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Episode 195: Challenge #12
Challenge #12 -  Give someone in your SOI hardy encouragement for something they are doing. Do what you can to forward their agenda. 

We create. Everyday we create connection, chaos, possibility, drama, conversation, expectations, money, homes, relationships, works of art, friction, love, stories, or we don’t…

Our power lies in our ability to direct our life story with every choice  and every thought.

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast and the 21 Life Connection Challenges - 21 life hacks that have been set up to help you connect, take care of  your fabulous self, create possibility in your one and only life, and get out of the dol drums and anxiety that’s looming. 

This series of podcasts highlights the challenges one-by-one, gives you background on why the challenge was included in the 21 chosen challenges, a deeper understanding of the concept itself, and ideas on how to implement it. These simple challenges create big ah-ha’s and leave you with some great new tools to play with.

Today we focus on Challenge #12 - which is: Give someone in your sphere of influence hardy encouragement for something they are doing. Do what you can to forward their agenda. 

Tune in for how giving really is the key to receiving. 

A few years back a read a book called Love is the Killer App. It espoused the novel idea that the very most successful way to do business was to actually help other people. When you interview a client, spoke with an associate, met someone new, the first thing you do is consider what you know, who you know, what books you’ve read, …you search your arsenal of value and see what you can give to the other person to support them where they are at. GIVE. Do you know someone you could introduce them to that would further their agenda? Have you read a book that would support what they are currently working on? Have you found a digital tool that would support their forward movement?

In a world where people are always pushing their own agenda, this was novel, fresh, pioneering.

Tune in to hear the excerpt from that book....

Let me share some personal experiences.

I have been in many networking groups, training groups, and entrepreneurial support style groups. When I need something as simple as a review for the podcast, let’s say, and I put that out to the group, I’m always surprised at how difficult it is for people to even give a few easy minutes to support someone else’s agenda. They all show up hoping someone will give them the next best client, but they aren’t willing to support one another. It’s been interesting for me to watch. Even people who commit to leaving a podcast review, in this example, often won't follow through, in my experience. It makes it easy to make a splash in a room like this when you go in willing to support them.

The end of 2019 I invited a group of influencers together to share what they were about with the express intent that each person who attended would see what they could do to move the others’ agendas forward. It wasn’t about pushing your own agenda, it was about seeing what you could do to help others, but at the same time, the very nature of this sharing made it so your own agenda would be focused on by others also. It’s amazing how much getting connected to the right person or business can help. How an idea you hadn’t thought of can change things for you because someone else did a little brainstorming with you. We really don’t do this alone. But when you come at it from how can I help instead of how can you help me, you actually get both with a lot more success.

During Christmas I throw a retreat for my sister and sister in-laws. This past year we were doing a round table and sharing what we were about for 2021. I was talking about the new 21 Challenges Group platform that was launching and my dear sister in-law says, if you need help selling your book, I can do that. Those beautiful words are just the sort of thing
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Episode 194: Do the Work to HealInterview Andrea CarverWelcome back to the Love Your Story podcast…if you are a regular listener to this podcast you know how the stories you tell yourself create your reality. That’s what the whole Love Your Story movement is about —helping you to realize and take control of your life stories. 
Wayne Dyer said, “Be open to everything and attached to nothing.” This is key as we do work with our own stories.
Today I have a treat for you. Andrea Carver is here on the show. She is a Craniosacral Therapist who has been practicing for 30 years. The heart of her work as a therapist is a spiritual understanding of the unlimited potential for growth of the human spirt and as she has done her work over the past 3 decades, she hears stories every day that are similar to each other….limiting stories that need to be reframed. Stay tuned for our interview and to learn a few skills for taking old stories and shifting them into empowering ones. Let’s be open to everything and attached to nothing, and we’ll see where we land…
Tune into the audio program to hear answers to questions like:
You said that the same script you hear from people is that they have had negative experiences that happened to them in their past, those experiences helped them create a story that they tell themselves (their perceived reality) and then the spend their life looking for proof to validate these stories. Tell us some of those stories.
How do you take an old story -something ugly and damaging - and make it an incredible learning experience filled with wisdom and enlightenment?
During the past year we have all been staying home more, connecting less, touching less and dealing with the resulting anxiety, depression and stress that comes when humans can’t be the social beings they are - and of course the stress of the unknown that surrounds the pandemic. Well, now we have to deal with the mental and emotional aftermath. What do you suggest for us all to deal with this Covid backlash?
You have trained under some really impressive people - Deepak Chopra and Byron Katie…what was that like? What did you learn?
To contact Andrea:
Deepak Chopra said, “Quit trying to fight the darkness and look for more light.” As we conclude I think this a fitting stair to step out on…as we consider our stories and how they are holding us back, let us all be less resistant to changing them. Let us look for the light and the learning that comes from the shift, rather than struggling in the dark. Your challenge this week is to identify one story in your life that you know is holding you back. Shifting our stories is often something we cannot do alone. We need guidance and help because we are so stuck in our own way of seeing the world. We think how we see things is fact. Well, if you need help meeting this challenge You can go to ( and find Andrea’s contact information in the show notes, but I also suggest that you listen to the 5 Steps to Reframing your story - that is episode 46-50, each episode deals with one of the 5 steps for reframing your story. Excellent for walking you through all the steps as you do the work.
Thanks for being here today. We are so happy to be able to provide you with tools. We hope you will use them in the way that best serves you. We’ll see you in two weeks. If you enjoyed the show, please leave a review on whatever platform you listen on! Caio
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Episode 193: Think Unbroken - Interview with Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut his finger off when he was 4-years-old, a step father you pray you never have, and a  racist grandmother who pushed him into an identity crisis. By the time he was 9 his family was often homeless, certainly living in poverty, and he was eventually adopted by his grandmother. He turned to drugs and alcohol to survive the continued abuse.

There is a lot more to Michael’s story… he is now the author of the best-selling book Think Unbroken.… despite learning disabilities and not graduation high school on time, Michael found success in corporate America in his early twenties. But, he says, success only made things worse. He found himself morbidly obese, high and drunk daily and ultimately self-sabataging everything around him. It wasn’t until he decided to do whatever it took to heal from his childhood trauma that his life really began.


1. I want to start out with your story - because that’s what we do here - we tell stories. Take us back to your childhood. What are some of your main memories?

2. You said you had a mirror moment where you chose to do what it took to heal. Tell us about that moment.

3. How do you think healing begins?

4. How do we think unBroken?

5. What is the one thing we can do right now to create a mindset shift?

6. You work as a coach, mentor and educator for adult survivors of child abuse. You say you  help survivors get out of the vortex. What does that mean?

7. Tell us about the Unbroken podcast and Think Unbroken Academy.

Final tips for rebuilding yourself after abuse.

Childhood abuse and trauma is a topic we have hit on in only a few episodes. I remember the one where his father tried to kill him because he thought he was a prophet, like Abraham, who had to kill his son…but I’m grateful for Michael’s story, and his work. Think Unbroken was created out of necessity - as so many things are. But the beauty of those creations is that it provides resources for people who need them. What was he willing to do to become the hero of his story? What are you willing to do to be the hero/heroine you want to be in your story?

The journey to healing is long and difficult for even the toughest of warriors. Childhood trauma and abuse take so much energy to overcome, and one of the best tools in your arsenal is a support system that you can leverage when the going gets tough. Contact information for Michael and Think Unbroken, is in the show notes on

If you are in a space where healing is needed, that’s not a place of shame, that’s a place of growth. Create the life story that you want, on purpose. You can do it.

Thanks for being here today. If you like the show, please leave us a review and share us with your friends. We’ll see you in two weeks for the next episode.
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Episode 192: Challenge 11: Say YES to something you would usually say no to.
We create. Everyday we create connection, chaos, possibility, drama, conversation, expectations, money, homes, relationships, works of art, friction, love, stories, or we don’t…

Our power lies in our ability to direct our life story with every choice  and every thought.

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast and the 21 Life Connection Challenges - 21 life hacks that have been set up to help you connect, take care of  your fabulous self, create possibility in your one-and-only life, and get out of the dol drums or anxiety that follows too close on your heels. 

This series of podcasts highlights the challenges one-by-one, gives you background on why the challenge was included in the 21 chosen challenges, a deeper understanding of the concept itself, and ideas on how to implement it. These simple challenges create big ah-ha’s and leave you with some great new tools to play with.

Today we focus on Challenge #11 - To say YES to something you would usually say NO to. Stay tuned for stretching into YES! This IS a good one.


Let me just start off by stating the obvious. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Keep saying no to the things you habitually say no to, and nothing new is going to move into your life.

In 2016 my friend and colleague Sally walked into my office. “You’ve GOT to go to this emotional intelligence training I just finished,” she proclaimed. I laughed at her, because in fact she’d just indicated I needed emotional intelligence training. I retorted “I HAVE to, do I?” 

“Yes,” she said unapologetically, “You really have to work through your issues with men.”

Blunt as she was I was also aware of this fact and so I asked her to tell me more. As she spoke I decided I would look into it. I would say “Yes.” It involved buying airline tickets to fly across the country, the fees to sign up for the conference, paying for a motel/air bnb  and Uber…and I was a single mom trying to support my family, but I said yes because in my gut I knew I was stuck, and while I would usually say no to the extra expenditure, I decided to say YES.

This saying Yes changed everything for me. After a year of training, repeated trips across the country, a transition into coaching, I found my way through the walls that I’d been stuck behind. I found my next step forward, a path that brings me to you today on the airwaves of podcast love. Saying ‘Yes’ changed everything for me.

When Gandolf invited Bilbo on an adventure, how did saying YES change his life, his understanding, his experience…. Can you even imagine the adventure lost, the change of the story if the protagonist says ‘no’ and sits in the shire? The story dissolves, and certainly his part in saving middle earth is no longer. 

If you love a mystery, remember, you never know where saying YES is going to take you. Me seldom realize the moments that will change our lives. You don’t know when that YES will start of chain of events that saves the world. You don’t know….that’s the adventure of it all.

Why do this challenge:

Remember the movie “Yes Man?” In it Jim Carrey takes an oath to say yes to everything that comes up, to everything anyone asks him to do. The movie is the tale of how his life drastically changes and all the adventures that happen because he is willing to say yes to new things - giving a homeless man money, taking flying lessons, going on a date, throwing a bridal shower…by saying yes to all these things he creates a life that is 180 degrees different from the one he lived before and it opened up finding love, connecting with people, seeing and doing things he’d never done.  

That’s the idea here, but rather than saying yes to everything, all you have to do is choose one thing today to say yes to - but it has to be something you would usually have said no to. Then, you can keep saying yes if you want, but...
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Episode 191: A Tool for Testing Conspiracy Theories - Interview Jeannie Banks Thomas
I don’t know about you, but every day my husband comes home and informs me of the latest conspiracy theory he’s heard around the water cooler at work. About how the government is collapsing, the political parties are behind any number of heinous crimes, and of course that the constitution is hanging by a thread. Corona virus was created to get us all chipped through vaccines, and the powers that be are scheduled to shut down all business they don’t agree with through a manipulation of social media and the world’s banking structure. This was just last week…

So, when I attended a lecture this past week, by Jeannie Banks Thomas, a professor of Folklore at Utah State University, and she provided a tool for honing in on Your Legend, Rumor, and Conspiracy Theory Detectors, I thought I’d get her on the show so the general public could use this acronym she calls SLAP - S L A P to determine the likelihood that the rumor is true.

Stay tuned for some very helpful talk about legends, rumors and conspiracy theory’s during a time where we have more of these than we can begin to process.


Jeannie Banks Thomas is a folklorist and a Fellow of the American Folklore Society. She is the author or co-author of several books including Putting the Supernatural in Its Place (2015); Haunting Experiences (2007); Naked Barbies, Warrior Joes, and Other Forms of Visible Gender (2003); and Featherless Chickens, Laughing Women, and Serious Stories (1997). Two of her books have won international prizes. She is the co-director of USU’s Digital Folklore Project, which names the #DigitalTrendoftheYear, and she is an award-winning teacher. Additionally, her scholarly work has appeared in the Journal of American Folklore, Western Folklore, Journal of Folklore Research, Midwestern Folklore, and Contemporary Legend, among other journals. She is a professor at Utah State University.

Welcome Jeannie to the Love Your Story podcast

Listen in to the audio program for my discussion with Jeannie.

1. Why is a folklorist such a good person to address this topic?

2. What brought you to this area of research recently?

3. You have a tool for rapidly getting a sense of the veracity of legends, rumors and conspiracy theories, tell us what it is.


-S is for “Scare” Test

L is for “Logistics” Test A is for “A-List” Test

P is for “Prejudice” Test

4. What websites can people check


Sooooo timely. With all the fake news and the open rumor venue of the internet, with all the dissension politically and the fear and rumor about sickness and apocalyptic revving, this voice of reason is a tool to help you not get pulled into false stories - which of course, the human race is famous for. It’s a tool to help you sort.

Your challenge this week is to apply it to one of the rumors you hear and see how well it works.

If you’re interested in signing your group up for the 21 Challenges….here’s a word from our sponsor….Insert

See you in two weeks for the Love Your Story podcast.
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Episode 190: Challenge #9 – Take Someone
to Lunch
We create. Everyday we create connection, chaos, possibility, drama, conversation, expectations, money, homes, relationships, works of art, friction, love, stories, or we don’t…

Our power lies in our ability to direct our life story with every choice  and every thought.

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast and the 21 Life Connection Challenges - 21 life hacks that have been set up to help you connect, take care of your fabulous self, create possibility in your one and only life, and get out of the dol drums or disconnect that’s been lingering around. 

This series of podcasts highlight the challenges one-by-one, give you background on why the challenge was included in the 21 chosen challenges in the first place, provides a deeper understanding of the concept itself, and shares ideas on how to implement it. These simple challenges create big ah-ha’s and leave you with some great new tools to play with.

Today we focus on Challenge 9. Take someone to lunch. Stay tuned for yummy talk.


When goldilocks carefully turned the door nob on the cottage of the three bears, she was just looking for a little food. Too hot? Too cold? Just right? If you’ve spent much time alone, you know a meal isn’t just right unless you’re sharing it with good company. And, if there’s one thing we all understand, it’s the power of a good meal. Mix the two - good company and good food, and it’s magic. My friends and I call it Breaking Bread Together.

One year I did a cleanse. The premise was no food, but all the water (and a few mix-ins) that you wanted. What I noticed from the experience is that we humans spend A LOT of time focused on food. When we don’t have to eat, we get a lot more time to do other things- no lunch breaks or dinner hour, no grocery shopping, no meal planning, and interestingly, much less socializing. Suddenly I had an extra 4 hours in the day. A lot of our lives are spent connecting over food.


