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Aditi Mittal and Sucharita Tyagi are two girls from Mumbai who never really learnt the art of shutting up. Now that its too late, they've decided to do some good for the world and use their unspent energies into talking at each other, preferrably in one confined space.
Presenting, The Paadcast.
For when you cant speak your mind, fart your heart.
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access_time6 years ago
• Welcome back to the Paadcast!
• Sorry, we have been busy :(
• Sucharita wants to talk about ‘millenials’
• What is a millennial? Being a child of the internet?
• People born in between the years 1982-2004
• Is it a marketing term, or a popular culture term?
• What are the traits of the “Millenials”?
(Are we all just sapiosexual coffee tasters?)
• Millenial celebrities being viewed as actual human beings?
(LOL whowudhave thought- Miley Cyrus, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhat
(In the American Paradigm)
1. Stay with their parents for longer.
2. Student debt
3. Non-religious
The Internet is meant for 3 things 1. Sex 2. Inspiration 3. Cat videos. Finding inspiring stories- Sucharita loves Priyanka Chopra
4. Depending on yourself- Why ‘The Secret”, “Lean In”, depending on yourself (Aditi says the word “Indicative” too many times), Agar who kar sakte toh main kyoon nahi
5. Instant Success! - There’s Vine Stars on Vine Street, and Youtubers on youtubes.
6. Start working later in life- Sucharita’s sister paints shoes (seriously)
Coolest jobs in the world (e.g.) Condom tester, Luxury Bed Tester
7. Travels a lot: The “Gap” Year, Matt Davis- The stand up comedian who sold his Ferrari
• Every generation ALWAYS laments about the next generation. (“Arre humare zamane main…”)
• Sucharita hums a song randomly and we reach the conclusion that everything is cyclical. Life is gr8.
access_time6 years ago
Today's subject (one that Sucharita and I know precious little about)

--Offline dating video:
--How did we meet people when we were not online?

-- A womanly dilemma: Interested, uninterested AT THE SAME TIME?

-- Why Aditi does not flirt: Is she a pricey bitch? Or is she a scared loser?

-- Sucharita’s flirting techniques?

-- Hook up OR date? Tinder and the sanctity of randomness.

-- Common hobbies, but NO mutual friends please.

--Aditi always gets men flirting who then want to start with a joke.

-- Aditi misuses Tinder as Whatsapp

-- Womanly issues #2: The stigma of approaching a guy— cool gal ya desperate chokri?

-- Sucharita knows flirting from listicles on the internet so obviously she's an expert.

-- Sucharita gets flirting tips from Chacha Chaudhry instead of Cosmo (Her flirting works faster than a computer)

-- The use of "music CD’s/soda water" while flirting and being social

-- On Tinder: No mutual friends, IRL: YES mutual friends please!

-- Aditi walking into a door and slipping on banan peels so she can we Sucharita's wingman

-- NOLAY: Pro-aging cream

--Is John Abraham following Sucharita?

-- Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke knows sex but how much does Aditi know about love making?

--Indian pick-up lines.

-- Aditi tries to seduce a guy by dancing to “Backstreets Back” (It didn't work btw)

--Flirting props

-- Tell us your awkward stories of flirting!, @thepaadcast
access_time6 years ago
--Message from our sponsers: Aditi is on tour, please come watch it.
-- @neelshah87! You WIN a graphic novel for commenting on our

-- Nicole Arbour makes a video called "Dear Fat People" (Link @Thepaadcast)

-- Do people think I'm fat?

-- Such hated it, Aditi found some redemption in the "Dear Fat People" video

--Getting Body-shamed, in today's world (ESP if you put yourself out there, is inevitable)

-- Did you know that your family is making your fat?

--Aditi has 75 pani puris.

-- Everyone gets body shamed- esp. famous ppl- Selena Gomez, Sonakshi Sinha (Mostly female)

-- Body shaming, like charity, begins at home.

--Shocking fact: people come in different shapes and sizes.

--Remember that when you're being bullied or shamed- protect yourself

-- Dating while not really liking your body, taking pictures

-- Body shaming is prominent, but body positivity is ALSO very prominent

-- Send us a picture of a picture where you think you are looking AWESOME. Just so we can share the fabulous-ness with everyone.

