide and seek with his elder friends He doesnt how to play and gives his position away by shouting out loudly Tatayya taking this as an example tells multiple stories about how various animals and even human beings do weird and unexpected mistakes by not thinking through their actions properlyLakumuki Pitta Kingfisher Bird
Telugu - Tatayya Kathalu#3 Prikivani Binkam
A kid in the group is scared of cotton candy however he claims that he doesnt like itKnowing this Tatayya tells a story about a Scared Farmer who refuses to face his foe
Telugu #2 - The NRI who stayed back in India
There are many Indians who come to the United States and stay back for the rest of their lives A person who had always dreamt of being in the USA went to India for vacation and due to unforeseen circumstances had to stay back What struggles he went through and what made him love this mysterious country is the main focus of this episodeEpisode was recorded in Telugu and we tried really really hard to speak Telugu Something else that you will observe Hopefully in the future our language will improve
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 6
Papanna meets a Doctor who is a Miser Find out how he manages to teach him a lesson
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 5
Papanna leaves his village to find the girl of his choice He meets a girl who if he marries will result in his definite death Find out what happens
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna 4
Paropakari papanna is met with a serious decision The girl he is deemed to marry loves someone else what will he do find out
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna_Story 3
Paropakari Papanna after receiving his cash prize from the King heads home He is attacked by a person he had previously helped Learn what happened next
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna_Story 2
Paropakari Papanna is done with his studies and wants to meet the King to gain some wisdom He is unexpectedly involved into a conspiracy to Coup the kingdom Learn what happened next
Telugu - Paropakari Papanna - 1
Paropakari Papanna is a young man who loved to help others to an extent where he forgot his own duties Learn about this Genius Gentleman in the making
Telugu #1 Tatayya Kaburlu
Title Track The Title track is taken from the Movie Missamma Brindavanamadi Andaridi Song
Tatayya Katha - 2
Sathyavadi gets a new job at the Kings court as the Judge See how he manages the job and shows the importance of knowing the truth and not just speaking it
English #1 All in the Buzz - The Herpes Brewer
While in the Day he works in a Virology Lab In the night he brews some awesome Beer