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How to handle Shaming?
We all have our own insecurities. Whether we deal with insecurities regarding our weight, our socioeconomic status, our physical appearance, or our job, we all experience the emotions associated with feelings of being insecure. What can only make our personal insecurities worse, is when other people take advantage of them. When an individual highlights our weaknesses, especially in a public setting, it can become a person’s greatest fear. Listen to this episode where I have discussed the ways to cope or deal with it. I hope this helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Youth, Employment and Agniveers
The biggest dream/ problem or the confusion amongst growing teens is Career. A large population of Indian Youth aims to build careers in the armed forces and directly/indirectly I was also a part of it. One of the biggest differentiators between the armed forces career and corporate is that the armed forces career is time-bound in many aspects like you can join defense in a particular age band and have to retire at a certain age. While armed forces open the door for employment and, the youth protects our country outside and inside; one of the biggest concerns is the youth does not contribute to the economy directly. For example, almost 1.5 million super talented people who serve the armed forces, if become the entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, politicians, etc. may boost the economy significantly. I personally know several amazing talents who have served Indian Armed Forces through a short service commission and are now contributing to the economy significantly. But, this facility wasn't available to the junior talents until now. Fortunately, there is a great scheme by the Indian government to employ, train and enable youth to become more productive and self-reliant. But, there is a lot of confusion around it that needs clarity. To address this lack of clarity, I have Capt. Shashank Shandilya with me on the show today who simplified several aspects for the benefit of our youth. Do listen to this episode and share with the youth who are willing to contribute to the country and economy. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to resolve conflicts in relationships?
Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. And, that factor is attitude. Conflict is a normal and natural aspect of relationships. As human beings, we are primed to respond to stress with a "fight" or "flee" response. Often, neither of these choices is appropriate. Therefore, we need to find a way to address conflict that is direct and assertive, while also respectful and diplomatic. A few of us fear conflict and go to great lengths to avoid it, which can backfire and lead to emotional, relational, and medical problems. If handled effectively, conflict can be an opportunity for learning, growth, and positive change. Do listen to this episode to know the basic things that we can do to resolve conflicts in relationships. I hope it helps. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Not so sweet 16!
While going through our teenage years, we deal with numerous emotions and challenges. Our body is changing, our environment is changing, aspirations, expectations and everything around us make us so fragile sometimes It's very important to do some self-talking and reach out for clarity or help. I got an opportunity to connect with Sunidhi Rai, a young author who recently crossed her teenage. I really loved the conversation and I'm sure you'll like too. Do listen to this episode and share it with others you think would benefit from it. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to balance success and failures?
One of the important things that I have learned from my life is - No one can always be successful and No one can always be a failure (in terms of all the aspects of life). We all aim for success and feel miserable when we fail. Whatever amount of consolation is given or however number of motivational videos you watch, the truth is - IT HURTS (Sometimes terribly). Well, in today's episode I got an opportunity to converse with a very popular RJ in Kolkata who addresses this challenge his way. Do listen. I hope it helps. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How do we handle Mid-Life Crisis?
Hi Friends, We all at some point of time in our lives feel confused and willingly or unwillingly take a drastic step, sometimes without even thinking about it like quitting a job, ending a relationship abruptly, buying an expensive item without needing it, etc Men and women are equally likely to experience a transition or crisis, But it looks different in both genders.  "The stereotype is a man buys a red sports car". That's not always the case, of course, but  men do seem more intent on wanting to prove something. Men might gauge their worth by their job performance. They may want to look successful, for instance, even though their achievements don't measure up as they had hoped. "Women often get validity through relationships," and that's true even if they've had a lifelong career. So at midlife, they are likely to evaluate their performance as a wife, mother, or both. Listen to the complete podcast and know how to handle this transition. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Tips to boost exam performance
In a survey of more than 1300 participants, 96% said they feel anxious about exams. This high percentage isn’t surprising, but it still raises questions about whether the education system is overly competitive and stressful. I firmly believe that education should be about much more than exam grades. But schools aren’t going to get rid of exams any time soon, so students might as well learn to deal with exams as calmly and effectively as possible. In today's episode, I have discussed a few tips that'll certainly help you be more productive and this episode is NOT ONLY ABOUT SCHOOL/ COLLEGE EXAMS. I hope you have a great time. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How should one live life - A real life motivating story
When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. Easier said than done, right? A majority of people around us give us "Gyan" that they themselves can't follow in adverse circumstances. But, there are real people who preach what they practice. I happened to meet one such person and really got inspired. "Life" can't be controlled by us but we can definitely control the way we react to it; just like the sailer can't determine the wind's direction but can control the sail. I'm sure this 10 minutes story will bring a lot of clarity to your perspective. Do listen, share your feedback and pray for the soul that is in much pain. Frankly, she's in a state today that we don't know whether she would wake up tomorrow. But she has woken up many souls around her. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to manage Online to Offline transition with Young Kids?