Welcome to Challenge #9 of the 21 Life Connection Challenges. Hopefully you’ve already tested 8 of the life hacks and you’ve already had some interesting experiences and some ah-ha moments. How do I know you’ve had some good stuff happen? Because everyone who does the challenges whole heartedly does. Yes, everyone.  Keep up the good work! You’re one of the doers in this world.

Challenge #9, Take Someone to Lunch, is based on a three tier idea. 

First, we need human connection and eating with friends or people we want to get to know is a casual and fun way to connect. And, you could even take it further. What if you invited the “other” to lunch? Someone with different political ideas, a different religion, a culture you didn’t understand, but could get a peak into over a beautiful lunch? Right now, in our current world of division, this angle creates a possibility of increased understanding and insight.

Second, treating someone is an act of generosity that creates warmth and kindness in the world. Good Karma. By small and simple things are unexpected ripples started, and this act of generosity is one of the those stones thrown into a pond.

Third, we all love good food. Celebrate a delicious moment in your day and make an affair of it. Being present with good food is one of life’s treasures. During Covid and the contemplation of the loss of taste and smell it really brought home the tragedy of no longer enjoying the delight of good food. When I did the interview with one of the first COVID patients in episode _______ and he shared how difficult eating was because he couldn’t taste or smell it, how it changed the nature of eating for him, I realized how tragic such a loss would be.

Good food. Connection. Enjoying the little things and making them a celebration.

This is what we are about today.

Laurie Colwin said, “One of the delights of life is eating with friends; second to that is talking about eating. And, for an unsurpassed double...
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Episode 189: Cuyler Black, 
Make Loaves, Not War
Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast. We all love a good story and today I bring you a story from one of my favorite cartoonists. Today’s episode features Cuyler Black. It’s story time.

In his ever so humorous, and even joyfully irreverent way, Cuyler Black, a …. Minister, creates stories and comics that bring home important points with humor and humanizing.

Today’s story - Make Loaves, Not War is a little reminder of what Christ meant about living with love and a poignant reminder that in the days of the Romans in Israel, a time of savage occupation, when people felt loyal to their politics, that it was ever so difficult to picture how a Savior could save his people with love. 

I think it applies to the very situations we find ourselves in now. Enjoy.

Make Loaves, Not War

On a hilltop, late in the day, the disciples stood around Jesus. They watched as thousands of hungry people dined on five loaves of bread and two fish that had miraculously multiplied while being distributed in baskets among the crowd.

“One guy asked if we multiplied anything for dessert, preferably a light sorbet,” said Nathanael.

Peter snorted. “Where is he? I’ll feed him multiple knuckle sandwiches.”

“Save your knuckles for those Pharisees over there,” muttered Andrew. “Look at them. Standing around trying to figure out how this free buffet violates the Torah.” 

“Forget the Pharisees!” said Simon the Zealot. “It’s the Romans I’m looking forward to kicking in the gluteus maximus!” He turned to Jesus. “Rabbi, when does our real training begin?”

“Real training?” said Jesus.

“Yeah! I mean, today’s lesson on how to be waiters isn’t exactly what we signed up for.” Simon looked to the other disciples for confirmation, then spoke to Jesus again. “Look, you’re a natural leader. You’re driven and fearless. Not to mention you can control the weather and drop-kick demons. You’re the Messiah! And we all know you’re planning something big. Revolution! Insurrection against our oppressors! So train us! We’re your hand-picked revolutionaries!”

“We’re totally committed,” said Philip. “We already ordered a bunch of these.” He held up a cap embroidered with the words Make Israel Great Again For the First Time in 900 Years But Who’s Counting?

“And I made this!” said Thomas, unfurling a massive flag emblazoned with the name JESUS. “The flagpole has a spearhead at one end for impaling Roman soldiers!”

“Boys, you don’t understand,” Jesus said. “I didn’t come to incite a violent rebellion against political authority. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

“No more fish! We’re stuffed!” groaned a man sitting nearby. “Unless there’s dessert.”

“Look,” Jesus continued. “My kingdom is not of this world. Kingdoms, empires, governments of this world will rise and fall, be good or bad, and even at their best are flawed. They are human constructions. Don’t put faith in them to solve every problem. Instead, put faith in your heavenly Father. Do you remember the prayer I taught you?”

The disciples looked at him with blank stares. Andrew brightened. “Oh, I know! Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the—”

“No,” said Jesus. “That wasn’t from me.” He sighed. “Let me remind you. It starts: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Right! Right!” said Peter. “Then it goes: ‘Give us today our daily bread! Forgive—’”

“Enough bread!” a woman moaned. “Another crumb and I’ll hurl! … But is there dessert?”

Jesus massaged his temples for a moment.“My point is that it’s God’s kingdom you ought to work to establish. Pray for his authority to govern every heart. That’s what I’m here to teach and preach.” He turned to the crowd and raised his voice. “The kingdom of God is near! Repent and believe! Let your heavenly Father rule in your life, that you may love your enemies, bring good news to the poor, comfort the brokenhearted, proclaim
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Episode 188: Own Your Story
It’s a fact that some people come through difficult times bitter, broken and cynical, while others emerge wiser, more empathetic and stronger.

I believe the path connecting the two - the journey between the pain and the growth is maybe the most important part of the path.

I have a story - it’s all mine. I write it everyday. Today I may throw in a plot twist as I get ready to change jobs, or free myself from a bad relationship, or adopt a child. I may create a peaceful scene at a coffee shop, because that sounds nice about now. And then maybe I feel like my story needs a little trip to the spa. I love girl spa days. They always look so great in the movies. Maybe I’ll have them put cucumbers on my eyes and cover my face in some gory green mud just so I know what that’s like. That sounds like a fun story to write. Or maybe I want to become an engineer or an opera singer…..hmmmmm what should I write on my life notebook today?

Sometimes, someone else writes something we don’t like. A spouse gets abusive and all the sudden the story takes a dark unexpected turn that I get to frantically try to write myself out of. What about the shameful parts that have been shoved to the bottom of the story, a footnote we want no one to read ever? What about the fear of facing our dreams and failure and daring greatly? 

While there are sometimes parts of our story that make us uncomfortable, part of loving your story is learning how to make peace with the bad as well as the good. At the very heart of learning to accept ourselves is learning to accept all the spaces we see as failures, short falls, down right horrible sections, the betrayals, the let-downs, the messy stuff we feel shame about. 

This episode about owning your own story is not to focus on the rough spaces, but the rough spaces are a very real part of who we are, how we got to where we are, what we learned and how we see the world. We cannot be whole without the dark threads of our tapestry. So, let’s talk about owning it all!


It’s not a new story. It’s one we all know. You know the one, it’s where a personal loss or tragedy or need takes you to the realm from which you are certain you will never return. It’s the dark-days-of-the-soul story.

I’ve noticed a few things about this part of life.

#1 - It’s a sacred space. It’s often a private space, one where the deepest details are kept in our vaults for we can’t bear to show too much humanness, our mistakes, our heart ache, our private travails, our crawling, our moments of shaking our fist at heaven.

#2 - That everyone has these. While we may feel we are alone and life has dealt unjustly with us, that no-one in our circles would ever understand, the truth is we must each traverse this path on the hero’s journey, because it is how the hero becomes the hero. It’s an important part of being alive. 

The other day I spoke with a man who was absolutely crushed. After years of fighting an addiction and begging God for help, never to receive any additional and heavenly support by his estimation, his world began to crumble. If God wasn’t there to help him beat the very darkness God claims to want to pull us out of, then could God really be there? The idea that his sincerest cries from an aching heart were not enough, not worthy of the ear of God, only exacerbated his hopelessness, and where was he to go if everything he had believed in, his foundation, was not there to support his wobbly heart? His face crumbled in tears and his sobs tore at my heart. 

This was a dark day of the soul. 

I spoke with a woman who told me of 5 years of going without sleep as she raised 3 toddlers who seemed to never sleep. On her last wits end there were days she would beg God for someone to show up and take care of her children so she could get one night of sleep - but no one came. There were times she would shake her son to get him to be quiet, or hit him, or even kick him when her...
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Episode 187 - Spiritual Gifts:
Interview Deb Atella
Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are? What is a spiritual gift?

Spiritual gifts are acknowledged as (word of wisdom), the (word of knowledge), increased (faith), the (gifts of healing), the (gift of miracles), the gift of (prophecy), the (discernment of spirits), diverse (kinds of tongues), (interpretation of tongues). 

I’m still not certain what mine are, but I have noticed and interacted with others who have the spiritual gift of connecting to angels and spiritual communication - the discernment of spirits. In this case, Deb Atella is open to sharing her near death experience and her path to tapping into her intuitive spiritual gifts. I like these stories of finding and figuring out spiritual gifts because it shines a light on how it happens….

Stay tuned to hear her detailed story and how she figured out what her gifts were and how to manage them. And then she shares  3 tips she’s learned for resilient living.

Deb Atella is the creator of the Sisterhood of What Next?! FB group and the host of the soon to be released aTella Like it is podcast. She is an expert at creating morning routines to set your day up for success and joy and an expert in teaching  people how to differentiate between their ego running the show and their soul/higher-self/intuition running the show. 

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast.

Let’s start where we always do. What is your story?

In 2005 you had a near death experience and experiences with seeing family members who had passed away. Can you take us back to that story….


What did that teach you?

So you had spiritual gifts that started to manifest at that time. How did you deal with that?

You started meditating back in 2012, but didn’t make it a habit until 2017. That daily meditation habit led you to creating a clarity and enjoyment of life that you hadn’t experienced before. It also led you to finally opening up to your spiritual gifts that started manifesting in 2005.

How did you embrace those?

So…let’s get to the promised skills. How do we learn resilience? What transition skills can you share with us?

Instagram @deborahatella
Facebook @debatella and Sisterhood of What Next?!
Website: (
Be compassionate with yourself, Find stillness and stay in gratitude. These tips are so beautiful for living well. 

Your challenge this week is to find spaces to implement these 3 tips. Perhaps as you love on your self and sit still and listen with gratitude, you will find more recognition of your own spiritual gift. It’s also said that we can ask for spiritual gifts - seek after the ones we want. So, that’s a little something to think about. The world needs powerful, gifted souls to walk with light and shine that light on the world. If you feel that call, know that you can seek for and develop your own spiritual gifts.

Remember that 2021 is the year of the 21 Challenges - Group Style. Sign up your group now for a three week ride of connection and fun during a time that we all so badly need it. ( for more info.

See you in two weeks for the next episode.
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Episode 186 What You Focus on Expands
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

If what you focus on expands let’s make damn sure we are focusing on things we want to expand. Do you want your waistline to expand? Do you want your bills to expand? Do you want your ornery neighbor to spend more time staring over your fence? Do you want the effects of COVID to have more power in your life?

Nah….let’s think about things we do want.

What do you think of focusing on the things you CAN do and not the things you CAN’T do? What do you think about focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses? How much more fun and productive is that? What do you think about imagining your ideal life, in all aspects, and putting it out there to expand and come into being?

If I focus on my ability to throw a great party and giving people a space to connect in (a strength), rather than beating myself up over not being a great promoter personality (not a gift I possess)- well, one is productive and the other destructive.

Let’s focus on things we want more of….because that’s how we get them.

In 1847 Thomas Edison was born. He was easily distracted in school and he didn’t get good grades. Kids teased him and teachers called him “dim.” He was from a poor family growing up, so he would find ways to make money to buy supplies for his “lab.” He started a newspaper in his teens, the Weekly Herald, and he knew how to focus. Thomas Edison was known as - The Wizard of Menlo Park, and his inventions where called “Edison’s Miracles.” He could boast of over 1000 inventions. The phonograph, the electric lamp, the telegraph improvements, telephone work, batteries, to name only a few. How did he do it? As I studied Thomas Edison’s biography I think “focus” could be the word to best describe him. He was obsessed with his work and would sometimes work 100 hours a week. He didn’t sleep much, and while I don’t advise this, he left his wife on his wedding day to run to his lab and forgot to come back because of his focus on a project. Thomas Edison created a life story that was rich in creation, rich in money - he was a millionaire at age 40 - and rich in accomplishment. Now, he may not have had the best personal relationships because he didn’t focus on those. But he had the life he had because of what he focused on, because he never let that focus on his lab or creations waiver, even when he had failed repeatedly. We all know his quote, “Results? I’ve got a lot of results. I know 50,000 things that won’t work.”

I share this as an easy example of focus. When we focus our time, our heart, our money, and our vision on a thing we can all move mountains. But it’s more than just hard work. Let’s talk about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.
- Law of Perpetual Transmutation
As 2020 launched I proclaimed that it was a year where I would study the laws of the universe. I focused on and got around to only one - it was the first one in Leslie Householder’s book Hidden Treasures. Much of what I’ll talk about regarding this law, aside from my personal experiences, come from the things she teaches. I highly recommend her work.

What is the law of Perpetual Transmutation? In a nutshell, it simply means that everything is in the process of either coming into physical form or breaking down and going out of it.

The premise behind this law is one of creation. We actively create with our thoughts all the time. The things we focus on with real intent, belief, and consistency start to manifest and show up in our lives.

There should be a big label stamped on our brains - a big red warning sign. “Dangerous if used in correctly.” Because this works regarding good and bad.

Let’s do a quick exercise -

Look at your life right now. Whatever you have created - whatever you are dealing with - whatever you have, has been formed by your thoughts. You may not have brought all the circumstances into your life, but you have decided how to think about them and how much
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Episode 185: A Story About Life on the Trail - Interview Barney "Scout" Mann
Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast. As you may or may not know I am an avid hiker. I am the author of two editions of The Best Hikes Near Salt Lake City, published by Falcon Guides. I’m the author of Wild Weekends in Utah, and The Best Snowshoe Trails of the Wasatch. Because of my love of being on the trails, in nature, I have harbored secret desires to hike the countries longest trails - the real crow jewels. They are so long though that it takes months to through hike them and it takes a special time - no job, extra money, .… In the end, of course, those are all excuses.

A few years back I hopped on the Appalachian trail and hiked the northern section and climbed the tallest peak in Maine, Mt. Katahdin. - the northern terminus of the trail. I swam naked in a stream and remember being eaten alive by the worst mosquitoes I’ve ever experienced that night in camp. But I sure love that photo on the top Mt, Katahdin.

Well, today we get a fabulous pleasure to hear stories from Barney - trail name Scout - Mann about the Pacific Crest Trail and his book Journeys North.

Tune in for stories of the trail and what it’s like to hike thousands of miles.


Barney Scout Mann is one of the rare individuals who have hiked America’s Triple Crown - The Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest trails. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these trails they are the longest trails in the country. The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long and covers 26 national forests, 7 national parks, 5 state parks and 3 national monuments. It takes 5 months at an average of 20 miles a day.

The Appalachian Trail is 2180 miles and the Continental Divide Trail is 3100 miles.

