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64: Relationship - How to build or Rebuild?
Hi Friends, Glad to see you lovely people again!! In today's podcast, I have discussed the essence of relationships. Why it is required and what are the basic things we need to consider while maintaining any relationship. I know the relationship is a complex subject and it requires a lllooooot of understanding from both sides but if we remain honest and truthful to the basics of any relationship, it's not very hard to enjoy any kind of relationship. I hope this helps.  Feel free to reach out!! Jai Hind Vivek
63: Victim and Leader two faces of the same coin! Just turn it at the right time
Hi Friends! Amazing to wake up this morning and being with you all. When it comes to dealing with something emotional, we all do go through a feeling of being a victim but the moment we choose to bounce back and revive, things change. It's just like victimhood and leadership are the faces of the same coin. All we need to do is turn it at the right time. People living with #mentalillness ( are NOT weak.  Mental illness is NOT a weakness of character. Mental illness is NOT from birth. People with mental illness are NOT dangerous. People with MI are NOT failures All they need during their tough time is love, care, and an ear to listen to their vows. If you come across anyone near you who is exhibiting a change in his/her behavior, talk to them and tell them, you care for them! Love you all! See you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
62: SUICIDE - What you MUST KNOW, Part I
Hi Friends! Not knowing the things or not being able to cope with a problem is not wrong at all! what's wrong is not seeking help! When we're in distress, the first thing we do is, we dissociate ourselves with others but does that solve our "big" problem? I doubt!! Today I'm gonna talk straight to the cause I work for i.e. Prevention of Suicide amongst youth. This episode is a conversation of mine with Dr. Soumitra Pathare who is a leading psychiatrist and Director of Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy. I'm sure you'll know amazing facts about depression and suicide in India. Looking forward to your kind feedback. I'll see you next mONday with the second part of it. Stay tuned! Jai Hind Vivek I apologize for the voice quality as it was a telephonic conversation and recorded over the phone.
61: Bhed Bhav (Discrimination), Aakhir Kyun??
Gareeb, paagal, kallu, gora, tumse ye sab nai ho payega, tum ladki ho, tum ladke hoke aisa karoge? etc How many times we have listened or said these things to someone in our lives? For many people, discrimination is an everyday reality. Discrimination is the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. The human brain naturally puts things in categories to make sense of the world. Very young children quickly learn the difference between boys and girls, for instance. But the values we place on different categories are learned – from our parents, our peers, and the observations we make about how the world works. Often, discrimination stems from fear and misunderstanding. Discrimination is a public health issue. As per one study*, chronic stress can lead to a wide variety of physical and mental health problems. Indeed, perceived discrimination has been linked to issues including anxiety, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, and substance abuse. Today's podcast addresses this issue with Shirish who works for this cause and runs his podcast channel also based on it. Don't miss the end part of it. You can even reach him out at It's a serious issue in our society and if you have any experience or suggestion, please share with me. I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek * Pascoe, E. A. & Richman, L. S. (2009). Perceived discrimination and health: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin 135(4): 531-554. Doi: 10.1037/a0016059
Hi Friends! I hope you and your family are well and in good health! In today's podcast, I have discussed how certain emotions cover our mind which otherwise, is very production and genius; over the period of time. It's very important for us to keep reflecting and stay focussed on our larger goals in life. I have shared two interesting incidences that'll help you relate to the concern. I hope you enjoy the episode. I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
59: Jan Dhan Man aur Santulan (People, Money, Mind and Balance)
Hi Friends! Good to see you again with a beautiful morning, a new perspective, and an amazing personality i.e. Ashish! Ashish is the Managing Director and CEO of the iconic Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Founding member of NSE (National Stock Exchange), an alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta. Today we unfold the experiences, Ashish gained during his tough life and this episode can be a guiding star for many of us. I'll see you next week. Stay Tuned Jai Hind Vivek
58: Making of a resilient mind
Hi Friends! Recently I have been approached by many young minds and most of them had one common query "When I see any motivational video or listen to your podcasts, I get motivated but after a few days, I'm back to the square one. How can I stay motivated for a longer period?" As much as I understand, when we have clarity in our thoughts and we stay connected to our purpose, we stay motivated. Well, in today's podcast, we have a very knowledgeable person who is a professor at a prestigious management college, talking about life at both the sides of the table, as a student as well as a professor. I hope you enjoy it! See you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
16: This Is Why You Are Getting Your Periods Twice In A Month
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time2 months ago
Getting your period twice is not good news. In fact, it a callout that something is majorly wrong with your hormones. But what? Well to know, listen to this episode of Red Confession where Nikita will tell you everything about getting periods twice in a month.