The schools have reopened in most cities and pre-primary and primary sections are running in full swing, but there is something that is bothering both young kids and parents. That is ‘Managing this transition from online to offline'. If this is happening with you as well or with someone you know, listen to this podcast where I invited a renowned Child Psychologist from Delhi Prachi Srivastava, and learned her perspective and experience. I hope this helps. See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
How to deal with a Narcissist in life?
We mostly come across someone at some point in time in our lives who thinks He/She is THE BEST, doesn't care for others' emotions, has an inflated sense of importance, and goes to any extent to get praise. He/She may be a narcissist. Narcissism is extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them and, this is a medical condition. While everyone may show occasional narcissistic behavior, true narcissists frequently disregard others or their feelings. They also do not understand the effect that their behavior has on other people. Are there ways to deal with them? Yes, there are. Do listen to this episode to get more clarity. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Bravery and We
Successful people usually don't get where they are by adhering to the ordinary. But I've got news for you. They're not always dripping with confidence all the time. They all have moments where the anxiety of a mistake sits deep in their stomachs or they don't know for sure what the right decision is. And in those moments, they almost always reflect on what others have said. And by focusing on the truths and broader perspectives embedded in those words, they rebuild their courage. If you're feeling at all mouse-ish, do the same. Listen to this episode to learn more in detail. I hope it helps. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Beyond the Blues
On certain occasions or journeys in life, we feel stuck and it appears like everything is lost, no hopes. That not only causes demotivation but anxiety, depression, irritation, frustration, and sometimes "blues". Blues are often used for a scenario that once passed doesn't make much difference in our lives but LIFE is not just one color, it's a spectrum, right? Well, in today's episode I have a special guest with me who shares her journey of "Blue". Do listen and share your feedback. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Happiness & India
"Happiness is a state of mind" is often heard and true. But who does it depend upon? Who determines you're happy or not? Everyone I have met has only one wish in their lives "Being Happy". If the wish is so straight forward why everyone is not happy? Recently I read an article about the "Happiness Index" where a country like ours who taught the ways to remain happy to the world in the most authentic spiritual manner is ranked 136 and guess what, Finland tops the chart and even one of our neighboring countries is above India. Hmm Coincidentally, I happened to meet someone who is working on a project related to the happiness index of India, I thought of having her on GINF? show. And this interaction was really interesting and amazing. Do listen and share your feedback! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to vent out anger constructively?
Anger is an emotion that is experienced by all of us, yes all of us. Even our scriptures narrate how our rishi munis used to give "Shraap" when they used to get angry and later on they used to provide some remedies as well. Well, that option is not available to us so better we identify our trigger and manage our anger. You know what, in the actual sense, we can not manage anger but we can do some intervention at the trigger and post anger level like venting it out right so that it doesn't harm us or people around us. In today's episode, I have shared a technique RTPCR that'll certainly help us live a more meaningful life. I hope it helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to achieve MINDFULNESS?
Mindfulness basically is a state of being in the moment while nonjudgmentally acknowledging our own thoughts and emotions. If we practice Mindfulness and master it, the following are the key benefits: 1. Reduced stress 2. Decreased emotional reactivity 3. Improved focus 4. Better relationships 5. Improved working memory and much more. Mindfulness is not a new thing. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is being practiced for centuries. In this episode, I've discussed how to achieve that. Hope it helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to handle online to offline transition?