On top of that he and his wife Sandy have also hosted thousands of Pacific Crest Trail hopefuls in their San Diego home as they get ready to hit the trail.

You may be familiar with the Pacific Crest Trail from the popular book and movie Wild - From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed.

I can’t tell you how many questions I have about those trails, but I think what’s going to be most interesting is the stories.

Let me tell you a little bit more about Scout -

Barney Scout Mann is also the author of the book Journey’s North - the Pacific Crest Trail, and it’s said it is the next best thing to being on the PCT yourself. In this book he follows a selection of hikers that he and his wife got close to along the trail and tells their story.

Let me read this review - “Few things are more innately human, rooted deeply in our shared history, than storytelling and traversing land masses on foot. In Journeys North, master story teller Barney Scout Mann invites us to gather around his campfire as he weaves the narrative of ordinary people hiking thousands of miles across desert and mountains. The unfolding of their stories against eh backdrop of nature at her most sublime, and her most fierce, reveals their primal humanness in powerful relief. Their interactions, with nature and with each other, prove that we are more connected and wildly capable than we believe.

Tune into the audio program to hear my interview with Scout.
Where to find a copy of Journey's North
Order Journeys North on Amazon: (

or order a copy signed by the author from his website: (


No matter your journey or story line, one of the things you will always find is that the supporting characters in your story and on your journey provide the most meaningful spaces of stretching, loving, learning,...
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Episode 184: Accept and Nurture Your Awesome
No matter who you are, or where you came from, you are a beautiful miracle full of talents, ideas, light and potential.

There are a lot of messy things in the process of living that can make us feel unworthy, that easily create spaces of not-good-enough. One thing I know for sure is that those stories - those voices are NOT true. No matter who you are.

I’ve watched some of the most incredible people on the planet struggle with feelings of not being good enough, as I look on wondering how they could possibly even consider the idea that they weren’t incredible. If you’re one of those who feels unworthy in any way - because you were abused or unloved, because God didn’t answer your prayers, because some broken person or people told you you weren’t good enough, because you were the 7th grader that got shoved in the locker, because you didn’t get straight A’s, because you didn’t get the job, because you are ill and can’t do the things you wish you could do, because you have an addiction you’re fighting, because you have stories in your own mind - your own voice telling you and reinforcing that you are not okay, not enough. It doesn’t matter where the stories come from, there isn’t one of them that is true.

Stay tuned today because I’m sharing 4 life coaches to help you let go of things you need to let go of, recognize things you can’t see in yourself, and help propel you forward into your best life story.


The first step IS to accept this idea that you are a beautiful miracle, full of talents, ideas, light and potential.. To hold onto it - even if you can’t believe it right now. There is no one here that isn’t good enough to be here.

We were created by God, and that means we are good enough, worthy enough, and incredible. What you do from here - with all you’ve been given, is just the fun part. And yes, the messy part is inevitable, but once we start accepting ourselves fully we’ll also be able to watch how our stories shift.

Am I oversimplifying? Not regarding our value, but long held beliefs of unworthiness, of not-enough, are often not shaken easily. Just let the idea sit with you. One minute at a time. Start to make a place for it.

If you are one of us that has past wounds that are contributing to that unworthy/not-good-enough feeling, the work before you right now, is to first heal those wounds.

As Oprah pointed out, “The healing of our past wounds is one of the most worthwhile challenges of life.” The good news is that it’s no one else’s responsibility to fix it, but our own. This gives us control and power, because we each get to be responsible for our own lives.

“Buuuttttt…” you say, “what about when my ex-husband gave me an STD? What about when I lost my job? What about….”

Yes, sometimes other people use their agency to cause us pain and difficulty, but we ALWAYS have the choice of what we do with what other people shove at us. We can become bitter and cynical, or we can find learning and keep the joy.

As Viktor Frankl said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Let’s start out this new year on the right foot - with the complete acceptance that we are worthy, fabulous, colorful, and messy and that’s just perfect.

But, what do you do if you’re not fully buying into that? If you want a little help in remembering who you are?

In today’s episode I’m going to introduce you to 5 different life coaches, and you can see if one of them speaks your language.

One of the difficulties I have with choosing my coaches is that I hate to waste money on someone I’m not going to connect with, and it’s always hard to know. Everyone I’m having on the show today I have worked with in one way or another and I can vouch for them. I’ll let you hear a little from them about what they do and you can see if someone strikes your fancy....
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The Best of 2020
As 2020 comes to an end, many of us won’t be sad to see it end. Many will be hoping that a new year will be bringing a clean, safe, healthy slate, a hope for better things than we’ve seen.

If that wasn’t just the craziest year to-date. We’ve had intense social unrest resulting in riots with serious injuries and massive property damage; we’ve had the circus we call elections, COVID, of course, which meant quarantines, higher than normal death tolls, and life as we know it cancelled. We’ve had fires and earthquakes, mask shaming and job loss.

And we can look at it that way, but as in all things, our realities are the stories we tell ourselves about the things going on around us.

We also have the choice to focus on the positive things that came from the past year. More time with family, more time in nature, focus on our homes and personal spaces, opportunities abounded.

Personally I’ve had my best year ever in real estate. It was a great abundant year. While I missed my usual social calendar it’s been a different and interesting experience to slow down without the same expectation of social interaction - even if that expectation is always just created by me. It was fun to get to say no to things and have an awesome excuse. I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve gotten done on my home and property because of the quarantine. I’ve sent more cards by snail mail to connect, and I’ve said gratitudes every morning and relied on faith rather than fear. I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes - my food storage may not have been all it should have been, but after the pandemic shutdown I was able to improve it. The podcast has continued on inspiring me and others with the wonderful interviews and ideas we share here.

As I look back on the 2020 podcast episodes I’ve shared, I notice a theme. The stories that have been shared are illustrations of real people doing really hard things in difficult circumstances, and coming out better and stronger on the other side of that struggle. They are stories to inspire us and show us what it looks like to stand tall when the going gets really rough. If it’s been a tough year for you, fill up on these inspirational stories that show how people make their way through tough things only to come out with massive growth on the other side.

That’s a message we’ve needed this year. Stay tuned for the Best of 2020 - the top 5 downloaded episodes.


The thing I love about a “Best Of” episode is that you get little quips - reminders - from the best stories. By listening to this one episode you’ll walk away with brilliant insights from 5 others, and maybe your interest will be peaked enough to go back and listen to the full story from the past episode, so you can get all the insight and brilliance of the vulnerable and triumphant tales each guest has shared.

Let’s get started…

I love every episode I put together for the show. I don’t ever publish a story or idea that I’m not proud of. So, I could feature every episode this year in the best of - haha, but I’ve decided to pull the top 5 episodes with the most downloads for the year. And, here they are….

Number 5 - In Episode 162: I interviewed Jeff Meyer from The Mental Edge and he talked to us about How to Perform at our Highest Levels.

We all do something - are you a parent, a lawyer, an actress, a podcaster, a soccer player? Whatever it is you do, staying in a space of peak performance is the surest way to find success in being your best YOU and creating your best story. This topic was something we could all use this year as we needed and wanted to stay sharp despite working from home, or learning to juggle kids schooling at home. I’m not surprised this one was a hit.


Here’s just a clip of our discussion about how being present is so important to creating real connection and performing at our highest levels as leaders and parents:

Tune into the audio recording for that clip.

Number 4 - Episode 158 I
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Episode 182:
Miracles Abound- Interview Richard Paul Evans and Christmas Box International Direcor, Celeste Edmunds
Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today is our Christmas episode, and since Christmas is a season of love, of miracles, of family, of wintery fun and of treats. Well, I have a treat for you. Today Richard Paul Evans, author of the Christmas Box and 40 consecutive NYT Bestsellers, that always seem to come out around Christmas time, and Celeste Edmunds the Exec. Director of Christmas Box International are here to share a little of all of that - miracles, stories of family and children, gifts and all good things to set the scene for Christmas.

On top of that, The Noel Letters, Richard’s new book is out for Christmas and we’re going to hear about that as well, so stay turned.

To start, you have to know who these folks are

When Richard Paul Evans wrote the #1 best-seller, The Christmas Box, he never intended on becoming an internationally known author. The story was written as an expression of love for his then two young daughters. - It was a Chrsitmas gift he self published and handed out to family and friends.

Three years later, this quiet, simple story of parental love and the true meaning of Christmas made history when it became simultaneously the #1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation. Since then, more than eight million copies of The Christmas Box have been printed. Six of Evans’s books have been produced into television movies. There are currently more than 24 million copies of his books in print.

As an acclaimed speaker, Evans has shared the podium with such notable personalities as President George W. Bush, President George and Barbara Bush, former British Prime Minister John Majors, Ron Howard, Elizabeth Dole, Deepak Chopra, Steve Allen, and Bob Hope. Evans has been featured on the Today show, Glenn Beck, CNN and Entertainment Tonight, as well as in Time, Newsweek, People, The New York Times, Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, USA Today, TV Guide, Reader’s Digest, and Family Circle - we’re thrilled to have him here on the Love Your Story podcast.

Evans has won numerous awards, made the big bucks, and used that money to do really good things in the world. One of which is that during the Spring of 1997, Evans founded The Christmas Box House International, an organization devoted to building shelters and providing services for abused and neglected children. To date, more than 125,000 children have been served by Christmas Box House facilities.

That is where Celeste comes in. Celeste is his Executive Director of Christmas Box International.

This is kind of fun - almost 2 decades ago Celeste was Richard’s personal assistant. She was at his side fighting the good fight back when Christmas Box International was just a dream. Now, she’s the executive director of this international shelter. She is an exceptional advocate because she was a former foster child herself. It’s a bit like a fairytale.

So, with no further ado…. Welcome Richard and Celeste.

I want to first start with stories….

Richard - I just finished reading the Miracle of the Christmas Box, which for those of you who don’t know, it is a book that tells the story of all the miracles involved during the journey of the Christmas Box making its way into the world. It’s an inspiring and amazing book just to hear of that journey, and I wanted to read a little excerpt from that book…

It’s on page 224 and you have just spoken to a group and someone approaches you…

Tune into the audio program to hear the details of that reading, and to hear about Richard's experiences with writing the new book, why Christmas Box International was started, and to hear the tale of a LOT of miracles.

"The Noel Letters" is about an editor for a major New York publishing house who returns to her childhood home in Salt Lake City to see her estranged, dying father. What she believed would be a brief visit...
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Episode 181 Challenge #7
Pick ONE Thing for You
Elenor Brown said, “Self care is any action you purposefully take to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual well being.”

Today’s episode is part of a series that explores the challenges in the book: LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Every day - the 21 LIFE Connection Challenges. THIS is a PERMISSION episode.

Today we are on challenge #7 - to pick one thing you’ve been wanting to do or buy for yourself and just do it. I don’t know about you, but I often put off splurging on something I really want because I can’t justify the expense in my own head. 

Tune in for today’s quickie episode about how and why this challenge is a beautiful one to embrace. And after you listen, I hope you’ll take the challenge. Because YOU matter. 


I was talking with a friend the other day about the nature of the 21 challenges and she begged me to add it into the explanation. So, here it is -  I have a tendency in life to pick and choose what I want to do. I suspect we all probably do. We have to make all kinds of choices everyday where to spend our time. But when I was doing my emotional intelligence training we quickly learned that we did not have that option. It made everyone severely uncomfortable, but we came to understand that if it was part of the program we HAD to do it or leave the program. Boy did we all push through some blocks and every time we learned from it. We found gems of insight and growth that getting OUT of one’s comfort zone brings.

Well, that to is the nature of the 21 challenges. If you start the challenges and then just pick the ones that feel comfortable to you, you don’t stretch, you don’t learn, you don’t get out of the program what it holds for you.

So, just a reminder - when you start the 21 challenges - commit, in your own head and heart, to push past your resistance and do EVERY challenge. 

This series of episodes where I go over the challenges in detail with everyone who is listening, allows you to follow along in doing the challenges, but even better, to understand why the challenges are in the program in the first place.

This set of explanatory episodes started in episode 12 and then again in 89  were we who were doing Random Acts of Kindness together, talked about the experiences. These were episodes exploring Challenge # 1 -Do a Random Act of Kindness.

In episode 163 I spoke with Ashley Stuart, a de-clutter expert, and we talked about why challenge #2 - to get rid of one thing you no longer need - is so much more important than this simple act seems on the surface.

In episode 169 I tackled an in-depth on challenge #3  - this is where we looked at what it really means and looks like to find the lesson in something that doesn’t go your way. Great stuff with expert Leslie Householder on finding the gratitude and lesson in our trials or disappointments.

In episode 171 we got into detail about why Challenge #4 - a life hack I call “Success-file” is so important to living happy.

Challenge #5  was episode 174 where we got real about giving people the benefit of the doubt and why it’s a relationship saver.

And Challenge #6 - the Love Bomb in episode 176. 

PLEASE catch up on those episodes if you missed them and take each challenge for yourself. They are included for very important reasons - as you’ll hear as you listen to those episodes. 

But today let’s talk about challenge #7. This is the first challenge in the book that directly addresses self-care. The other challenges are about looking outward and doing for others and cleaning up the spaces we surround ourselves with - these all bless us with connection and clarity and less direct self care, - but THIS challenge is just plain and simply about treating you.

Let me finish Eleanor Brown’s quote - that I started in the beginning.

“Self-care is any action you purposefully take to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual well being. Too often, we...
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Episode 180: Hearts of the Fathers - Interview Sheldon Lawrence

Fleeing from a deadly head-on collision, a man descends into a hellish realm to hide from Heaven’s beconing light. God can rescue him from the darkness, but escaping Hell is only the beginning. The greatest test comes as he confronts his broken relationships and sees himself and others in truth.

Tune in for this week’s episode of the LYS podcast and Week 2 of story time.

It’s the season of gratitude and holiday prep. To aid in your holiday prep I am sharing with you, in each November episode, a book I think shares an important message - and maybe will make your gift giving experience easier and more fun. 

Last week was Six and Spider Jungle, a kid’s book about accepting everyone with all their wonderful differences, and this week we get a little more serious as the author of Hearts of the Fathers, Sheldon Lawrence, joins me for a preview of his book. Stay tuned and see if you get what so many have gotten out of this book….a changed desire to really live and a greater trust in God’s love.


Inspired by the research of hundreds of near-death experiences, this book has transformed the way I view potential spiritual growth in a universe grounded in God’s love. Sheldon has put into fictional form - often the funnest form of reading - a possible look at what life after death might entail. The first time I ready this book I loved it because it aligned with my strong, personal belief that we will continue to grow and learn and progress after this life. It also really illustrated how the energy - good or bad - that we create here and now, travels with us as we leave this world. I’m excited to share this book with you because it’s going to give you some serious food for thought.

