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Hosted by Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurott; What The Tech!? delivers what every techy needs and that is a spotlight on new and emerging technologies from around the world. They cover everything that is up and coming as well as do live unboxings along with reviews of current products. Join in the conversation because it doesn’t matter if you’re a noob or a tech vet. You will find something you like!
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access_time2 days ago
Microsoft officially released Windows 10 Build 2004. Paul runs down some of the notable changes in the build and also delves into the next Windows 10 Build, 21H1. Andrew and Paul try to figure out HBO's strategy for HBO Max. Plus Andrew gripes about the pandemic causing issues with the supply chain for electronics. And should all conferences be held virtually now?
access_time24 days ago
Microsoft gave fans their first look at real Xbox Series X game play. Andrew and Paul discuss whether games are becoming too realistic. Microsoft also announced the the spring 2020 line of Surface devices including the Surface Go 2. Should the Surface Go even exist? Plus details about Apple's new Apple TV leak and Google is redesigning Android TV.
access_time1 month ago
Apple finally announces the long awaited 2020 version of the iPhone SE. Is the iPhone SE the best budget phone money can buy? Paul gives his thoughts on the new OnePlus 8. Does the OnePlus fall short of expectations? And Andrew talks about reducing some of the electronic clutter he's been hoarding.
access_time2 months ago
Microsoft says the Surface Neo will not launch this year. Paul Thurrott explains why. Apple is rumored to launch the long awaited iPhone 9 next month. How much could the iPhone 9 cost? And Andrew and Paul discuss using the iPad with trackpad support. Does the iPad need a start menu?
access_time2 months ago
Andrew and Paul discuss how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting education. How are educators adapting to educating online. Apple releases an update for iPadOS that includes mouse and trackpad support. Does the addition of mouse and trackpad support make the iPad a full blown laptop alternative? Plus Paul touches on the Huawei P40.
access_time2 months ago
Andrew and Paul discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. Will COVID-19 change usher in a new era where more people work from home or companies hold less conferences? Andrew talks about being in quarantine for a week after testing positive for the flu. Plus Bill Gates will officially step down from the Microsoft board. Paul discusses Bill Gates' legacy.
access_time3 months ago
Microsoft confirms specs for its next gen Xbox Series X. Are the specs better than the Playstation 5? Rumors are swirling that Apple is looking into using ARM on Mac. Is Apple ditching their in house A series chip? Plus Andrew talks about his recent TV purchase and hands on experience with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
access_time4 months ago
Microsoft shares new info about Windows 10X and dual screen apps. How will Windows 10X handle dual screen apps and devices? Specs and pricing leaks for Apple's new iPhone 9 (SE 2). Who is Apple targeting the iPhone 9 to? Plus Andrew and Paul discuss subscription fatigue. Is there too much original content out there?
access_time4 months ago
Pricing for Samsung's soon to debut Galaxy S20 leaks. Is the pricing too high for the Galaxy S20? Paul purports that Google's Pixel line is a failure. Should Google change their mobile device strategy? And Andrew and Paul discuss how they streamed the Superbowl. Was the quality of the game better over streaming?
access_time4 months ago
Andrew and Paul talk about Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip phone and the new Moto RAZR. Is there still a market for flip phones? Paul addresses controversy surrounding UWP apps. Is UWP not dead afterall? Plus Microsoft delays the Surface Hub 2X, again. Is there a problem with Microsoft getting products shipped?
access_time5 months ago
Microsoft Windows 7 officially reaches the end of support b y Microsoft. What does this mean for the future of the PC market? Paul talks about the history of Microsoft Windows over the last 2 decades. How has the market changed? Plus the guys touch on CES 2020 and Paul rants about the Impossible Burger.
access_time5 months ago
Andrew and Paul discuss some of the announcements from CES 2020. Sony unveils an electric concept car called the Vision-S. Are cars becoming to reliant on technology? The guys also discuss the importance of CES. HP launches it's new Elite Dragonfly laptop. And a rendered photo of Apple's rumored iPhone SE 2 leaks.