Anxiety is a natural process of human evolution. We all feel anxious before or while experiencing anything new. The transition that we're going through currently i.e. online to offline is causing a lot of stress, especially amongst students. In today's episode, I have shared a couple of incidences that might make you think and realize the importance of life. I've also shared the ways to cope with this anxiety. Do listen and share with students and their parents. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Addiction, Youth and Mental Health
"नशा" may be a celebrated word in films or on-screen but in reality, it destroys families and at times - generations. By and large, there are three types of people in society - one who never got addicted to anything, second who had some kind of addiction but overcame it, and third, who were trapped by addiction and only death could release them from it. You know what? I feel, we all in life, have or had some or the other kind of addiction. Addiction as Dr. Narayan, our guest of this episode says, is not about habits, it's about use disorder. That means when we don't use things the way we should use them, it becomes an addiction. People who are trapped in "Use Disorder" or addiction do exhibit some changes in their behaviors like major changes within their friend groups, unusual secretiveness, excessive need for sleep, unexplained irritability, aggression, or sometimes, mood swings. Rather than hiding these behavioral changes under the carpet, we should talk about them and seek help from professionals so that we can save a life. Do listen to today's episode where I have interacted with Dr. Narayan who is working as a Deaddiction Specialist in Mumbai for the last 8 years. I hope it helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Migraine & Mental health
Almost all of us have experienced headaches and many of us have it more frequently than usual. Headache can be debilitating and in the long run, may reduce our efficiency and productivity. And, over the period of time, we may get other mental or emotional problems associated with it. Headaches characterized as migraine are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. Triggers may include hormonal changes, certain food, and drink, stress, and even exercise. Migraine headaches can cause throbbing in one particular area that can vary in intensity. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms. Apart from sos pain reliever medication, if we identify the triggers and work on them, we may lead a better life. Listen to this podcast to know how can we manage ourselves during migraine. I hope it helps. See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
How to build a successful marriage?
In a country like ours, marriage is not a relationship between just two individuals. On average, one marriage affects almost 100 people around the married couple. Popular/ more accomplished the couple larger the number of people around them who get affected. Divorce, break up, Failed marriage are the terms more heard nowadays. There are genuine issues amongst people that need to be looked into but honestly, most of the families could have been saved had there been a fair understanding of how to deal with the situation. It's important to understand the basic causes and remedies for a strenuous relationship. In today's episode, we have a renowned Psychologist Mamta Iyer who helps us understand how to manage relationships more effectively. I hope you enjoy this. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Handling insecurities in life
Being insecure with our individualities, our lives, personal relationships, work, affects us and the people around us a lot. Insecurities are a mirror of our deepest fears—and, like fear, they can sneak into your life and manipulate your success. When you give into self-doubt and insecurity, they steal the joy of your present and your future. They weaken your self-growth and hinder your ability to love yourself. Listen to this interesting episode where I have interviewed a popular RJ who is doing some amazing work, everyday. I'm sure you'll enjoy this. See you son. Jai Hind Vivek
How to have a GOOD NIGHT sleep?
Chain se sona hai to jaag jaeye Often heard, right? But bro, pehle chain se soye to Lack of good sleep is a common condition now a day. Some people have it transiently, some have a bit prolonged one due to a specific event in their lives and some have chronic sleep disorder. The question is - Can we improve our sleep quality? Yes, we can. I have discussed the how part in this episode. I hope you enjoy it! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to bounce back from REJECTION?
Rejection is one of life’s most painful experiences, especially if you are used to being successful. It doesn’t have to be debilitating. Underneath rejection’s disappointment, there are lessons and growth awaiting us if we have the courage and humility to uncover them. Moments of rejection are rife with factors outside our control. But in the midst of confusion and pain, we grasp for answers that just aren’t there. In today's episode I have discussed how can we bounce back from rejection. I hope it helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to use stress to our advantage?
Fruits and vegetables are good for our immune system, but something surprising is as well. What is it? Stress! Yes, while a lot of stress is never good, a little bit can actually boost our health — IF you know how to categorise it mentally. Focus on the excitement, energy, and motivation you get out of it, and you just might put yourself in a better place mentally and physically. In today's episode I have discussed how we can actually use our stress to our advance. I hope you enjoy. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to manage expectations in Relationship?
First of all, wish you a very very Happy New Year! Often, when I hear or talk of "new year" somewhere deep down it reminds me of resolution or new goals or the future. You know what, if I ask you a simple question - "Why are you doing xyzzy thing in your life or why do you want to do x thing in life?" For sure, the final answer would be "to be happy". If we're doing everything that we do for happiness then why aren't we actually Happy? Materialistically or in any other dimension, one thing that truly makes us happy is "Relationship". You can try fitting it into any dimension of your life. This relationship not necessarily is to be with someone else, very often we're not enjoying a good relationship with ourselves. I recently had been on a vacation and learned some basic and amusing things about relationships, do listen and let me know if it was meaningful for you. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to Reset Life?
