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10 Minute Yogi

Sri Kunundrum


Podcast by Sri Kunundrum
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access_time5 years ago
Dehydration is a major problem in our modern world. Numerous health problems, diseases and ailments are related to humans not consuming enough clean water. This podcast describes all the most common problems associated with dehydration and gives a detailed, workable plan for intaking adequate water to obtain all its life-giving benefits.
access_time5 years ago
Be mindful of the world around you and not simply another drone or worker bee. This lesson teaches you to notice your desires and to be curious about your urges and reactions. We must explore why be desire what we desire by checking in with our bodies and impulses.

For example, if we perform this ritual with a desire we perceive as hunger, we may realize that we are not actually hungry, but tired, thirsty or stressed. Once we understand the foundation of the desire we can have control over it and let it go.

Listen to this valuable teaching and learn lessons you can put into practice today!
access_time5 years ago
Always be challenging your status quo (state of things). Why do you do what you do and think what you think? We all need to constantly refine our lives to the purest essence of living. This teaching sets forth important questions for you to address regarding your status quo. It gives guidelines and structures so you can focus on achieving and maintaining happiness.
access_time5 years ago
The Law of Marginal Gains is the long-term play in life with extraordinary payoffs to those who invest in small changes constantly. Learn how the tiny and seemingly insignificant things you do today can and will compound over time into either great blessings (or terrible curses).