access_time6 months ago
On this episode Andrew and Paul discuss some of the tech they think is the best of the decade such as the Apple iPhone, cloud computing, 4G LTE, Uber, AirBNB, streaming services, and more. Why are these services and products the best of the decade?
access_time6 months ago
Andrew talks about his experience with the new MacBook. Is the MacBook keyboard really improved? Apple announced their top apps of the year. Google Stadia announces yet more games it will be launching with. Who is the target audience for Google Stadia? And Paul touches on Windows 10X.
access_time6 months ago
Paul shows off Xbox branded personal care products and tries Vegemite for the first time thanks to a fan. Andrew gives us his first hand experience trying the new 16 inch Macbook Pro. Is it too big? Motorola debuts it's all new Razr with a foldable screen. And Paul reflects on whether the Microsoft Surface Duo/Neo has potential.
access_time7 months ago
Paul briefly discusses the 2019 Microsoft Ignite conference before he and Andrew talk about Disney officially launching their streaming service, Disney+. What do Andrew and Paul like or dislike about Disney+ and how will it affect Netflix? Plus Apple is rumored to be working on smart eye glasses and a new MacBook could launch this month.
access_time7 months ago
Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech stops by to talk tech. Andrew and Jon debate the real reason why smart phone users switch between iPhone and Android. Facebook unveils a new, very generic logo. Andrew and Jon also discuss social media and whether Apple TV could over take Netflix. Could that really be possible?
access_time8 months ago
Google officially announces the Pixel 4 at it's annual Made By Google event. Andrew and Paul discuss the Pixel 4 along with the other products announced by Google including the Pixelbook Go, Pixel Buds, and Nest Wifi. Does the Pixel 4 camera still beat out Apple's iPhone 11?
access_time8 months ago
Microsoft officially announces it's releasing a dual screen Android phone at it's October event. Andrew and Paul discuss all the announcements from Microsoft including the Surface Duo, Surface Neo and Windows 10X. Does a dual screen Android device makes sense? Plus Andrew gives his review of macOS Catalina. Is macOS Catalina a failure?
access_time8 months ago
Andrew and Paul discuss the numerous leaks ahead of Microsoft's Hardware event this month. Microsoft is rumored to announce a new dual screen OS named Windows 10x. Could we see a new dual screen or foldable device from Microsoft? Paul also talks about the new ARM based Surface tablet. And Andrew discusses his hands on experience with the new iPhone 11 Pro.
access_time9 months ago
Andrew and Paul discuss The Verge's review of the iPhone 11 Pro. Does the iPhone 11 Pro have the best camera? Google, and Microsoft both have events coming up. Will the new Google Pixel beat out Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro? The guys also discuss social engineering hacks and Andrew talks about the Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer.
access_time9 months ago
Apple officially announces the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro along with Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, new 10.2 inch iPad, and Apple Watch Series 5. Andrew and Paul discuss Apple's keynote event and give their thoughts on all of the new hardware.
access_time9 months ago
Microsoft sends out a save the date for their October hardware event. Could we possibly find out about HoloLens 2 and does Microsoft need to change the design of the Surface? Apple reportedly halts its walkie talkie project. What was the project and why did Apple halt it? And Andrew and Paul discuss the launch […]
access_time9 months ago
Leaks of Apple's iPhone 11 Pro confirm plans for the new generation to include upgraded cameras. Andrew and Paul look ahead to Microsoft October event. Will Microsoft announce more than just a refresh of it's Surface line? And Andrew and Paul ponder whether 5G wireless internet will usher in the era of wireless internet at home.
access_time10 months ago
Microsoft confirms rumors of a Windows 10 cloud restore feature. What is cloud restore for Windows 10? Andrew discusses buying his first 4K TV. This leads to Andrew and Paul talking about Bob Lazar, Area 51, and UFOs. Was Paul abducted by aliens? Plus the guys touch on the Apple card, Apple buying Intel's modem unit, and more.