Many a time we have a stage in our lives where we think perhaps we could restart life all over. But, our body is a very big heap of memory which is just one way (unless we lose our memory accidentally) that means once we experience something, it can't be undone. And not-so-great experiences do happen to all of us. How do we move ahead in such circumstances? Life is not a fairy tale and there is no written manual to make it work. Every human life is different from one another be it their DNA, their behaviors, karma, or anything else. While there is no manual for living life a particular way, there are some basic things that make sense in every life. I've discussed these points and a very beautiful real-life story to relate with. I hope it helps. See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
Can you really forgive someone who hurt you badly?
Forgiveness is the release of resentment or anger. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. One doesn't have to return to the same relationship or accept the same harmful behaviors from an offender. Forgiveness is vitally important for the mental health of those who have been victimized. It propels people forward rather than keeping them emotionally engaged in an injustice or trauma. Forgiveness has been shown to elevate mood, enhance optimism, and guard against anger, stress, anxiety, and depression. I've discussed real life scenarios in this podcast. I hope it helps! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Why Your Past Matters?
Every once in a while, something in life goes badly enough that we wish we’d known at the time what we know now, so we could go back and do things differently. But then we ask ourselves, ‘If there were a way to travel back in time, would we actually re-live the entire day just to fix that one thing?’ The answer is almost always No. Usually it just doesn’t seem worth it. But pushing forward without a backward glance can be hazardous to our mental health. Today I have discussed about this balance.  I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
How to tackle negative thoughts?
You want to be productive and achieve your goals but your negative thoughts are pulling you down consistently. You watch a motivational video or listen to a podcast; you feel better and after some time you're back to square one. Sounds familiar? Negative thinking or thinking about the worst scenario has come to us from our ancestors but this is one of the important things that needs to change now and going forward. In today's episode, I have discussed how! Enjoy your listen. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Men and the Mentality - Balancing social and work life!
There have been several narratives around Men in the past for example "Men are like that, Men will be Men, Mard ko dard nahi, Ladke rote nahi, etc etc. The narrative around masculinity that has been defined over millennia, is toxic, both to men and to women. It needs to change now! It is obvious that at some point, with the weight of responsibilities, inability to show any emotions (except anger) and seek help, any man is bound to be overwhelmed; be it at the workplace or at home. Many of us at some point in our career, feel suffocated at the workplace that causes emotional instability and lack of productivity in both professional as well as personal lives. Knowing that it is not good, we tend to keep silent and do not talk about it thinking someone may use “me” or this conversation may go against “me”, sometime later. Emotions, when repressed over long periods of time tend to take a toll on one’s mental health, sometimes even manifesting physically in the form of physical pain. I had a chance to have a candid chat with Rehan A. Khan, a vibrant and dynamic leader followed by lakhs of youth, on the topic and learned through his experiences. I am sure it’ll benefit you as well. I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
How to keep a woman happy?
Believe me or not, I have deleted the content in this text box at least 7-8 times because its such a sensitive topic. You never know who gets offended. Still, keeping a woman happy is supposed to be a big task. Some claim that it's not possible to keep a woman happy, some say its very difficult. Whatever it would be, I believe that if we practice 5 basic rules in our relationships, we can make every woman in our lives happier than they are today. I hope it helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Boys, Teenage and Mental Health
Hi Friends! As per a recent NCRB report, suicide has claimed more lives than covid. Furthermore, there is a significant rise in teen age deaths by suicide. In majority of the cases, after the person's death, the most common question/ guilt/ phenomenon parents have is - He never told us what was going in his mind. The truth is - they do exhibit certain symptoms but we're not able to catch them early because most of the times, we're not aware/ equipped to identify or handle it. Since November is Men's Mental Health Awareness month and I'm addressing this throughout November month, today I'm discussing 7 steps on how to identify and manage mental health issues in growing boys/ men. I'm sure you'll be able to relate with it and you may help someone in need. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Loneliness & Men
The number of men dying by suicide is two and a half times higher than in women. One of the biggest reasons for that is they're not able to share their feelings with someone. While the entire world is looking at them as successful people, they're battling with loneliness and interestingly no one around them even understands because they are able to mask it beautifully. But does that solve the purpose in long run? If you continue asking yourself about whatever you're working for, doing, or dreaming, the end result is "Happiness". Then why in the conquest of "happiness" do we get "loneliness"? What's the way out? Listen to this podcast to know more and do share your feedback if any. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Why is it tough being a Man?
