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Likh: The Process

The Indian Express


The process of writing is complicated and intense, and often not at all what you expect it to be. Join Joshua Thomas every Wednesday as he profiles a wide spectrum of artists showing you how they have honed their craft and how they sustain themselves through their art.
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access_time6 days ago
Listen to carnatic classical vocalist Sathekaraman talk about how he tries to gauge his audience, what live performance means to him, as well how the discipline of carnatic music allows for expression.
access_time13 days ago
Listen to carnatic classical vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyan talk about why he loves carnatic music, his love for Tamil as well as the current state of carnatic classical music.
access_time20 days ago
Listen to stand-up comedian and event producer Punit Pania talk about writing, why he loves stand-up comedy, gatekeepers and how running comedy events can be sustainable.
access_time27 days ago
Comedy writer Rahul Hota talks about the origins of comedy collective Them Boxer Shorts, how they wrote comedy sketches and breaks down the writing process behind comedy web series Better Life Foundation.
access_time1 month ago
Listen to stand-up comedian Deep Chhabria on how his material has changed over the last 7 years, how he constructs his sets, how his approach to comedy has changed, and what he’s learned and observed while performing in the New York comedy circuit.
access_time1 month ago
Discover what improv is, how it facilitates the writing process (especially for comedy), different types of improv and why some people love it and some are averse to it.
access_time2 months ago
There'll be some changes to the show, I talk about what it's been like so far, as well as upcoming interviews and also an addition to the format of the show which I am excited about. Listen in to see how you can get involved!
access_time2 months ago
Listen to marathi playwright Yugandhar Deshpande discuss how he dropped out of engineering college and moved to Bombay, organising his own storytelling events and the process of writing his plays.
access_time2 months ago
Listen to comedian and writer Pavitra Shetty talk about her first open mic, how she balanced her daily corporate IT job with writing jokes, how she picked up tools of the comedy trade and also steps taken to address sexual harassment in the wake of the recent #metoo movement in India.
access_time2 months ago
Listen to Kaneez Surka. We discuss how she ended up pursuing comedy, doing improv, working on shows like ‘Queens Of Comedy’, ‘Comicstaan’ and ‘Improv All Stars’ and her own live Improv shows.
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