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வாலி வதம் | Vaali Vatham
When Vali was the king of Kishkindha, he got into a fight with a powerful demon named Mayavi, who led him inside a cave. Sugrivan waited for his brother Vali outside the cave the whole night but decided to leave thinking Vali was dead when he saw blood oozing out of the cave's entrance. However, Vali was still alive and had killed the demon. When he saw the cave's entrance closed, he thought that Sugrivan had betrayed him and hence took away his wife and vowed to kill him as well. Upon hearing the story, Raman assisted Sugrivan in killing Vali, after which Sugrivan reclaimed the throne of Kishkindha and took care of Vali's son Angad.
ராமனுக்கும் ஆஞ்சநேயருக்கம் ஏற்பட்ட யுத்தம் | Ramanukkum Anjaneyarukkum Erpatta Yutham
King Sakunthan had once invited several sages to attend a ceremony at his palace. When sage Vishwamitrar arrived, the king did not pay him any heed and the same was conveyed to the sage through Naradhar, much to his anger. The sage summoned Raman to kill the Sakunthan while the king was asked to provide protection by Hanuman. Thus, a war ensued between Raman and Hanuman, where the king ended up begging the sage for mercy, thus ending the war.
சனீஸ்வரனை விடுவித்த ஹனுமான் | Saniswaranai Veduvitha Hanuman
When Raavanan's son Meghanathan was born, he had instructed the nava grahas to stay in the 11th house of his son's horoscope but Saniswaran defied his orders and placed himself on the 12th house. An infuriated Raavanan placed Saniswaran in a tiny prison, thereby refusing to let him face the outside world. However, Hanuman managed to rescue Saniswaran upon hearing his cries for help. He also managed to relieve himself of the Sani dhosham by placing huge boulders of rocks on his head, thus permanently getting rid of Saniswaran.
ராவணன் பெற்ற சாபம் | Raavanan Pettra Sabam
The notorious Raavanan, who was an infamous womanizer, attempted to molest a woman who sacrificed herself, cursing Raavanan that his death would be caused by a woman. When Raavanan visited the abode of Shivan, he mocked Nandi's appearance, who in turn cursed Raavanan that a monkey would be responsible for his death. Furthermore, an apsara called Rambha was harassed by Raavanan. Rambha's husband Kuberan cursed him that his ten heads would tear apart if he ever touched a woman without her consent.
ஹனுமான் பெற்ற வரங்கள் | Hanuman Pettra Varangal
Hanuman, who was an exuberant child, tried to catch hold of the sun confusing it for a fruit. A hungry Rahu complained about Hanuman to Indran, who struck him with his Vajra, rendering him unconscious. Angered and upset over the incident, Hanuman's father Vayu went into seclusion. In order to placate Vayu, Brahma and the other devas brought Hanuman back to life and blessed him with multiple boons.
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