Hi Friends! Ever experienced a change in behavior or rebellion traits during the teenage especially in boys? Why does it happen? Why do men (most) always think about women/girls? Why do men masturbate so frequently? Almost all of us experience our first cigarette or first drink during our teenage or early twenties. Every thought why? Is there any specific reason for increased cases of early divorces compared to previous generations, psychologically? In today's episode, I'm in conversation with a renowned Psychologist and tried to seek the answers to the above questions. I also tried to know how can we shift towards more productive and positive results. I hope it helps. November is observed as Men's Mental Health Awareness month and I'll be talking about various aspects of Men's Mental health throughout the month. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to overcome the Fear of Darkness?
Hi Friends, Almost all of us at some point in our lives are afraid of darkness. Most of the time it gets okay with the time but in a few cases, it turns into phobia and depression. In today's episode, I have discussed the reasons and techniques, or options to overcome it. Hope it helps. I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
How to overcome unpleasant Childhood experiences?
All of us have childhood memories, some good, some great, and some very unpleasant! Such experiences are very very difficult to share with anyone but they keep eating us inside just like a termite eats wood until we face them upfront. If those memories are still haunting us, we need to fix them in the best possible way. Every child, every childhood, every childhood experience is unique in itself and, the way to deal with it could be unique. One needs to identify it and if required, seek professional help. Always happy to help! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to handle Anxiety?
Anxiety has become a very common phenomenon amongst us, thanks to the current lifestyles. There are certain things that we can control and there are certain that we cannot. The stressors for anxieties maybe different for everyone but there is a common thread when it comes to bouncing back. I've discussed a unique tactic that may help you overcome anxieties.  I hope this helps. See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
Ego - Good or Bad?
Hi Friends, We often come across people who give THEMSELVES much more importance than they actually deserve. We find them a bit arrogant and egoist. Everything around them works for I, me and myself. The noteworthy point here is - We're also one of them at times and we just don't realise that. In today's episode, I have discussed how to stay humble and keep ourselves happy all the time. I hope this helps. See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to control Anger?
Anger is a feeling that is usually created and expressed when there is a conflict or difference in opinion or difference in understanding. Some exhibit this feeling at a low level and some at a very high level. Some people are good at managing their feelings and some find it difficult to manage them. But, if not handled well, these anger episodes may turn into an unpleasant experience for many. In today's episode, I have shared a technique to control or manage Anger. I hope this helps. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Hi Friends! There are a few things that differentiate us as a fulfilled or happy person and one of the very crucial parameters is "satisfaction". There are people who are happy with their little income and a small family and on the other hand, there are people who're not happy with the best of the possessions in their lives. They keep acquiring things to satisfy their senses but they never feel contented and eventually, they are lead to a point where everything becomes meaningless. Are we one of them in any manner? Sometimes, we don't even realize it as there is a very thin line between desire and greed. In this episode, I have tried to address how we can lead happier lives. I hope this helps. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
The truth about Dreams
Dreams are something that we experience with both open and closed eyes. When we dream with open eyes, they become our motivation to live life our way and progress further towards the envisioned goals but, when we dream with closed eyes, they often leave us with anxiety, either positive or not so positive. We keep thinking why did we dream that? what does that mean? We try to decode our dreams, we google about them, we ask questions to people we trust. Sometimes we get a satisfactory response and sometimes, we don't. Ever thought that how would it be if we learn how we can utilize our dreams to help us reach our goal(s)? Yes, we have discussed it all in this episode with Dr. Balkrishna Korgaonkar, MBBS, MBA (IIM A), Practicing Hypnotherapist.  I'm sure you'll like it. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
PERSONALITY - The way a person influences others
Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors.  In simpler terms, Personality is something that reaches or influences people even before we do in reality. That is why we are mostly concerned about our personality. How do we identify our own personality and can we really improve or change our personality? Listen to this podcast to know more. I'm sure it'll help. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to overcome Guilt?