access_time11 months ago
Apple may finally be ditching its much disliked butterfly keyboard design. Will the new keyboard design be any better? Samsung claims they have fixed the Galaxy Fold but Paul questions whether it's too late for the 1st gen foldable. Android notifications come to Windows 10. Is Android the mobile device path Microsoft should have taken? And Paul talks about his upcoming home swap.
access_time11 months ago
Microsoft's foldable Surface device will reportedly run Android apps. Will this be a game changer for Android tablets? Bill Gates says one of his biggest mistakes was losing to Android. Andrew and Paul discuss how Google's Android was the only device that has competed with Apple iOS and the iPhone. And Paul touches on iPadOS. Is iPadOS the beginning of MacOS and iOS merging?
access_time12 months ago
Andrew and Paul rant about nonsense. Facebook announces their own digital currency, Libra. Is there a market for Facebook currency? Google is accused of scraping song lyrics. Could that be true? And Paul touches on Project Scarlett.
access_time12 months ago
Iyaz joins Andrew for this episode. Google leaks a photo of the Pixel 4. Andrew and Iyaz discuss the surprise leak along with what they know about the Pixel 4 design and specs. And Microsoft announces Project Scarlett, their next generation Xbox console. Iyaz gives us his first thoughts on Project Scarlett.
access_time1 year ago
Paul and Andrew discuss the latest news surrounding Windows Modern OS. Is this the future of Windows? WWDC is next week and much of the focus will be on iOS applications being supported on the MacOS. Will this have an impact on Mac sales? 10 years of Bing have come and gone and we discuss some of the positive points of Bing over Google.
access_time1 year ago
Paul discusses his review of the Google Pixel 3A. Does the Pixel 3A solve the problems Paul has with the Pixel 3 XL? Microsoft partners with Sony to explore future cloud gaming solutions. Does Microsoft's partnership with Sony make sense? And Andrew and Paul discuss Game Of Thrones. What did Paul think of the series overall?
access_time1 year ago
Paul Thurrott is back from Microsoft Build 2019. He gives us a run down of what he sees that the biggest takeaways from this year's Build conference. Is UWP officially dead? Paul also shares his hands on experience with Google's new Pixel 3A. Is the Pixel 3A the best budget Android phone? And OnePlus announces the OnePlus 7 Pro. Andrew and Paul break down the pros and cons of the device.
access_time1 year ago
Google held their annual I/O conference where they made several announcements including the new Pixel 3A. What features does the Pixel 3A do away with and how does it compare to the Pixel 3? Google also announced Project Mainline, which will bring Android updates directly through the Play Store. How will Project Mainline affect Android updates in the future? And Mozilla breaks every add on for Firefox. How did failing to renew a certificate lead to every Firefox add on becoming disabled?
access_time1 year ago
Samsung officially delays the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Will Samsung be able to fix the Fold's screen issues? Andrew and Paul discuss what they'd like to see at this year's Google I/O and Microsoft build conferences. What could Windows Next and Windows lite OS look like?
access_time1 year ago
Reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold are out, and many are claiming their Galaxy Fold screen is breaking. Should Samsung delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold? Microsoft will launch their own wireless ear buds. Who will buy Surface Pods? Microsoft also announces it plans to sell a disc-less Xbox and Sony announces their new PlayStation 5.
access_time1 year ago
Microsoft releases a beta of their new Chromium based Edge browser. Paul Thurrott gives his first impressions of the new Edge browser. What does it currently lack and is it a winner? And Paul talks about the next major update to Windows 10 and Windows as a service. Is Microsoft forcing too many updates on users?
access_time1 year ago
Apple announces that they will not being able to launch it's wireless charging pad, AirPower. Andrew and Paul discuss Steve Jobs' legacy and what Apple would have looked like today if he was still alive. Paul brings up Bill Gates' legacy at Microsoft and their retaliatory tactics. And Paul fields a few question from viewers.