Sheldon Lawrence teaches writing at BYU-Idaho. His award winning personal essays have appeared in various journals and magazines. He earned a PhD in English at Idaho State University where he specialize in the study of spiritual autobiography. He lives with his wife and 4 children in Rexburg, ID. He is the author of the spiritual novel, Hearts of the Fathers and today he is here to talk to us about it. 

Tune into the audio program to hear the interview with Sheldon.

Get a copy of the book on Amazon: (

As we wrap up November I’ve given you 3 great ideas for holiday gift books: Of course there is the 21-Day Challenges in the book LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday. I recommend getting that for everyone you love and then doing the challenges together as a way to build and bond with family and friends. It’s available on Amazon. (

There is Six and Spider Jungle by Jef Olsen that we previewed in last week’s episode - a wonderful story for the children on your list - and he’ll send you a free download link if you email him. Get his email in the show notes on (

And today’s book - Hearts of the Fathers. Something for everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May you create a Thanksgiving story full of magic and happy moments. Remember to count your blessings everyday. It’s the key to abundant living.

See you in a couple weeks on the next episode of the LYS podcast. 
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Episode 179: Six in Spider Jungle - Interview Jef Olsen
It’s November and we are all starting to look for ideas for holiday gifts. Well, my two November episodes are going to provide you with some wonderful story gift ideas. Each episode will be a discussion with an author about a story book that may be just the thing you need. You’ll have to listen in and see, each week will be a very different type of book. 
This week I’ll start out with a quote from Maya Angelou, she said, “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
Maya’s words of wisdom starts out this episode perfectly, because today you get to hear a story about a spider named Rex who had 6 legs instead of 8. Read by the author Jef Olsen, this new book is a reminder that being yourself puts something wonderful into the world that wasn’t there before.
Tune into the audio program for a little story time, and a way to get a free digital copy for yourself or someone on your gift list.
Jef Olsen (that’s with 1 f) is an introvert who is occasionally happy to attend a gathering. He says he lived a very happy and stress free youth because when something was too difficult, he simply did not do it. He avoided the hard stuff. A lover of history, be got a BA in History from the University of Utah, then realized he needed money to pay the bills, so he went to law school. Currently he works as the senior in-house legal counsel for a vehicle service contract company, is married to a super human wife, and is the father of 6 children that he travels the world with. He’s a fan of Marvel comics, Star Wars and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jef wrote this book, but he feels like he wrote it down as the ideas came to him, rather than made it up. Rex the spider is named after his first best friend. Jef says, “I like the idea of acceptance and appreciation. It costs nothing to be kind.” This book for me was simply that people are different and that we should look at acceptance instead of rejection of others that seem or look different.
I was thinking that an illustrated copy of this book might make a great Christmas gift. We’ll hope that Jef and Kate have copies ready for the holidays. You can reach him at his email to check up on that. 
Jef Olsen:
Angelina Jolie shared a peak into her childhood, “I want to say when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told I was different. And I felt out of place and too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And then one day I realized something – something I hope you all realize. Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud.”
The best stories are created with interesting characters. Be who you are, and be good at it. Love your own colors and share them. To love your story, you cannot dislike your main character - YOU. 
As we sign off today I want to ask you to hop on iTunes and leave a review for the podcast. If you’ll do this, then email me your address and I’ll send you a Love Your Story podcast sticker. Thanks for being all the wonderful that you are. I’ll see you in two weeks on the next episode. 
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Episode 178: Ghost Stories
Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast, it’s our Halloween 2020 episode. 
Have you ever seen a ghost? Experienced energy from the unseen? Felt something you couldn’t see or had doors slam for no reason?
The world is full of ghost stories. For Halloween I opened up the phone lines to have people call in and share their own ghost stories. Stay tuned for the call ins and get a little ghost story thrill to prepare you for Halloween….
I’ll start our spooky episode with this quote from George Q. Cannon - 
"There are places....where the influence or the presence of invisible spirits are very perceptibly felt...and that...evil influences or spirits...affect (us)..... I have come to the conclusion that if our eyes were open to see the spirit world around us, we should feel differently on the subject than we do; we would not be so unguarded and careless and so indifferent whether we had the spirit and power of God with us or not; but we would be continually watchful and prayerful to our Heavenly Father for his Holy Spirit and his holy angels to be around us....
With that warning in mind, let’s listen to the call ins:
Listen to the audio to hear the call-in ghost stories.

Our time is already up, but those stories should get the holiday “spirit” flowing. I’ll be honest, I’m a little more freaked out than I was before I heard the stories, but all I can say is, “May the Halloween spirit be with you and may it be a friendly one.”
Join us in a few weeks for our November episodes which will highlight some great story gift ideas for the upcoming gift-giving season.
Our first November episode will be a discussion with the author of Six and Spider Jungle, for the younger kids on your list ,and a lesson in how our differences make us stronger. You’ll also get a free download, so listen in.
See you in two weeks, and Happy Halloween.

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Episode 177: Dealing with Anger - Interview Lara Johnson
Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast. Today we are talking about ANGER and how to deal with it. Anger, like all the “negative” emotions we feel, is often something we feel like we have to suppress in order to be a “good” person. But what happens when we suppress our feelings rather than allow and experience them? I’m not advocating for zero self-control, rather I want to explore with you a real life story that can show us what suppressed anger can do to us and how acceptance and allowance of our emotions helps us heal.
Today my guest is Lara Johnson. After being molested as a child Lara was angry. Anger became her constant companion, but also her shackles. Giving herself permission to BE angry changed her life and allowed her to move on once and for all.
Stay tuned to hear her story and to talk to this now certified life coach as she helps us with tips and understanding for dealing with our own emotions.
Tune in to the audio program to hear Lara's interview.
Thick That Hang said, in The Heart of the Buddhas’s teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy and Liberation, “Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.” 
and, Mark Twain said, 
“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” 
All our emotions, the ones we label “good” and “bad,” are perhaps all here to teach us love. In this case the idea of self-love being key - giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel and love ourselves through those emotions we label as “negative” or “bad.” When the key to healing is allowing space for us to feel our way through the experience without judgement of ourselves, we can move more smoothly forward through our lives. We propel ourselves forward through the experiences that feel like road blocks. So much easier said than done, especially because this allowing may be in direct conflict with how you’ve been trained - not to allow a place for “bad” emotions. But today’s discussion is a beam of light on how we make it through with love and grace.
Your challenge this week is to choose a powerful emotion you are feeling - something WILL come up this week, and instead of fighting it off or feeling bad for feeling it, practice sitting with it and just letting it be with you for a bit, without judgement. Ask it how long it needs to stay and notice what it may be protecting you from. Some of these insights will give you the clarity to accept with love.
Thanks for being here today. Don’t forget you can get your copy of LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday - the 21 LIFE connection challenges on Amazon - start the 21 Challenges to create more self-care, more connection and more possibility in your own life or give it as a gift and help someone else create these wonderful things in their life.
Would sure appreciate a review of the podcast, on whatever platform you listen. Those reviews help me know my work with stories is reaching and helping.
Have a great week creating your best life story.
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Episode 175: 7 Tips from 7 InfluencersNear the end of 2019 a group of influencers met for lunch. Their purpose was for each to come to understand better the good that the others were trying to do in the world and to see how they might support each another and help each other along their individual paths. At the end of that 4-hour lunch and cram session I asked each to share with me/my audience one piece of advice that they felt, from their experience, was most important - the piece of advice they wanted to leave for the world, and we proceeded to think, laugh, and share our way around the circle.
Stay tuned for these 7 tips on living well, from 7 people who aren’t just thinking about making a mark on the world, but are actually doing it.
In Oprah’s book, What I Know for Sure,  she says, “I live in the space of thankfulness - and for that, I have been rewarded a million times over. I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased, That’s because—for sure — what you focus on expands. When you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.”
I want to start out this episode acknowledging a gratefulness for these wonderful people and all the other wonderful people in the world trying to create good, do good, and make the world better, just because they can. THANK YOU.
I also think that my advice, if I toss mine into this pot, involves this very topic. To create your best life story is to stay grateful. Gratitude reminds you you are supported by something bigger than yourself. Gratitude releases chemicals that make you happy, Gratitude helps you focus on the good in your life, and that brings more goodness and magic, and greater abundance. Gratitude is the key living well, in so many ways. Gratitude is a foundational tool to creating a life story that feels like it’s full of magic.
Now here’s 7 more tips….Listen in to our conversation and excuse the background sounds of doorbells, background laughing and the occasional door closing.
Jennifer Anderson - Listen and Act on Inspiration - just take the first step.
Rachel Reist - Be present. Be here now, not longing for something past or future. 
Ashley Stuart- Reassess and reverse your relationship with stuff. Connect with your life style and your people and the way you want to live and then proactively bring in only what you need.
Andy Proctor. - The happiness guru - I you feel like your stuck ask yourself if you’re trying to live a past dream that no longer serves you.
Lindsay Kjar - Mixed Faith Marriage Coaching: Meet your own needs. Know what your desires, hope and dreams are and then figuring out how you can meet those needs on your own so you aren’t waiting for someone else to create your happiness.
Mel Miller - Know that all the pieces/things you need in your life will show up. If you need to make something happen there IS a person in your life that can help you do what you need to do. Just show up with your vision and things will appear.
Rachel Von neiderhausern - Remember the power of 1. Each small act/choice to help others will ripple out. 
Thanks for tuning in this week. This week’s challenge is to choose the piece of advise that really stood out to you, and consider how you are living it in your life. I know at least one of these suggestions probably grabbed your attention and made your mind wander into your own thoughts. Grab that piece and take two steps - 1. Think on it and why it caught your attention. 2. Act on it. What doe your gut tell you you need to do with that piece of advice.
A couple announcements - in 2020 I started a new section of Love Your Story called Tell Your Story. If you are interested in collecting your story in audio format for posterity, or if you have a family member or friend that you would like privately interviewed to collect their story, contact me at with Tell Your Story in the subject line. For more...
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Episode 174: Challenge #5 - Giving the Benefit of the DoubtWelcome Listeners to the Love Your Story podcast. Today’s episode is a part of a series where I am going into more detail on each of the challenges in my book - LIFE  - which stands for: Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday, the 21 Life Connection Challenges - today is all about Challenge #5 - Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
Just a quick recap - 
In episode 12 and 89 I went into some wonderful detail about the process of doing Random Acts of Kindness, which is Challenge # 1 in the 21 Life Connection Challenges.
In episode 163 I went into detail with Ashley Stuart, a de-clutter expert, and we talked about why challenge #2 - to get rid of 1 thing you no longer need - is so much more important than this simple act seems on the surface. 
In episode 169 I tackled an in-depth on challenge #3 where we looked at what it really means and looks like to find the lesson in something that doesn’t go your way. Again, great stuff with expert Leslie Householder on finding the gratitude and lesson in our trials or disappointments.
In episode episode 171 we got into detail about why Challenge #4 - a life hack I call “Success-file” is so important to living happy.
And today we are on Challenge #5 - which is - Giving people the benefit of the doubt and how that becomes relationship changing.
The recaps of these challenges is about getting into more detail about why the challenge was included in the book, to hear what experts have to say about the topic, and to see what it looks like in real life.
These 21 Challenges are not just a random bunch of challenges I threw together. They have been chosen for specific reasons, and the shifts they cause in every day lives just by using them. That’s what these episodes are about - is delving into why each challenge is important.
So let’s talk about the challenge of giving someone the benefit of the doubt. —challenge #5.
Giving someone the benefit of the doubt may be easier than it sounds. But first let’s talk about what it is:
The Urban Dictionary says, To give someone the benefit of the doubt is to default to the belief that their intentions are honest, and not assume malice when there is uncertainty or doubt surrounding the circumstances.
Or, in other words, to believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when you have the possibility of doing either. 
The reason this challenge is included is because this small decision will make a huge difference in your relationships, and the challenges are to help you create connection in your life.
Benefit of the doubt example:
John didn't pay me back the $20 he owes me, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he simply forgot and isn't trying to rip me off.
Jill is late, but there must be a good reason and it’s not just because she doesn’t respect my time.
My spouse hasn’t done what they agreed to do, but before getting upset I’ll talk to them about it - something probably got in the way.
Let’s talk about doing it ….giving the benefit of the doubt?
When someone does or says something that irritates you, feels unfair, or feels like a betrayal, giving the benefit of the doubt means that you consciously change the way you are interpreting the situation and the story you are building around it, and instead find a way to give that person the benefit of the doubt that they did not mean offense, that they are doing the best they can, that there is part of the story you don’t understand, or consider that there may be a misunderstanding.
People rub up against each other (metaphorically speaking) all the time; it’s what we do. There are rubs and irritants, and miscommunications every day. But if everyone gave each other the benefit of the doubt that they meant well, or that they are doing the best they can in their current state of understanding, I suspect life would generate a whole lot less friction and we would...
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Episode173 - Rare Faith: Interview with Leslie Householder 
Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast my beloved audience. How many of you have heard of the term, “Rare Faith?”
There is the simple faith that we have knowing the sun will rise each morning, because we’ve seen it thousands of times. Then there is the type of faith that makes things happen. Today on the show I have Leslie Householder. Stay tuned for lots of wisdom from this woman who has the Rare Faith Platform where she teaches universal laws.
Leslie is the ward-winning international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures. These books are all about how we access heaven’s help in our money matters and how this rare faith is the key to making things happen. She has helped people all over the world discover and apply the Rare kind of faith that causes powerful life changes. She takes time to help those in her audience crush every challenge, achieve every goal, and vanquish every monster under their beds. She is also - above all - a dedicated wife and mother of seven children. Yes…..she does alllll this. 
Tune into the audio program to hear her answers to questions like:
Where did you get the term Rare Faith?
How did you come to understand the idea of rare faith?
How have you used rare faith in your own life. What did that look like?
You have a book called Hidden Treasures that explains a list of universal laws and how they work. I’ve often thought, as I’ve heard the statement that all blessings are predicated on laws, that if I only knew what the laws were that were tied to the blessings I wanted, then I could more actively seek the outcomes I wished for. Tell us a little about these universal laws.
How have you tested them?
How often does your faith falter?
How do we come to really understand a universal law? Trial and error? How often is there error if it’s a law?
How do you share and teach these? How can people find you if they want more information?
There are laws of the universe we are very familiar with - like the law of gravity. We know it works whether we believe in it or not. It makes sense that the other laws of the universe work the same way. It also makes sense to me that laws were put in place to govern the unfolding of seasons, the circle of life, the earth on its track in the universe, so why wouldn’t God have also put into place laws that determined outcomes for his children. Laws that, like science and physics, are consistent? These are the laws we talked about today. How powerful would we be if we came to truly understand, practice and create with these laws?
It’s an exciting concept and I hope you got something wonderful out of listening to Leslie today.
For more information on Leslie:
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See you in two weeks.
*Thanks to Franz Danzi: Wind Quintet Opus 67, Nos.2 by Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet for music in this podcast.
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Episode 172: Letting Go of the Past - Interview with Djana KazicWhat happens when you have a past that you need to let go of?
My guest today is Dana Kazic, born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Caught in the middle of the Bosnian conflict, shot as a teenager during that war, Djana says the saddest thing she sees is how so many people play the victim role - she still sees it in Bosnia - people who can’t let go of wrongs done to them. Her choice to finally leave the area, despite her close relationship to her family, to create a better destiny for herself is a story she wants to share. She says, “Everyone is the creator of their own universe. Your thoughts and words become your reality. Dare to dream for fortune follows the brave.” Stay tuned for Djana’s story and what she learned having spent 3 years mostly without electricity, water, little food and grenades constantly falling on them, never knowing if she would see her family again from day to day.
Djana has spent her time since the war getting an education, working, and globe trotting. She to her BA in Sarajevo, her Masters in Italy, did her management training in Malaysia and got her PhD in Hawaii. Today she’s her to share her story.
Tune into the audio program for her story and interview.
Do you have a story - something that happened to you in your past that makes you feel like a victim? Something that happened that you haven’t been able to let go of?
If you need to reframe a story that is holding you back - please go back and listen to episodes 46-50 of the Love Your Story podcast, for 5 full episodes that explore the steps of how to truly reframe a story so you can find the meaning and purpose in the experience - so the story can support and build a better life moving forward rather than keep a holdin’ you back.
There is also an online course you can purchase on the website: ( for the 5 steps to reframing your stories. These tools have been provided to help you love your story. Because that’s what this is all about.
Thanks for being here this week - share the episode with one other person who would find value in this story. It makes the world better to share the love.
See you in two weeks for the next new episode of the Love Your Story podcast.
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Episode 169: Challenge #3: Find the Lesson in Something that Doesn't Go Your WayWelcome Listeners to the Love Your Story podcast. Today’s episode is a part of a series where I am going into more detail on each of the challenges in my book - LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday, the 21 Life Connection Challenges.
In episode 89 I went into some wonderful detail about the process of doing Random Acts of Kinds - and we got feedback from the RAK night and what they looked like, what popped up for those doing the acts of kindness, and what feelings and thoughts doing the RAK’s generated in those doing them. It’s all a lot less predictable than it sounds.
In episode 163 I went into detail with Ashley Stuart, a de-clutter expert, and we talked about why challenge #2 - to get rid of 1 think you no longer need - is so much more important than this simple act seems on the surface. 
These episodes open up the wonderful egg of why these challenges were included in the book in the first place by getting into more detail about what they are, having experts weigh in on the ideas, and then showing real life examples.
Stay tuned because today we are exploring Challenge #3 - to find the lesson in something that doesn’t go your way.
Maya Angelo said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”. 
Amen, sista!
There are lots of ways to look at life. Lots of ways to look at every event that happens to us and the way we interpret it. I’m talking about the guy who cuts us off in traffic, or your friend that always shows up late - I’m talking about every day stuff. When we learn how to be aware of our conclusion and interpretations of them, and then we get good at choosing perceptions that serve us, then we control our own destiny with power.
We acknowledge all the time that our stories are filled with challenges - people we clash with; lost love; bad drivers; situations that require the depths of our patience; health and body issues; disappointments; lost jobs; that lump of coal you got for Christmas; the state of the world; the defining of sharks.
Of course there are also moments of beauty and miracles, but this challenge is about the habit of how we deal with disappointments and challenges. One of the tays we can approach life is with the idea that everything is a life lesson. If you look at life as if the people you meet and everything you encounter are all a part of your learning experience here in this thing we call life, then we get lots of opportunities to choose attitude.
When we approach life as if all our experiences hold a gift for us then hope and faith become our companions instead of blaming, bitterness and disappointment. 
It’s easy to start making up stories about ourselves and others when things don’t happen the way we want: I’m not good enough; that person had it out for me; my boss doesn’t really like me, the world is full of assholes. None of these are helpful stories - even if they seem real. That’s where the practiced habit of remembering that you get the wonderful challenge and opportunity to choose how you see things. 
Become aware of your interpretations
Remember they are not fact - they are created by your upbringing, culture, belief system, education, assumptions, etc.
Choose to shift the negative interpretations into ones that will serve you better.
What do I mean by ones that serve you better? Choose interpretations that focus on the lesson or meaning in something really hard. For example, when I was first reframing my story about many difficult things that had happened to me as I went through 3 divorces, I realized, with some reframing help, that I had experienced many things that gave me massive amounts of empathy for others. I had gained empathy and understanding that helped me grow. My most painful life moments had still been painful and had still been gigantic and had still often been the choices of other people that...
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Episode 168: My Last Bad Day - The SHIFT - Interview Michael O'Brien 
On the morning of July 11, 2001, Michael O’Brien, an avid cyclist, was riding his bicycle on a New Mexico road when an SUV hit him head-on going 40 mph. The crushing accident left him near death as the mede-vac helicopter descended to take his broken body to be pieced back together. Today Michael is with us and will take us to the darkness of his accident and the long, slow road to recovery, but he’ll also take us to his shift - the moment when he decided it was the power of his mind that would decide the rest of his life. It wasn’t the tragedy that would define him, but how he responded to the tragedy.
I recently returned from a Genius Bootcamp, put on by Leslie Householder, in Arizona. The concept behind her teachings are a greater understanding of universal law and how to implement those laws for the greatest most powerful creations of our own lives. At the very foundation of universal law is the understanding of the power of the human mind. Where we focus our attention begins to create things spiritually, and eventually we bring those into the physical world - whether it’s an idea of something we want to create, attracting money, or changing our vibrations to live healthier or with more joy. Truth always ties into truth and as I read Michael O’Brien’s book Shift  and cheered him on as he intentionally chose the mindset and perspective that would help him make his way back into a life he wanted, I just smiled at the way this truth comes up over and over. This is why I’m always asking you, “What story are you telling yourself?” “Are you creating your life on purpose?” And “You’re responsible for creating the life story you want to tell.” It’s all about our personal agency to shift our story when needed.”
Listen to the audio program to hear Michael's story and how he shifted. We talk about questions like:
1. Your accident was almost 20 years ago and I believe your book just came out. When did you decide you wanted to start sharing your story and why?
2. Take us back to the accident - what do you remember?
3. What was the hardest part?
4. What would you do differently?
5. What were you most grateful for at the time?
6. How did the shift happen?
7. You have 20 tips at the back of your book - can you share your top 3?
When I talk about reframing our stories - the ones that are holding us back, I’m talking about this very thing - this SHIFT. When we are stuck in a story that isn’t serving us, we MUST understand that we can shift our perspective and change our interpretation in order to stay on higher vibrational levels - in order to stay out of the victim mindset - in order to live our best life story. 
I’m grateful to Michael for sharing his story and his shift and giving us a visual of what that looks like in action. The power of our minds more vast than we can comprehend. Use yours to create your best space: to lift you when you are down, to intentionally create the life you want, to overcome.
For more information on Michael and his books:
Books: My Last Bed Day Shift, and his memoir: Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows
Your challenge this week is to find a story that needs to shift for you. Are you in a fight with your spouse and you can choose to let go of a way of seeing something that can help you find a happier space? Are you holding a grudge - can you shift and give someone the benefit of the doubt? Do you have something bigger that needs a major shift? Try changing the thought and see what happens. Things only have the power we give them.
See you in two weeks on the next episode of Love Your Story
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Episode 166: Life Interrupted - Problems Call Forth our Courage and our WisdomScott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled said, “Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom. It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.” 