Hi Friends! Guilt is an emotion that relates to a person’s sense of right and wrong. Most people experience guilt after making a mistake or doing something they regret. The effects of guilt are often uncomfortable. They might include sadness, sorrow, or physical discomfort. It’s not uncommon for people to be angry or frustrated with themselves. But these effects can guide people toward change. Many a time, these feelings travel with us and make our hearts heavier to an extent that we stop enjoying the usual things around us. In such cases, It's important for us to understand the cause, resolve, talk about it and let a few things go. Listen to this episode to get more clarity on it. I'm sure it'll help. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Death - What is the reality?
Hi Friends! We often hear a lot of negative stuffs about "Death" but the truth is - No one knows exactly about it.  There is a bridge between life and death for sure, but its not exactly clear like many other aspects of the life. No one can say, this is exactly what happens when the soul leaves the body. However, people have certain experiences including me, that somewhere connects the dots and paints a foggy picture, perhaps the truth. I've discussed my learnings and perspective about "Death" in this episode.  I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
Why don't we speak up?
If you read "I am Ok" in the thumbnail image, read again. This is exactly our situation, many times. Even if we’re not okay, we don’t speak up. There are several valid reasons for it and the biggest of them is “Fear of Rejection”, in any form. If we fear that speaking up will lead to rejection, we may give up our voice, silence our voice, or speak our voice in an inauthentic way. These choices enable us to hide but with deleterious after-effects. Giving up our voice masks our true identity and diminishes our uniqueness. Hence, this decision to silence our voice leads to illness, failure, and a disempowered life. I’m sure this episode will bring some more clarity on the topic. I’ll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
The Call of Life
Hi Friends! Many a times, in our lives, we tend to question things like why this happened to me? why am I on this earth? how to make life meaningful? etc. Sometimes, we get the answers and sometimes we don't. Life for each one of us different based on our likes, dislikes, vision, mission or other factors.  But, at the core, life has some common asks from  all of us. Listen to this episode where I have discussed about some strange experiences of mine in the last week and the reflections. I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
When it’s dark, look for the STARS…
In life, tragedy never comes alone, there are several other events that follow post that and it seems it is never going to end. During this time, we experience various ups and downs. We find people who genuinely help us, and we also get people who just want to give some “borrowed Gyan”! But life is life, and it has to go on. Remember, there is nothing permanent in life and we need to keep looking ahead and keep trying to come out of the situation just like Shubhrata did! In today’s episode, you’ll get to listen to an inspiring journey of a woman who not only combated depression but is a guiding star to several people. I’ll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
Being the Lighthouse!
Hi Friends! Often we get into a situation where we are supposed to help someone in spite of going through our own challenges. I, recently, got an opportunity to chat with Dr. Kumar Prabhash who is a Cancer Specialist and works as Head of the Department at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. We talked about how he deals with Death (of his patients), his emotions, and that feeling of not being able to save a patient and coping with that. It is pretty much relatable in our lives as well although the intensity would be different. I'm sure It'lI help you look at life from a different dimension. I hope you like it. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
The Art of balancing personal and professional life!
Hi Friends! We have 4 aspects of our lives i.e., personal, family, professional and social.  They are like the four wheels of a car. Anyone of them not balanced will result in a turbulent journey. In today’s episode, I have a  special guest who is a Harvard graduate, has worked in various countries, and has led several large MNCs. What makes Rehan special is – he hails from a middle-class family just like most of us, had a close encounter with death when he was in the early part of his career, and in spite of all the challenges, he has not only contributed to the corporate world and economy but to helping others become successful.   I’m sure, you’ll enjoy this chat. I’ll see you soon. Jai Hind! Vivek
Can we really Forgive and Forget?
We all have a certain time in our lives when we feel betrayed, cheated or insulted by someone we never expected to do so. The memories of such incidences are bitter and intolerable. They keep haunting us, sometimes throughout our life. We all know this is not good and we even try to move on but the impact of heartbreak is so excruciating that we are not able to move on. But, in order to live life peacefully, we need to manage it. I’ve discussed the same in today’s episode without giving any gyan… I’m sure it’ll help! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
How to love your job?
Almost 60% of our life is about our professional engagement. In this scenario, it is very imperative for us to enjoy what we do otherwise, it becomes a stressful affair. Easier said than done? The majority of us DO NOT enjoy what we do for our living. There are grudges, compromises, and sacrifices but for what? Is it worth it? If not this, then what? Today's episode throws light on this aspect of our lives and I hope it helps! I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek