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Tamil movie reviews, political trolls, adult comedy is what we do. In simple, a channel run by the adults, for the adults.
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access_time3 months ago
OLE Mari Dash is a well-known researcher who connects totally unrelated shit and talks crap on YouTube. He is a devotee of the Great Tourist with heart full of love and a bakth with brain full of crap. Today he explains about Playboys and connects it with Abusers with his own facts.
access_time3 months ago
Petta and Viswasam are two biggies that clashed on screens for this Pongal weekend. Petta stars Rajinikanth, Simran, Trisha, Bobby Simha, Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddique and lot many. Whereas Viswasam has Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Robo Shankar and many others. Here is our Petta Review and Viswasam Review put together in a discussion. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time4 months ago
Theeya Shakthi is a very inspiring Demotivational Speaker in recent times. As his firm's name 'The OLER Foundation' stands for, He is known for Demotivational OLES. The way he speaks and carry overs himself has inspired thousands of students and thus, he is a great orator. Arrears? No worries. Watch this Demotivational speech by Theeya Shakthi and feel energized.
access_time5 months ago
2.0 is a sci-fi fantasy film directed by a Tamizhan named Shankar and we are proud of it.
access_time5 months ago
hutney Kumar is one of the greatest Kneel Down Comedians in Tamil. His shows are mostly in Tanglish which he thinks it makes him connect with his Target Tambaram audience. Most of his hilarious jokes start with "Anyone from Tambaram?, Any maamas here?, Any maamis here?". Here is a yet another damn boring, annoying, highly irritating Kneel Down Comedy Show of our Chutney Kumar. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time5 months ago
Sarkar film has created enough number of controversies since the day its Title was announced. Now ADMK ministers are bashing the film for its views against Freebies given by the government. Meanwhile the kids on Tik Tok are breaking their old Mixies, Grinders that don't work anymore.
access_time5 months ago
Aanmeegam is a well known personality in Tamil Cinema industry for his contribution in making Saami Padams. He now explains about his experiences on working with a Silicone Doll and the evolution of his Bittu watching experience.
access_time6 months ago
Rohan C Dangerous is the Founder of Plip Plip Meets group. He is a well known orator and is been accused for creating enmity between two groups of video watching people. He ofcourse follows the religion Dankianity and has bashed the people who follow Decentism. Here is his hate mongering speech. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
Women should not go there during peak days, even if the judgment allows them to!" is what Visha Kumar says. He also added that he isn't opposing women going there, but on peak days the place will be really messed up and it might be a wrong choice. He had shared his memories about the place and what not.
access_time6 months ago
Vada Chennai and Sanda Kozhi 2 are two films that has hit the screens recently. Vada Chennai directed by Vetri Maaran, is about the gangster life and politics that is deep-rooted in North Madras. The movie stars Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajesh, Ameer, Andrea, Kishore, Samuthirakani and many others in lead roles. Sanda Kozhi 2 is directed by Linusamy. This movie is a sequel of Sanda Kozhi, Rural action story that was a blockbuster previously. Sanda Kozhi 2 stars Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Raj Kiran, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar in lead roles.
access_time6 months ago
OLE Guru is a Radio Show based on erotic stories of real life people. OLE Guru listens to their orgasmic stories and tells his opinion on it. OLE Guru is transmitted in Plip Plip 69.0 FM, which is known for its vulgar content.
access_time6 months ago
96 is a tamil film starring Vijay Sethupathy and Trisha in lead roles. The movie is about the cherishing school day memories of 'Ram' and his love for 'Janu'. 96 is directed by Prem Kumar.
access_time6 months ago
The problems faced by single boys is getting increased day by day. Hence we have made a nano level analysis on the issues and the salusions to the prechnais. Watch the video till the end and let us know your opinion if you're still alive.
access_time6 months ago
Kuttiyananda is a leader of a spiritual awakening group which aims at achieving Super Concious Breakthrough by using relationship. Huggy Pesudev is a life expert who majorly focusses on living without any attachments, especially relationship. These opposite poles have a discussion about their ideologies in this video. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
Naam Aangal Party's leader Saaman has given this furious speech about the history of men and their rights. Lots of information on how important we Men are, How we have been fooled for years that women are our other halves, Why it is important have a deep knowledge in philosophy, A lot of information has been shared by Annan Saaman in this speech. Watch it till the end, get enlightened, share it with your friends and ask them to subscribe too. Because it is time for us to get United as Men.
access_time6 months ago
The trailer of Fitness Challenge has been ruling the social medias since it was released. Meme creators are happy with the concept and have been flooding with memes. But did you really understand the nuances in the trailer? Watch this video on the trailer review and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
Seema Raja is a a rural action film directed by Ponram. The successful Siva Karthikeyan, Soori, Ponram combo happens yet again. But, Did Seema Raja meet up the expectations? Watch our Seema Raja review to know about it and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
Award Winning OLE is a series about two Corrupted Mind Adults and the problems they deal in their daily day life. Here is an introduction to the series. And the disclaimer finally, Only for adults. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
Seira Muthu is a postmodernist poet and lyric writer in Tamil cinema. He is popularly known as Olarasu Seira Muthu, where the prefix part of his name is about OLE. In this video he explains about OLE, its importance in literature. Watch it and let us know your opinion.
access_time6 months ago
The struggles faced by 90s Kids is explained by Visha Kumar uncle in this video. Right from group bajans, book reading, painting, every single hobby and interest of 90s kids and their struggles are pointed out and explained in detail.
access_time6 months ago
Is this country only for singles? What did couples do to singles? Why is it okay to chase out couples from this country?
access_time6 months ago
Admin Paiyan - The most respected politician of this era is here. But why is Admin Paiyan adorable? Watch this angry yet cute speech of him trashing the Food Court waiter in some shopping mall.

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