Stay tuned for today’s episode which I have created to remind you about all the courage and wisdom you’ve gained from your problems and challenges, and that life interrupted is actually just life.
As most of you know, the Love Your Story podcast started from an earlier time in my life where I didn’t love my story. I felt shame and disappointment about my three failed marriages. I felt like I had failed in places where I was meant to succeed. What I wasn’t seeing during those rough years was that the relationship problems and all my efforts at saving my relationships, the struggles and the learning, the mistakes, the stretching that was required in the most painful places, and maybe especially the spiritual experiences I had as I tried to stand again after being metaphorically gutted in all kinds of ways….well these events would create courage and wisdom. They would show me my own strength. They would give me empathy and understanding I could never have had if I hadn’t been in the battles I’d fought.
Elisabeth Kubler Ross said, “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation , a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fill them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

Today’s episode is a reminder that the problems in your life, big and small, have the potential to call forth your courage and wisdom. They have the potential to create in you understanding and empathy, and to align you with the human plight in ways that the easy life could not. As we traverse our problems sometimes it’s hard to remember that they are opportunities, that they are workshops, so this reminder episode is a space for you to look at the problem you are currently wrestling with - what is it? Let’s pinpoint it right here……., now console yourself with the knowledge that you are growing, and then consider what story you can create around it that will serve you best - that will help with that growth state, that will bring hope bubbling to the surface, even if it’s just hope for a better time, with the knowing that at some point the difficult parts of your journey will make more sense.

In episode 22 Becky Andrews, a blind woman, mom, and mental health councilor shares a story of an important crossroads where she recognized a crucial moment in her life - where she could choose to control her fear or to stay home bound. She shifted from her fear and chose how she was going to let her problem of losing her eyesight and the fear she felt control her life. Here’s Becky:

Tune in for this flashback clip...

Hellen Keller once said, “Although the world is very full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

The overcoming of it - the struggle, these are the opportunities of the metaphorical cocoon. Richard Bach, one of my favorite writers - pointed out, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”