-- Twitter: @thepaadcast,
access_time6 years ago
1. Sorry for missing last week, that HORRIBLE pun in the title of the episode and so many other things (too many to mention)

2. Aditi enjoys the occasional destruction of mankind, so this week's subject is VOLCANOS.

3. They find Gold under active volcanos- the Sindhi in Aditi now is excited.

4. Volcanos and Lava in popular culture
1. What Benny Laava? (Link on Twitter: @thepaadcast)
2. Sabu?
3. Mogambo?

5. Igneous rocks-- It's PUMICE stone, Raam Setu bandh

6. 1/2 a billion ppl STILL live in the shadows of ACTIVE volcanos. (Move elsewhere na?)

7. First exposure to the idea of volcanos: Pompeii and Vesuvius
1. The legend
2. The romance
3. Pics of Pompeii and Vesuvius

8. A super volcano is a volcano with super powers? Toba super volcano WIPES out homo sapiens.

11. South America and Africa fit into each other--Pangea (gif @thepaadcast)

12. Making a volcano at home?

14. If you don't understand something, you make a God out of it- Volcano religion- "Does that mean taxes are my God"?- Sucharita

15. We get confused between Tommy Lee and Tommy Lee Jones

16. How will the world end?
(Disaster movies)

17. Volcanos decide the religion of Iceland (Such tells a fairly shady story with many more Sabu reference)

18. Journey to the Center of the Earth- Jules Verne (Such reccommends)

19. GIVE AWAY: We're giving out a graphic novel version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. Just leave a comment on Twitter or on the SoundCloud page and Such will take a pick! :D

20., Twitter: @thepaadcast
access_time6 years ago

Addy has a HORRIBLE cold. We don't even make 1 pun related to colds. Though we say the word phlegm several times. Also, there's a chance to get a shout out on RJ Sucharita's show on Radio City!

— With dripping noses and sore throat- this one is for you.
— Why do people say "I have sinus"...doesn't EVERYBODY have a sinus?
— Sounding sexy when you have have a cold
— Vitamin C and Dadi Ma ke nuskhe! (What is Kaada?)
—Unsolved mystery- When someone steals your sneeze
— Completely unrelated story by Sucharita: HING is good for gas.
—Why does Vicks suck and Otrivin rule?
—Why is it called a COLD, when it’s not really cold.
— Rhinovirus ya rhinosaurus?
— Are you "Typhoid Mary?
— Etttiqute of having a cold (coz apparently you're sick but you STILL have to behave correctly? COME ON)
— Send us your grand ma's cures and how you deal with a cold and you and YOUR tips could be featured on Sucharitas show on Radio City! (WHATTTT)
access_time6 years ago

SNACK OF THE WEEK: Chana Chaat from Bandra East and Amla ka murabba! @thepaadcast on Twitter.

1. Happy Independence Day (Or as EVERY brand on Twitter knows it "What does Freedom mean to you?")

2. 69 years, 68 years....we argue the logistics, and Aditi laughs shadily everytime 69 is mentioned.


4. Sucharita had SEX education? (That's amazing and devastatingly rare)

5. Aditi's missed opportunities of watching porn in school

6. Sucharita watches Titanic nude scene

7. Aditi's first porn film "Secret Games 3"

8. OMG MY MOTHER HAS WALKED IN. We're going to call it prawn from now on because MUMMY.

9. No matter WHAT your choices, there is a 'prawn' for you. From BDSM to love making.

10. The 'prawn' industry advertises itself badly

11. Aditi hates Chikni Chameli and Chittiyan Kalaiyan

10. Sex education in Aditi's school- "If you look at a guy, you will die"

11. Sucharita has an epiphany

12. 'Prawn' in the Indian context- Savita Bhabhi

13. Standard 'prawn' film?

access_time6 years ago
Aditi Mittal and Sucharita Tyagi are two idiots who live in Mumbai and talk for a living. In spite of that, the one thing they still manage to do in this podcast is talk nonsense.
(Aditi is a stand-up comedian, Sucharita is an RJ.)

The pilot episode is about food, films and (wait, no it's just about these two things). Here are some burning questions you might hear answered in the podcast.

1. It's raining so we are recording a podcast.

2. What should we call this podcast?

3. If we had to load a Noah's ark with 8 Bollywood actors-who would they be? (Saif Ali Khan might be on this list and I have no idea why)

4. Sleep eating (Sucharita does not believe Aditi's story)

5. Mad Max (Because both of us are obsessed with this film)

6. I am an emotional Eater.

7. Malwani food, Parsi food and is Bombil going extinct?

8. Where we eat Malwani food all over Mumbai

9. What's the fanciest name you've ever heard to refer to a very mundane dish? (Mention in comments plz!)