access_time1 year ago
Apple announces a slew of new services including Apple TV Plus, the Apple Card, and Apple Arcade. Why did Apple have an event if none of the new services are ready? Paul ponders whether there will be an Apple TV app for Roku. Plus Andrew and Paul discuss Windows as a service subscription and if its a possibility.
access_time1 year ago
Google announced at GDC a new game streaming service called Stadia. How will Google's game streaming service change gaming? Andrew and Paul discuss that question and many others including pricing, game availability, and whether Google will be successful with Stadia.
access_time1 year ago
Apple is holding an event later this month where they rumored to be announcing a new TV service. What would an Apple TV service look like and cost? Andrew and Paul discuss the rumored TV service and how it could impact other streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu and Netflix. Are there too many video subscription services?
access_time1 year ago
Microsoft new Chromium based Edge browser is revealed in leaked screenshots. Andrew and Paul discuss recent history of web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Andrew brings up Windows Lite. Is there any new info about Windows Lite? And Paul look back at the Microsoft Band. What went wrong?
access_time1 year ago
Huawei unvels the Mate X at MWC in Barcelona. How does the Huewei Mate X foldable phone compare to the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Also at MWC, Microsoft debuts Hololens 2. Paul Thurrott discuss his thoughts on the new mixed reality headset. And Microsoft's Chromium based browser is coming.
access_time1 year ago
Samsung officially announces several new devices including the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10E. Andrew and Paul discuss the new Samsung hardware and pricing. Is Samsung heading for a dark future? Apple's new SDK will create iOS apps that run on Mac. Is Apple officially combining Mac and iOS?
access_time1 year ago
Samsung puts the Galaxy S10 up for pre-sale ahead if it's official launch event next week. Why did Samsung put the S10 up for pre-sale without any pricing? Andrew and Paul speculate how consumers will feel about Samsung's foldable phone. How much would Samsung's foldable phone cost? Paul discusses upcoming Microsoft events and possible new devices. And Andrew and Paul discuss Amazon and Google's investments for 2019 such as Amazon's recent acquisition of Eero.
access_time1 year ago
Andrew and Paul discuss Microsoft wanting to make Xbox Live cross-platform and available on iOS, Nintendo, and Android. Is this the next step towards cloud gaming? Andrew talks about the Super Bowl being available for free everywhere. This leads to a discussion on how Netflix has changed TV programming over the last decade.
access_time1 year ago
Paul Thurrott discusses his plans to scan all of his physical photos. How does Paul plan to go about scanning all his old photos? Andrew and Paul also discuss the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 event. Will Samsung unveil it's long rumored foldable phone at the event?
access_time1 year ago
A new rumor going out suggests that Microsoft may be working on a foldable device of their own. Andrew and Paul discuss the possibility and the foldable device hype that is going around. Will Samsung release a foldable phone next month? Paul looks at the overall picture of CES. What is the purpose of the Consumer Electronics Show? And Intel announces Iceland and Project Athena.
access_time1 year ago
Andrew and Paul discuss some of the early announcements from CES 2019 including new laptops from Lenovo. Andrew follows up on the news coverage of Microsoft plans to release new webcams. Andrew also gives his initial review of the GLAS smart thermostat from Johnson Control. And Paul rants about Apple's conflicting statements on their earnings report.
access_time1 year ago
Andrew and Paul do their yearly prediction show. The guys speculate about cell phones in 2019, and if Microsoft will have an Android based Surface phone. Also they discuss Apple's sale numbers, new Microsoft webcams in 2019, the future of Xbox and PlayStation, and much more.
access_time1 year ago
Andrew and Paul run down their list of the worst tech of 2018. Andrew takes issue with all of social media. Did social media reach it's all time low in 2018? Andrew also questions YouTube and Google's identity. Paul's worst of includes Windows 10 Fall Update issues, and the Pixel 3 notch.