We are all at a different stage within our cocoons - changing, growing, turning stubby legs into beautiful wings. I always remember the example taught in grade school - you can’t help a chicken break out of it’s egg or it won’t be strong enough to survive. You can’t pry a roses petals open or it will wilt and die. You can’t tear open the cocoon to help the butterfly emerge - the butterfly must break out of the cocoon itself in order to have the strength to fly off. We are of a grand design and that design requires struggle, but that struggle creates...
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Episode166: Born to Succeed - Interview Braxton NielsenAugust 31, 2017 Braxton Nielsen was crushed and paralyzed by a bucking bronco in a rodeo in Filer, Idaho. Growing up his dad always told him he was born to succeed. Those comments created a mindset that would serve Braxton as he faced a broken back. 
Aways interested in rodeo, Braxton placed 8th in the nation in 2017 and then went pro. His dream of becoming a world champion bareback rider was getting closer and closer, but life happened and after the accident Braxton was given less than a 5% chance of walking again. 
Five fused vertebrae’s, two rods, eight screws, numbness in his right leg and can’t feel his left foot. Recover is a long road, but stay tuned today to hear about his journey and to soak in some of that positive attitude that Braxton exudes as he talks about life.
Braxton was born and raised in Roosevelt Utah where he now resides with his lovely wife Heather. He grew up loving the outdoors, spending time with family, and he was a three sport athlete in high school where he received all state awards. Braxton says. “We as individuals were born to succeed. There are no limits. The only one that limits yourself is you. Life is great. Don’t waste a second being unhappy, but be grateful, be positive and truly know that you were born to succeed.”
Tune into the audio program to hear Braxton's Story and to talk about questions like:
1. When did you know you wanted to rodeo?
2. What type of mental focus does it take to bareback ride?
3. Did that help you deal with this?
4. Tell me about the accident.
5. What happened afterward?
6. When did you decide you were going to beat it?
7. What was it like?
8. What was the hardest part?
9. How did you get through that part?
10. How do you stay so positive?
11. How can other people keep that same attitude when they are faced with their tough spaces?
The thing that stands out to me most about Braxton is his infectious optimism. It’s as if there really is no doubt that we are all incredibly powerful, born to succeed and nothing stands in our way. Thank YOU Braxton for sharing that faith, that optimism, and for shining a light on what it looks like to truly live big and face our problems head-on.
More information on Braxton: Podcast: Born to Succeed; #borntosucceed
Your challenge this week is to repeat this mantra - all week long - “I was born to succeed.” Do it on the way to work. Do it while you’re walking down the hall. Chant it in the shower! The subconscious is what creates our outcomes, and our subconscious is programed by emotion and repetition. There really is power to repetition and belief. Chant, baby chant.
Thanks for being here this week - remember to use the website - ( where you can order your LYS t-shirt - share any LYS episode - or comment on episodes and share your own expiences. Remember that in 2020 I stated a new option called “Tell Your Story.” This is for people who want their own audio recording of their story - for posterity, for personal record, or know a family member or friend who should capture their story. Contact me at with Tell Your Story in the subject line and we’ll make that happen.
See you in two weeks on the next episode.
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Episode 165 COVID 19 Survivor Story:Interview Matt Newey 
Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Over the past month I’ve listened to a number of podcast hosts hop on and talk about their take regarding COVID 19 and the Coronavirus. I’m almost sick of hearing about it, but one thing I haven’t heard is a real first-hand account of having the virus. So….today that’s what I’m bringing to you. Stay tuned for my interview with Matt Newey, a 23 year old outdoor photographer/video from Centerville, UT. Who, on March 19th, was Utah’s 78th confirmed Covid-19 case. 
Matt Newey most likely contracted the virus while on a ski trip to Colorado with four friends. 
This is Matt’s Covid-19 story.
First - let’s make Matt a real person. Here’s a little about him. Matt is a 23 year old outdoor photographer, videographer and adventurer. From the time Matt got his first Gopro camera at the age of 10 he has been videoing himself ever since doing ski backflips, rock climbing and searching for the perfect landscape photo. In high school shooting one of his many time lapse shots of the Great Salt Lake he realized his mission is to “chase sunsets for a living.” He further realized that this is his passion when he went off at 18 on an 8 day solo trip taking pictures on southern Utah. He’s a skier, a son, a brother, and an all around good kid who survived.
Tune into the audio program to hear Matt tell his own story.
To find Matt:
Instagram: @mattcnewey (
YouTube: (
Website: (
Facebook: (
Lots of stories are being written right now. People who are getting COVID 19, people who are fighting it on the front lines, people who are terrified and living as such, people who are creating some wonderful family/home time during social distancing and quarantine.
Personally I feel like this very odd time for us holds a basket of opportunities. Family time. Time to take stock of our preparedness. Time to focus on home and loved ones. Time to slow down. Time, like Matt has illustrated, where you are on the front lines and you have a story to share in order to help others better understand what is going on.
I encourage all of us to turn to love, community, family and sharing to get the most beauty and positive outcome from a time in history that also holds the potential for loss and suffering. Each day write beautiful things into your story. Small and simple things that feel better than fear. 
Also - it’s a great time for families to hop on Amazon and buy my book - LIFE - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday - the 21 LIFE Connection challenges. I’ve gotten lots of reports of families who are doing the challenges together and making the most of their social distancing time while practicing fun life skills together.
See you in two weeks on the next episode of the LYS podcast.
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Episode 164: 23-Day Alaskan Wilderness Survival: Interview - Tyson SteeleHis last semester of grad school Tiberius Steele lived in his car. When the university revoked all the grad student teaching scholarships he was forced to find a way to continue on with his schooling, but he couldn’t afford rent, so Tyson removed the passenger seat from his tiny Hyundai Accent, built a bed where the seat had been and parked up the canyon at nights. “It was great,” he said, “No rent, fresh mountain air. From that point on I was hooked on the idea of budget, small living.”
But that’s just the beginning. How do we get from here to surviving in the Alaskan wilderness—in the lowlands south of Denali National Park, for 23 days in below freezing temperatures after his home burnt to the ground, killing his best friend and dog - a lab who had been with him through six years of rough living, and eating from burned out cans of food with melted plastic in them from the fire that decimated all his belongings?
Tune into the audio program for my interview with Tiberius Steele - mountain man, survivor, poet, hermit, and teacher.
To follow Tyson on social media:
Instagram: @homesteadalaska
You can also find him on YouTube.
Tyson made his way through very dark days of cold, hunger and deprivation. What was the key? He says it was looking for the beauty around him - focusing on the northern lights, looking a moose in the eyes, noticing the beautiful countryside and singing to himself.
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Episode 163 Challenge #2 Clutter Edited: Interview: Ashley Stuart 
Ta Da! Introducing a set of episodes that are going to get into detail on each of the 21 challenges in the book L.I.F.E - Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday - the 21 Life Connection Challenges. In May of 2018 I tackled the first challenge - to do a Random Act of Kindness. It was episode 89. We got a group together who went out and did RAK and then I recorded their experiences for you guys and shared it. Now I’m on to challenge #2. Challenge #2 in the book is about taking a step toward decluttering our spaces - about less is more, and about the incredible importance in this concept. The challenge itself is to start out by getting rid of just 1 unneeded item you have in your house. It’s a stepping stone to a bigger clearing.
Stay tuned as I start the second in a series of episodes that will delve more deeply into the 21 LIFE connection challenges and we’ll talk about how and why these challenges are going to make your life better.
We call it decluttering, parring down, downsizing, making space, trending toward minimalism, heck…maybe just cleaning house. The trend with the millennials is to own less so they can do more, move faster, have more freedom, save money by needing less space and create a smaller carbon foot print. Every generation has a few signature ideas and those ideas usually flow in the opposite direction of those of their parents. It’s no secret that their parent’s generation is about accumulation. Their grandparents - the Boomers who lived in a time of rationing during the wars, and the natural tendency toward survival —to collect - to make sure you will always have enough. To store up against the needy day. We live in a time of abundance and accumulation is a natural tendency, but now it’s time to manage it. More is not better, and he who dies with the most toys is still dead and he who lives with the most clutter just leaves a lot of shit for other people to sort through.
“Hording” is a word we hear far too often these days, and as a Realtor who spends lots of days going through houses, I can verify that it’s a real thing. 
Graham Hill, talking from the TED stage shares some interesting ideas about the state of America and our clutter.
Tune into the audio program to hear this TED clip.
In my book L.I.F.E. Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday challenge #2 is to choose at least one unneeded item and get rid of it. It’s that simple. 
At any given moment there is a good chance we have clutter around us. Maybe it’s the gaggle of water bottles being thrown from side-to-side in the backseat of your car as you turn corners, or the stuff on your kitchen cabinets successfully hiding the surface you could be using to cook and eat on. What about your office, or the garage you can’t actually pull a car into. Often we’ve become so used to our clutter we don’t even see it anymore. So look a little closer.
If you start cleaning up some of this external clutter, you’ll notice that internal clutter disappears as well. This challenge is important on many levels. There is a freeing of energy that takes place when we release our hold on material items. This freeing of energy translates into our mental state in far deeper ways than we even realize. 
In my late 20’s we sold our home and packed all our belongings into a storage shed so we could travel for a year. Despite being hundreds of miles from my things I can verify there was an energetic tie that always had to my “stuff.” We have a connection to our belongings, a real connection, and this is great - our “things” are there to serve us, help us do what we want and need to do, but too often we forget the part where we let go of them, let them move on to help someone else when they’ve completed their time with us. Instead it’s about what I can control, what I can claim, what I can store up against need.
Julia Cameron said, “When we clear the physical...
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Episode 162: The Mental Edge: How to Perform at our Highest Levels - Interview Jeff MeyerWe all do something.
Are you a parent, a lawyer, an actress, a podcaster, a Realtor, a soccer player, a sales person, a teacher, a socialite?
Whatever it is YOU do, staying in a space of peak performance is the surest way to find success in being your best YOU. Today I talk with the originator of the Mental Edge, a insulting firm that offers sports and management counseling to athletes - it's all about the science of developing mental toughness and the mental techniques that keep us at our sharpest. Guess what? Some of it is all about the stories we tell ourselves.
Tune in to the audio program for my interview with Jeff Meyer.
Jeff has worked with over 2500 clients, from pro athletes, performers, coaches, administrators, and corporations. Jeff is from Colorado and earned his bachelor's degree in Social Psychological Kinesiology. he went on to earn a Masters degree in Pedagogy. Both from the University of Noreen Colorado. Jeff has coached men's basketball for 29 years at Division I, Division II, and high school levels. Jeff is a popular speaker with corporations, universities and athletic teams. He inspires though sand on how they can use mental toughness to be more successful in today's competitive climate.
To get a hold of Jeff:
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Episode 161 The Power of the Human Soul - Interview: Todd Sylvester
Today let’s gather around the technological campfire and hear the story of Todd Sylvester, addict turned inspiration. How does our hero come to be addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teen and how did he find his way out of that dark hole? What led him to try and help teens and young people not make his same mistakes and instead take hope in who they are?
Stay tuned. His story is featured in Simon Sinek’s new book, “Find Your Why,” and today we’ll get a sneak peak at HIS why.
Todd Sylvester learned that the human soul is more powerful than addiction after he beat his own addiction over 25 years ago. In 1989 he founded the non-profit, anti-drug entity Sly Dog “Drug Free That’s Me, which features a sought after education program for elementary schools. This program has encouraged over 100 thousand school-age students while emphasizing principles of positive self-talk (the stories we’re telling ourselves), personal commitment, goal setting and character building. He’s a podcaster, author, speaker and inspiration.
When I heard you speak at a conference up at the University of Utah last year I loved your 4 Life Changing Principles because they were right up my alley – you were preaching to the preacher, so I want you to share those, but before you do can you tell us your story?
Tune into the audio program to hear Todd's story - how he got started, what rock bottom looked like, and the little girl that helped pull him out of his hole.
No one grows up thinking “I want to be an addict when I grow up and lose control over my own choices.” But somehow lots and lots of people end up walking that messy, destructive path. There are lots of things we can get addicted to, and the tragedy with addiction is the way something else takes over our body and our agency. A few months ago I had a friend who fell off the wagon after years of being drug-free. That one decision did serious damage to his career, his bank account, his family relationships, his self respect, and a number of other things he’d been developing in his life. The saying goes, “Once and addict, always an addict,” and so we see the importance of not starting that battle in the first place, or life becomes a constant struggle on and off the wagon. I love Todd’s work because these lessons – the loss and destruction that accompanies addiction, are not ones that we want anyone to have to learn. If we, as people, can be taught, as children, the importance of not stepping anywhere near this path, entire lives can be saved and massive heartache avoided.
If you feel Todd’s story could warn or help anyone you know, please pass it along to them. If you have a local elementary school where his program could help children, maybe look into it and pass it along.
To contact Todd:
#beliefcast (
As I sign off today I want to shamelessly plug my book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday. The 21 Life Connection Challenges. If you haven’t got your copy, hop on Amazon or the website: and get a copy for you and your family, or your book club or your ladies group. If you make a video of you and your group doing the challenges and send it to me, I’ll send out free Love Your Story t-shirts your way. Send your link to I’d LOVE to see what you guys are doing out there with the challenges. 
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Episode 160 How Being a Hostage Set Her Mind Free - Interview: Jo Marie Taylor
There are moments in our lives that change us – become defining moments because they challenge what we thought we knew and make us think about things differently. 
On 2 August 1990 at 2:00 am, local time, Iraq launched an invasion of Kuwait with four elite Iraqi Republican Guard Division and Iraqi Army Special Forces. The main thrust was conducted by the (c)ommandos deployed by helicopters and boats to attack (K)uwait City while the other divisions seized the airports and two airbases. Kuwait didn’t stand for long and the Iraqi invasion quickly turned into a take-over.
JoMarie Taylor, an American, was visiting Kuwait with her Kuwaiti husband found herself a hostage in the country, hiding and navigating the fear and daily threat of death; watching the destruction, rape, murder and mayhem of the invasion – all this challenged the way she thought about life.
Tune into the audio program for her story as she shares her hostage experience and the change it created in her life story moving forward. Jo’s story is an opening into our own considerations about how our traumatic experiences shape and change us and how that’s part of the messy, beautiful process we call life.
Raised in Ogden, Utah in the 60’s and 70’s JoMarie came from a mixed faith family life with a Catholic mother and a Latter Day Saint father. She met her husband, a former Moslem at Weber State University and they were married in 1987. In 1990 they moved to Kuwait to visit her in-laws because her father in-law had had issues with his heart and while they were there Iraq invaded. Her parents went for 5 weeks hearing nothing but CNN reports on the invasion and being unable to get a hold of their daughter. Let’s hear the story from Jo.
Listen to the audio to hear Jo Marie's story.
To contact Jo Marie:
Facebook: Health Coach JoMarie
Our life experiences shape us. We hare stretched and refined, pruned and challenged, and in that process we make many choices. We can choose bitterness, cynicism, doubt, victimhood, on and on. We also can choose hope, faith, love, forgiveness, light. I’ve noticed something about older people. Most of them are either grumpy old and bitter, or they are wise, old and enlightened. Some are extreme and of course some lie in between, but it’s easy to see the roll that our chosen stories and focus play in determining who we are and who we become. In my interview with JoMarie we see a woman who, like us all, is shaped by her experiences, and in this case, opened to broader ways of considering life.
As you consider your own life experiences, especially the ones you still find difficult, shameful, horrifying…consider your interpretation of events and the story you have built around them. Does that story feed fear and anger? If so, how can you reshape that story to serve you and help you find meaning? If you have chosen to find the meaning and learning in your difficult spaces please take a moment and congratulate yourself for such a healing, wise and self-supporting approach. Sometimes we need help to reframe the stories closest to us. If that’s the case, you can reach out to me or listen to earlier podcasts that share the 5 Steps to reframing your story.
Thanks for being with us today! May you grow and stretch as you write your best life story, knowing that while you can’t always chose what happens to you, you can choose your response to those events.
Don’t forget to pick up your copy of LIFE – Living Intentional and Fearless everyday – the 21 Life Connection Challenges on Amazon. Share the love.
See you in two weeks on the LYS podcast. 
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Episode 159 The Art of Working with the Cards You're Dealt - Interview: Erik Jensen
Each of us are dealt a deck of cards, so to speak, when we are born onto this planet. This deck includes where we are born, the family we are born into, the culture, geography, religion, expectations, a certain body, health issues, disabilitites, money or no money. We each get a different set-up. I believe we get the set-up that we need in order to learn the things we need to learn. Whether or not you are of that same mind set, we can’t deny that we all have a different set of circumstances and what we do with those circumstances determines who we are and how we live. We are the creators of our own lives, and like an artist we have a certain amount of clay, paint, or in today’s case, recycled computer keys to work with.
Erik Jensen is a born artist – He’s also deaf. I met him at the Salt Lake City Arts Festival where he was showing his incredible keyboard keys art creations. It’s hard to explain without graphics, but basically he creates really impressive pictures by coloring and organizing recycled computer keyboard keys into pictures. His art has won several awards since he started in high school, through college and in arts shows and festivals. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Art Education in 2017. He started doing art with computer keyboard keys in 2013, started doing it as a business in 2017 and and went to being a full-time artist in 2018. He loves spending time with his family and when he finds the time, he even gets on his 36-inch unicycle for exercise! His productive and artistic life is built from his specific deck of cards – a supportive mom and teachers, his artists eye, being deaf and learning how to hear and talk and sign.
Tune into the audio program to hear the interview with Erik.
To find him and his art:
Erik Jensen Art
Computer Key Artist ( ( (
What is something in your life that you feel like you may have gotten short-changed on? I knew a woman in my church who said she didn’t want to live with her family after this life because they were really awful to her. She felt like she’d been dealt a crappy family. I met a woman recently who was divorced many years ago, and now in her 70’s she is still stuck in the story of how hard life has always been because she is alone. Maybe you grew up in poverty and it felt like it was impossible to get ahead? Maybe you struggle with an illness that stops you from living how you wish you could. At my house we play Monopoly Deal a lot. This is Monopoly with cards. Every hand is of course a different set of assets, chance cards, money and opportunities to create with, but what you do with your cards determines if you win or lose. What is a card you are holding in your metaphorical deck of life cards that you need to find a way to leverage or learn or create something valuable with? Erik had to work with the card in his hand of being deaf. His choice to not let this unchangeable card hold him back has made all the difference. Your challenge this week is to take stock and find a challenging card in your hand and start playing with ideas of learning or leveraging this card into supporting the life you want. Could it be learning from the cards you’ve been dealt? Empathy and understanding gained? In Episode 83 you’ll remember Wendy Garrett who was in an auto/scooter accident where one of her legs was paralyzed, but instead of making a home in victim land she found joy in getting involved in the world’s 7 largest marathons and having experiences she wouldn’t have had any other way. What does your deck look like? How can you find joy and life satisfaction even from the tough cards?
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Episode 158 A Healthy Relationship to Fear: Interview with Kristen Ulmer
Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Let’s face the fear. 
Kristen Ulmer is a thought leader on fear and anxiety who draws from her tenure as the most fearless woman extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from intently studying Zen for 16 years, and from facilitating tens of thousands of clients on flow and peak performance.
The author of: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, she’s known for radially challenges existing norms about what to do about fear and anxiety. Facilitating and speaking all over the world, some of her clients include Google, Citigroup, Olympic athletes, and the US Air Force. Her revolutionary work has also been featured in such media as NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Tim Ferriss’s “Tribe of Mentors,” the Megyn Kelly show and many more.
She’s on the show today to share her story of being a world-class extreme skier and to teach us what she understands about facing and managing fear.
Tune in to the audio program to hear answers to the following questions and a whole lot more.
Tell us the story of how you got started and extreme skiing and what you did.
How did you become a fear/anxiety expert?
What do you teach that's different from everyone else
What fears do you face today?
Final words of advice
To find Kristen:
What do YOU fear? What do you do when you fear something? Do you run? Do you hide? Do you face it? Run toward it? 
Challenge this week is to think about how you are living intentional and fearless everyday and how you can live just a little more fearless. What scary thing can you face this week? What courage muscle can you flex?
Don’t forget to use the tools on the website. All the 140+ episodes to share, t-shirts to buy, and links to by the book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday, so youc anget you and your family started on 21 fun challenges to creating more connection and possibility in your life.
See you next week. Share the love.
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Episode 157 What if Nothing is Wrong with You?
Happy 2020 my people! I know the new year is all about resolutions and what we can do to improve just a bit, and there’s plenty of time for that, but what do you think of the idea that we are pretty darn impressive just the way we are. What if nothing was wrong with you? I know….what if there really was nothing wrong with you and you just accepted that. How would that settle into your heart? 
Stay tuned for today’s episode on self love, self acceptance, and the novel idea that we are acceptable here and now, just as we are. In fact we are more than acceptable – we are beloved and filled with magic.
Since loving ourselves creates the foundation for loving our story – this topic is ideal for the Love Your Story podcast, so I wanted to pose the question to you – What if there is nothing wrong with you?
I first heard this statement from Susan Henkel’s TED Talk, part of the “How to Be a Better Human” series, so let’s start there…
Susan Henkels has worked as a psychotherapist for more than 45 years. That means she’s spent decades smiling and nodding, decades handing over tissues at the appropriate moment — and decades hearing people tell her all the things about themselves that need to be fixed.
One day, as she was listening to a patient take her through the “whole list of what was wrong with her,” says Henkels, “I thought in the middle of this litany, ‘What? There’s actually nothing wrong with her.’”
From that moment, she realized there is a surprising power to be found in prompting people to ask themselves, “What if there’s nothing wrong with me?”
She says, This does not mean we’re perfect. For instance, most of us could stand to eat better and sit up straighter. But we can stop spending so much time dwelling on our personal shortcomings and imagining how our lives will be better once we finally — finally! — vanquish them. “We create this whole list of what we think is wrong and then create an entire life around it,” 
In fact, the attributes we think of as problems can be our strengths. Henkels tells this story in her TedX talk. 
“What if there’s nothing wrong with you?” is about building the skill of acceptance.  Henkels says this question is about pressing pause on your inner critic and making “a choice to let go of all the ways you’ve made yourself wrong,” as she puts it. 
Tune into the audio program to hear a clip of this Ted talk.
As you look at your own level of self love, let’s start with these questions. 1. What if there’s nothing wrong with you? And as you start to categorize that favorite list of short comings – ask yourself – What’s wrong with that? Really…could your perceived weakness really be a strength?
Let me share a story. I shared this in an earlier podcast, but it applies here so I’ll share it again. Last year I was at a women’s empowerment conference. One of the activities we were doing involved consideration of how who we are and our natural tendencies helps us to fulfill our callings – the things we are here to do. In other words, I am equipped to do what I am here to do. As I personally considered a topic I have often been criticized for and thus I have interpreted it as a weakness – that of being strong willed, determined, and sometimes pushy, it struck me that perhaps I am okay just as I am – perhaps that strength was given to me to accomplish what I need to accomplish. Perhaps I have a warrior goddess energy rather than a healing goddess energy or a sweet, compliant goddess energy because I will have battles I need to fight through, and there is definitely a place for the guardians and warrior goddesses, as much as there is a place for the goddesses of mercy, kindness and a more docile energy. This was the first time this has ever crossed my mind because it went against a cultural representation created about gender roles in my culture. But I loved it because it made sense and because it fostered a space of...
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Episode 156 The Gift of Presence: Interview Rachel ReistOnce upon a time in a land of bounty there lived a woman who knew the difference between a Christmas present and Christmas Presence. She was one of only a few who had slowed down enough to think about the power of being with her people vs. the power of doing things and buying stuff, but the difference it made significantly changed the experiences for all around her, but especially for herself.
As a woman, she saw herself as the guardian of her family. She had learned through many years of giving away and trying to meet outward expectations, that holding space for her to be herself and for her loved ones to be themselves, created a sacred space… held a space of sacredness for being present in the most important ways.
She created traditions carefully and on purpose and as those traditions were executed and played out she didn’t rush through them, she stayed fully present and enjoyed each moment, each person, each smile, each shift in energy.
As she held the space for sacred being she remained fully present to the moment, and this changed all her experiences. She had transformed from harried and rushed with doubts and fears as her carefully planned holiday events unfolded, to a space of presence that was slower, more allowing, and and done with great purpose.
One day as she opened her home to guests who were arriving for her dinner party, she had to remind herself that being present with her friends who were soon to arrive was more important than having each hor douvre plate perfectly situation and each napkin folded. “People care more about how you make them feel, than they do about the details of a situation,” she rehearsed. She took a deep breath as the door bell rang and as each guest arrived she didn’t hurry them in, she looked in their eyes, she let them know how grateful she was they had arrived, and then after careful connection with each she opened herself to allow things to unfold as they would, whether or not the night met her expectations. For things seldom unfolded as one expected. Tonight was no exception. As the party closed down they hadn’t had enough time to do the gift exchange at the end of the night – change of plans, people would just take a gift on their way out the door. Jamie, her friend’s husband had spilled a drink on the living room carpet, and Casandra, her friend from work, had gotten into it with one of the other guests, but holding space for each of her beloved friends and being present rather than embarrassed, rushed, or disappointed allowed her to thoroughly enjoy the evening exactly as it played out. As she raised her glass in a final toast she reminded them that this dinner party had been her gift to them for the season and that rather than a present she was so grateful for the gift of their presence in her home.
What might the gift of presence look like in your life? How might being present and intentional about each thing you do this holiday season change your experience into a sacred space rather than a harried space?
Today I have a guest – Rachel Reist here, who is is a licensed clinical social worker and a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, trained through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her career has been devoted to working with children, adolescents, and families and she currently works at the Davis Mindfulness Center.
I want to talk about some of the principles illustrated in the story I just told – things like being vs. doing and simplifying, and the power of attunement in our personal relationships. How do we hold space for ourselves and each other?
Tune in to the audio program to hear my discussion with Rachel about being vs. doing, slowing down, and the greatest gift we can give to others and ourselves.
My wish for you this holiday season is that you will create exactly what you want. That you
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Episode 155 The Power of Flaws - Interview with Chantel Soumis 
Augusten Burroughts said, “I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”
I love this quote because it is a simple statement of our beautiful individuality and the normalness of our unique qualities. Whether we would really actually call these things flaws, sometimes when they don’t align with societal expectation, they feel like flaws.
For example, today’s guest is an advocate for the differently-abled community. Her own diagnosis of debilitating multiple sclerosis and her inability to get work after this diagnosis spurred her to fight for a broader more open view of our differences, handicaps, and challenges. Stay tuned for a discussion on the power of individuality and how flaws make us unique, beautiful and indispensable.
Chantel Soumis a top LinkedIn Creator with over 30k organic followers in one year. Chantel is also the Founder and Creative Director of Stardust Creative LLC, a brand agency focused on embracing differences through personal and corporate branding. She’s spoken at VidCon as one of the first LinkedIn video creators as well as at international conferences in LA, London, Dallas, and more.
As an advocate for the differently-abled community, Chantel spreads awareness, hope, and inspiration to those around the world fighting for acceptance by sharing the hidden struggles of differently-abled community. By administering an attitude of gratitude, Chantel has overcome severe obstacles and spends a substantial portion of her time coaching others to accept and believe in themselves, and to treat one another with dignity and value, recognizing we are all brothers and sisters of the human race.
Tune into the audio program to hear Chantel's story and our discussion on how our flaws make us unique and beautiful.
Sarah Vowell, in her book, Take the Cannoli, said, “We are flawed creatures, all of us. Some of us think that means we should fix our flaws. But get rid of my flaws and there would be no one left.”
In an earlier episode, I shared an insight I gained at a conference this past year – it was that the things I had often acknowledged as flaws within myself were actually exactly who and how I was supposed to be to do what I came her to do. It was a new idea and it was fresh and full of self-acceptance.
I am a firm believer in the beauty of the diverse and varied. It is these colors and textures in each of us that make us who we are and help us do what we want and need to do.
Your challenge this week is to take one of those things you feel is a flaw about you and to reframe it. Find a statement that celebrates your differences – an affirmation that starts to help you see that supposed flaw as something that is actually helping you be who you need to be and do what you need to do. Embrace and love your own quirky self, whatever that looks like. And remember, most people are very unaware of others flaws, they are too worried about their own.
Let any self-criticism go and start with self-acceptance.
Don’t forget to use the Love Your Story website – all 150+episodes are available to listen to and share. You can buy your love your story t-shirts, or get the link for my book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday – the 21 LIFE connection challenges.
Have a great week taking another step toward self-love and the story YOU want to live. See you in a couple of weeks.
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Episode 154: 2nd Annual Stories of Appreciation: Giving Thanks
Ralph Marston, the author of the Daily Motivator, said, “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.”

I love his quotes – they are always so wise, and today his quote is going to usher in four stories of people who took the 2nd Annual Appreciation Challenge.

What is the appreciation challenge? Last year in episode 62  we had the 1st Stories of Appreciation episode where I asked specific people to identify someone in their lives who was under-appreciated and to show them profound appreciation, and then to share with us the experience.  Stay tuned to hear the four stories and get ideas for how to plant these seeds in your own life.

I have found that there is one thing everyone craves, and that’s appreciation. When we lavish it we create love, increased self-worth and simple satisfaction. We generate healthier relationships and we plant seeds for a harvest of even more good results from those to whom we have shown appreciation.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

William James, well-known psychologist and philosopher, said, “The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.”

We all want and need to feel valued for who we are and we love being recognized for our contributions and accomplishments. It’s important for us to know that we have made a difference in the world and to the people around us. When a person takes the time to express real appreciation for something we have done it builds our self-confidence, but more importantly it helps us know we are seen, our efforts have been accepted, and it empowers us. More often than not a simple appreciation also infuses an energy and motivation to work harder and do more. It’s powerful stuff. So, let’s hop in and hear about the experiences people had in going out of their way to show appreciation.

Tune into the audio program to hear the stories from our participants.

I extend this same challenge to you. Think about someone in your life who is often under-appreciated and go out of your way to show them appreciation today. This way of building connection in your life is powerful! Share the love and appreciation, people. It’s a small and simple thing that makes the world and your relationships sooo much richer.

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the abundance in your life and in your relationships. Create more abundance by planting these seeds for your own rich harvest. Thanks for loving Love Your Story.

Remember the website ( has all the episodes – these are also great for sharing. It’s easy to share a link and send someone an episode you think they’d enjoy. You can also buy your copy of LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for all the people in your life who are seekers and want to create more connection, self-care and possibility in their lives. Easy to get off Amazon and fun to give. I’ll see you in a few weeks on the next episode of the Love Your Story podcast.

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Episode 153 Climb Every Mountain: the quest to do hard things – Interview David Roskelly

Sitting atop the world at 29,029 feet elevation is not something everyone has on their bucket list, but David Roskelley had a whole lot more than just that day in 2013 on top of Everest. He also summited the other 8 highest peaks on the 7 continents. Math not adding up….I’ll let him explain that one to you, but suffice it to say, this incredible athlete and regular everyday guy, loves to do hard things and is here today to share why we can do hard things too. Join me for my discussion with David Roskelley the first American to climb the nine highest peaks on seven continents and the world’s tallest volcanoes on each of the 7 continents. I’m loving his story.

David Roskelley is a partner in an environmental engineering firm called R&R Environmental, Inc., and teaches public health at the University of Utah’s Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health as an adjunct professor. The Utah resident is clearly an avid mountaineer who has his next goals set on the moon – literally. And that’s a whole other story.

Tune into the audio program to hear about David’s adventures.

David said,

“Many people ask why I chose to set the “Seven Summits” as a goal.  The answers are not exactly simple and I’m not 100% certain myself.  However, I love to do difficult things and would encourage anyone reading this post to set a difficult goal and work toward it.  Otherwise, we tend to float through life rudderless (“take control and set a goal” I say).  Recently, I’ve been reading a book by Edward Whymper, Scrambles in the Alps (1871) where he discusses “patient, difficult, laborious toil” in the mountains and how it helps us “come back to our daily occupations better fitted to fight the battle of life and overcome impediments which obstruct our paths, strengthen and cheered by the recollection of past labors”.  For me, it’s easier to contend with traffic, email, commuting, phone calls, constant work obligations, etc. after completing something very difficult.  I just focus on the accomplishment and everything else pales in comparison.

Don’t think everyone’s “difficult” is the same and don’t feel you have to climb big mountains or run marathons to accomplish something.  Everyone’s challenges are different and for some it would be easier to walk across Asia than to speak in public or get married or finish their education.”

What hard thing are you working on in your life? As we discussed in the beginning of this podcast – everyone’s difficult is something different. I’d like to remind you that the difficult you are in today is giving you the strength that you will need to be who you are supposed to be. As the ever-popular phrase goes, “You can do hard things.” We say this because sometimes we need the reminder that we are powerful, courageous and so far our track record for making it through hard things is 100%, and that’s a pretty darn good rate of success.

Your challenge this week is to consider if you need to set a goal – something big and wonderful that feels hard and scary. If you do – take a deep breath, embrace the vision of it happening, and then write that puppy down. Because YOU can do hard things.

Thanks for being with us today. Remember for access to all past episodes, to buy your t-shirt, and the link to buy my new, fun book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday. Join the fun trend of embarking on these life enhancing daily challenges – there are 21 of them in the book. You can also find it on Amazon!

If you’re part of the crowd that has jumped on the 21 Life Connection Challenges in my book – I’d love to hear about your experiences. Drop me a line on the website or on FB.

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Episode 152 What Do You Love About YOUR Life Story?
Welcome back to the Love Your Story Podcast. Today we are talking about what you love about your life story. I walked the streets, with microphone in hand, of Salt Lake City, Utah to find out what people love about their life story.

Today I want you to think about what you love about your life story. Today we celebrate the things that are going right. The seeds you’ve planted that have born good fruit. What seeds have you sown and what fruit have you harvested? Ponder on that, but stay tuned to hear what people on the streets said when I put the microphone to them.

At the most basic level of the Love Your Story movement we talk about how we are responsible for creating our best life stories on purpose – because we can. We celebrate the law of the harvest. We don’t get apricots because we plant lettuce. Your life looks the way it does because of your thoughts, your words, your actions. If you’re getting lettuce and you want apricots well, plant apricot seeds, but if you love it, pat yourself on the back and celebrate the things you love because you have also created those – planted those seeds.

Tune into the audio program to hear what people on the street had to say. It’s grand.

Thanks for tuning in. I love almost everything about my life. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals or want more of this and that. But I love my home and yard with all it’s big, green trees; I love my children, my family, my job, my friends, my car, my dog and the good, good people in my life who are my friends. I love the magic I see pop up in my life every day. I love summer heat and the abundance I’m blessed with. I love my podcast and the people I meet on my podcast. I love my community and the people in my tribe. Thank you to all of you who make my life so wonderful.

Blessings to you and good job for all the wonderful things you have created in your life story. Keep up the good work!! Keep planting and nourishing the seeds you wish to harvest.


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Episode 151 Finding Your Way to Healing: Interview Bethany Wallace
As we share stories around the technological campfire sometimes it seems the main tale is about the character who causes the harm and their path to destruction or learning. But there is also the other side of the story. The story of the victims, those affected by the poor choices of others. Today’s guest had an alcoholic father, two alcoholic husbands, and survived multiple sexual assaults and exploitations before the age of 20.

Stay tuned as we hear Bethany’s story of triumph as we see proof of a 12-step recovery program giving her the strength and insight to overcome, forgive, learn and take action.

Bethany Wallace is proof that 12-step recovery programs work if we’re willing to do the work. She has spent the past 12 years taking actions, often in spite of her feelings, to become a healthier person. She enjoys life with her husband and daughter in the Ozarks. Bethany loves working with others in recovery, advocating for sexual assault victims and survivors, writing, and hiking. Bethany also owns a communications consulting business and partners with mission-minded organizations and companies to improve soft skills and to build better workplaces.

Tune into the audio program to hear Bethany’s story and how we all have different paths to healing.

Support groups or counseling can benefit family members affected by someone else’s alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can have devastating impacts on families. Spouses of people with alcohol problems may be at an increased risk for emotional or physical abuse. If you fall into this category, know that you can find support for your own healing as your story unfolds with this battle.

As the hero of our stories we seldom pick the antagonists, the dragons, the Darth Vadars that will show up in our lives to teach us and challenge us. But once we embark on the battle it is the wise soul who looks for resources to aid them in their fight to overcome the dark and rise again into the light.

Your challenge this week is to find resources to help you with whatever your fight is. There are groups, programs, coaches, mentors, doctors, authors…resources to help and guide us. I hope this podcast is one of those, but use everything you can find for your particular battle. This week seek out one.

Don’t forget to use the Love Your Story website – all 150+episodes are available to listen to and share. You can buy your love your story t-shirts, or get the link for my book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday – the 21 LIFE connection challenges.

Have a great week taking another step toward self-love and the story YOU want to live. See you in a couple of weeks.



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Episode 150: The Happiness Guru Is In:
Interview with Andy Proctor
Who doesn’t want to be happy? When you ask someone what they want in life, the most common answer is “to be happy.” Often the idea of happiness is considered one of chance, luck, or the blessed, but the truth is that your happiness depends only upon the story you create in your own mind about your life. Today’s guest is a certified positive psychology practitioner who has been teaching the science of human flourishing to mass media audiences for the past 5 years. He is the host of the More Happy Life podcast and has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Fox Business and many other national publications. He is currently on the board of TEDxBYU and is the director of the 1000 Words speaker series.

Stay tuned for a 5 Tools for creating your own happiness and Andy Proctor’s story of how he found his way to the happiness path.


We are here to thrive, not just to endure. It’s true that difficult things will happen in each of our lives. We’ll all have those dragons to fight and dark swamps to cross….it’s how we earn the magic elixir of learning and strength, but our ability to bounce back from the battles is, in the words of Andy Proctor, “One of the most important life skills we can develop.”

Andy, welcome to the LYS podcast.

So, you are the happiness guy. First and foremost we like a good story on this podcast, so can we head right into your story? What events in your life took place that placed your feet on the path of figuring out how to create happy?

Tune in to the audio program to hear Andy’s story.

What tools have you used that have had the greatest impact in your own personal life?

Some of the tools Andy mentions:

Morning Dance Party – I dance on my trampoline almost every day. This is in an effort to develop my strength of zest. I put my earbuds in and turn on awesome music that makes me want to dance and I imagine I am the life of the party or that I’m on stage dancing in front of a stadium of cheering fans. This generates dopamine and serotonin in my brain as well as helping me to boost BDNF levels that are like “miracle grow” for the brain. A lot of my ideas for my day come while I’m dancing. Not always, but sometimes. I do at least 3 songs. Also, rebounding for 3 minutes boosts your immune system by up to 300%. So that’s also great.

Write a Letter To Yourself – I recently heard a speech by Stuart Edge where he talked about writing a letter to himself asking for advice. I thought this was so powerful so I decided to try it. On a day when I was having a rough time, I decided to write a letter to my future self (64-year-old Andy). I asked for help in dealing with some of the issues I’m trying to figure out in my life. About a week later when I was sitting quietly, I felt like my future self was trying to write back, but I was too tired to write so I went to bed and had a dream of my future life. I woke up the next morning inspired and wrote a letter back from my future self giving me advice and encouragement. There are tons of benefits to doing this. Mindfulness. Trusting your intuition. Writing can improve your mode and be a catalyst for faster healing, and better overall quality of life.

Magic Wand Activity –  if you had a magic wand what would you change about the world? List at least five things or as many as you can. Then write what you can do to be a part of that change during your lifetime. List as many as you can. This activity was something I found from the Stanford Greater Good Science Center to increase purpose. It really helped me to zero in on what I thought needed to happen to make the world a better place and I found real things (which I have since done) to make a dent within my sphere of influence. (working on a new anti-loneliness project, creating a course for those who struggle with their faith, etc.) Victor Frankl said “those...
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Episode 149 How is Your Life Like a Fairytale?
Once upon a time, there was you….

And then what happened?

When we are young we pattern our life dreams and expectations after the stories we hear and the movies we watch. Often, in American culture, Disney plays a major role in that. While the Disney rendition of fairytales is a butcher job of the originals, children only know what they are shown and taught and so we head off into our lives picturing a prince or princess and a happily ever-after.

We all want love, magic, and riches. That sounds good – I’ll take that.

I learned this week when I asked people how their life was like a fairytale, that the go-to mindset was to think about how it was a happily ever after. Fairytale seems to equate with perfection or the ideal. Stay tuned to hear my man-on-the-street quicky interviews where people got to share how their lives were like fairytales.

When I first started getting the responses and everyone was going straight to the happily-ever-after,  I had to ask – haven’t you ever read an entire fairytale? What about the challenges along the way? What about the problem the main character faced? Repunzel was a prisoner who wanted freedom, Cinderella was enslaved and wanted a little recreation, the Shoemaker and his wife were on the verge of financial ruin and desperately wanted money to buy food, the princess in the Princess and the Frog had lost something important to her. She desperately wanted her golden ball. Goldilocks was tired and hungry and wanted a place to crash.

The main character wants something in these stories and they are faced with major obstacles. Fairytales aren’t just about happily ever afters, they are about a hero or heroine facing heartbreak/challenge/disappointment, often the death of a parent. We love the stories with happy endings, but the stories are only interesting and beloved because the main character found their way through the struggle.

This is the part of the stories that smack a bit more of real life. We will always have challenges because those are the steps to growth and understanding. Challenges –check!

Let’s talk about more ways our lives are like fairytales:

One of the things I love about fairytales is the way magic shows up to help. Whether it is a fairy godmother, or an elf, or a frog, or simply the thing they wanted, there is a pattern that aligns closely with the universal laws of creation. As we desire, believe we will receive, envision and focus, then magic shows up to help us take something from an idea into literal creation.  I love the fairy godmothers– the serendipity, the “coincidence” the unplanned for things that show up just when I need them. I love these because it makes life seem so unpredictable and wonderful and supported by goodness. How wonderful to be able to believe that magic will show up. We all have those people we turn to in tough times – the people who show up in a pinch. Sometimes it is the small and simple things – the books, the advice, the workshop, the tip, the connection, the idea that glitters with magic and takes us where we need to go. Pay attention to the magic in your life and celebrate how much it really is like a fairytale. (Listen to the episode on serendipity – episode 10)


It’s also like a fairytale because we have wonderful pets and while they might not sing and talk to us in our native tongue they love us unconditionally and whenever life gets rough they are there.

Have you ever noticed that in fairytales there is almost always an enchanted forest? We also have nature – botanical gardens, backyards, wilderness, hiking trails, fresh air – head into nature and feel the magic.

One of the lessons of fairytales is that beauty is often buried. Things are not as they appear. A beautiful face doesn’t equate with a beautiful personality. The lesson here is the importance of not judging.

What about true love? Most fairytales involve relationships of the romantic kind because this...
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Episode 148 Keys to Courage: Interview with Amy Perkins
How many powerful manifestors do you know? What are the keys to being brave enough to get what you really want from your life story?

Today I’m interviewing Amy Perkins, whose platform is the Keys to Courage. Tune in to learn from a lady who has learned to manifest powerfully, and let’s see if we can find some keys for writing the life story we want to live for ourselves.

Amy is passionate about helping you live your best life. That dream life. The one you wish you had.

Eighteen months ago, she got sick and tired of going through the motions. She felt there had to be more. She left a 25-year career in education after witnessing leaders who were not leading with integrity. She wanted a career that was fulfilling, one that made an impact and left a legacy. She sought a deeper bond with her family and she sought richer relationships with friends. So she went on a journey to find her purpose and live with purpose, and on that journey, she found the keys to building confidence, finding clarity and the keys to courage. Today she’s going to share her journey and the magic elixir that she discovered on her own hero’s journey.

Tune into the audio program to hear her story and to find out what she thinks the keys to courage and manifesting are.

To contact Amy:

Learn more about why she founded Keys to Courage at: (

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Self-belief and self-love is always the foundation of living your best life story. I’m grateful for Amy’s enthusiasm and insights into increasing our self-love, our faith, our courage! Share this episode with someone who may need it and your challenge for today is to ………..

Don’t forget to use the Love Your Story website – all 130+episodes are available to listen to and share. You can buy your love your story t-shirts, or get the link for my book: LIFE Living Intentional and Fearless Everyday – the 21 LIFE connection challenges.

Have a great week taking another step toward self-love and the story YOU want to live. See you in a couple weeks.


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Episode 147 Both Sides of the Story: Inside Adoption – Interview with Cherie Burton and Wendy Toomer
When Cherie Burton was 25 she got pregnant and was abandoned by the father. Her decision to adopt out her baby daughter was accompanied by all the birth mother grief, stigma, shame, and judgment that often accompanies an unwed mother and “giving a baby away.”

She showed up on the adoptive parents’ doorstep when her daughter was just 3 weeks old and Wendy’s new family let Cherie wake her up and rock her back to sleep. Cherie is here today to walk us through her story of the decision of choosing adoption, the path of the toll that takes on the heart and mind, and the things she’s learned.

The adoption was an open adoption and the adoptive family has always been open with Wendy about her birth mom.

Cherie says “I learned we do not own each other. Parents merely have stewardship and a our souls are on “loan” from the Divine. We’re just all here to teach each other love, sacrifice, forgiveness, kindness and compassion. I’m pretty convinced Wendy, her mom Susan and I had soul contracts with each other to have this experience before we came here.”

Wendy, who is also with us today, says because of the open adoption she has always known how she came to her family and her adoptive parents have always been supportive. She acknowledges that it does have a unique set of issues, but knowing her genetics has helped her deal with PPD and PPA after having her first child, because she knew that mental illness ran in her genes and she was able to seek help from her birth mom to get through some tough spots. She says her birth mom is like an aunt or a best friend and they talk often and are so much alike.

Cherie Burton, the birth mother, has degrees in psychology and sociology and has worked as a group counselor at a psychiatric hospital, an addiction recovery center and a behavioral facility for teen boys.  She has stepped away from clinical work to inspire women worldwide to reach their full potential through books, workshops and retreats. Her work as an author, podcaster, international business owner, speaker, mom of 6, emotional release facilitator and leadership development trainer has helped thousands of women magnify their gifts and find wholeness

Wendy Toomer, the adopted child, is now married to her husband Larkin. They have been married for 7 years and she is pregnant with their second child. She is a Master Esthetician specializing in laser hair removal but mainly stays home with her best friend, a wild two-year-old boy named Tucker. During this season of her life she is focused on nurturing babies in a healthy and happy home.

Tune into the audio program for Cherie’s story and how she decided to embark on adoption as a 25-year-old, one year away from graduating from college, and then hear Wendy’s experience as the daughter with two mothers.

This is our first interview on adoption and I am so pleased to be able to do a “Both Sides of the Story” approach. Thank you, Cherie and Wendy, for shining a light on your process of learning, growth, and experience. It is by our stories that we shine a light on the path in front of others in how to move forward in spaces we personally have not yet trod.

To learn more about Cherie’s work you can find her at:
Website: ( Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast: ( 
FB: (  

As you all know – my motto is to live intentionally and fearless every day!

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not...
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Episode 146 Carpooling With Death: Finding Peace in Loss – Interview Margaret Meloni

In my teens I loved the book series The Incarnations of Immortality. Thantos/Grim Reaper was one of my favorite characters.  As an adult, I guess that fascination held over because I dress up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween every year. I have a real scythe hung from the pegboard in my garage. That being said, for all the interest in the incarnation itself, I have only had my grandparent’s die and when my son was diagnosed with leukemia my mind would occasionally turn to the “what if” and I would immediately retreat. At the Western States Folklore conference this past weekend there was a paper presented exploring the use of a character – the Grim Reaper or the like – (and there IS one in every culture) – to represent an event that we each must face. One suggestion that was made was that we have created a figure to escort us from this life into the next because we don’t know where we are going. There are so many unknowns. Perhaps those unknowns are what creates so much fear around death, but as the cheeky like to say, “No one is getting out of here alive.”

Margaret Meloni – the author of Carpooling with Death, is a Buddhist practitioner and a new voice on the subject of death awareness. Dealing with the death of her father, her mother and her husband within a two-year period gave her the opportunity to “make friends with death,” as she put it. Her book is to help others accept death as an essential part of life and to become death ready.

Tune into our audio discussion to hear what she has to say.

To buy her book:


As I conduct my interviews for this podcast, one of the themes that often repeats itself as we deal with some of the most sacred and dark places we have to travel, often death of a child, a spouse, a loved one is at the heart of that struggle. Today’s interview was to share Margaret’s story, but also to give tools as we all must eventually deal with the conclusion of our stories, as well as the conclusion of the stories of loved ones. I hope you’ve received some insights, tips, or inspiration for a positive mind-set shift as we face the final chapters of our stories.

While we life – my motto is to live intentionally and fearless every day! “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” Henry David Thoreau.  My new book LIFE – Live Intentional and Fearless Every day is available on ( With 21 LIFE Connection Challenges to help you create more connection, possibility, and self-care in your own wonderful story. To help you live on purpose before your own final chapter comes along.