57: Making of a Leader
Hi Friends, Has someone told you "success has no recipe?".  Well, it may or may not, I don't know but I know one thing for sure that it does have a pattern. There is something that is common in all leaders at large. Listen to this episode and unleash the hero within you.  See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
56: Living in the present
Hi Friends!  Another morning with you wonderful people and I'm glad to bring you one more story of transformation. Well, in today's story there is not just the mental transformation but the physical and spiritual one too. We often are surrounded by events in our past lives and find it difficult to live in the present or rather focus on the present. Here, today's guest is sharing a technique that if you practice every day, you'll be able to detach yourself from unwanted thoughts and even would be able to sleep better and become a lot more productive. Hope that helps! Your feedback and suggestion are valued by me. See you next week. Jai Hind Vivek
15: 5 Reasons Why You Are Bleeding Heavily
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time2 months ago
Heavy bleeding at times can be normal but if it is persistent then it can wreck your menstrual and reproductive life. But when will you call it out to be heavy bleeding? And what are the reasons that are making you bleed like a maniac? Well, tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is answering all your questions on heavy bleeding.
55: Ghabrana Kaisa? (How to deal with panic or fear of unknown?)
Hi Friends! It's a fantastic day today and here I am amongst you. Today's episode is very special as I have brought to you the one and only RJ Gaurav from Radio City Mumbai who talks his heart out about handling depression, panic, and fear about the unknown during this crisis time. I'm sure you'll love the conversation and his perspective about life and dealing with its challenges. Feel free to connect! See you soon Jai Hind Vivek
54: Coping with sudden Job Loss
Hi Friends! We all know that in current scenario, job loss or business loss is a major challenge we all are facing and we'll keep facing till some time. In today's podcast, I have tried to address this issue. I hope this helps. I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
14: Let's Understand What Free Bleeding Is
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time3 months ago
On this world menstrual hygiene day, it is very important to understand the importance it and what are the various ways of doing it. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is telling everything you should know about free bleeding.
53: Preventing depression and suicide amongst doctors
Hi Friends! We all know that doctors are one of the strongest pillars in our society. One hand being a doctor brings a lot of pride, fame, respect, reputation and financial gains; on the other hand it brings a lot of unpleasant experiences as well. Their job is very stressful and many of them (specially medical students) are not able to cope with it and end their lives, eventually. Today's podcast does talk about doctors but it is relevant to all of us specially students, entrepreneurs and  young professionals. Hope you learn out of it. See you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
52: Write your own DESTINY!
Hi Friends! Today I have brought you the story of a girl who hails from a small town in Maharashtra and fought her own way to become a successful Gynecologist having treated thousands of patients and saved numerous lives.  It'll be worth listening to her story, knowing about her grit to transform human lives, and knowing how she wrote her destiny. Looking forward to your kind feedback! See you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
13: This Is What Stress Can Do To Your Periods
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time3 months ago
Nikita is feeling stressed out during these work from home sessions. She says that it's more than what she used to do when she used to go to work. Catch her in this episode of Red Confessions where she is revealing what stress is doing to her periods this time.
51: How to become winner in life?
Hi Friends! Today's episode is about how do we attain mastery in life. We all are born with some unique quality and the same needs to be identified and focussed upon. There are many elements that impact our lives including fear, decision making, relationships, mindfulness, digital distraction, and improving the lives of people around us. If we understand them and work upon them, we can be the real winners in life. Please listen and share your feedback. I'll see you next week. Jai Hind Vivek
50: How to become UNSTOPPABLE?
Hi Friends, A small initiative a year back transforming into a community of lakhs of young people associated with it is something WOW!! and all this could become possible because of your love, support, and feedback. When we move in life, there is only and only one thing that can make us successful or can stop us from achieving our goals and that's we ourselves. But, what is it behind us? what stops us and why? Listen to today's podcast and I guarantee, every second you spend here will be worth. Enjoy the episode and I'll see you next Monday. Take care, stay home, stay safe. Jai HInd Vivek
12: Finally I Had A Face-off With Tampons And This Is My Verdict
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time3 months ago
I have always been finicky about tampons having said that I was always curious to know how exactly they work. I mean there are so tiny. So, I decided to do a face-off with them and this is what I have experienced.
49: Ghar se Kaam, Ghar ka kaam aur Stress...
Hi Friends! Glad to meet you again and I'm grateful to you for your love, support, and association. As you would have noticed in the title, today's podcast is about the stress and depression caused by Lockdown, work from home chaos, ambiguity about the future, and fragile relationship issues during these times. I've not only shared the perspective but the practical experiences of mine and others around me. Hope this helps! See you soon!! Jai Hind Vivek
48: Choose or Loose...
Hi Friends! I really look forward to Monday and a lot of you have said so as well so that we can meet. I have something very special in today's podcast. I could get an opportunity to interact with one of the very famous and successful motivational speaker in the US who has built his life brick by brick himself after losing his alcoholic father at a tender age of 16. He fought all the odds coming to his way but he never allowed himself to be drawn to short cuts and he made sure he empowered people around him so that they don't need to go through what he could have avoided had someone guided him better. He also gives a piece of wonderful advice to the Indian youth for this lockdown period.  Stay tuned Jai Hind Vivek
11: This Is Why Your Breast Hurts During Periods
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time4 months ago
Sore breasts are common during periods. But it can make your case worse if not taken care of. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is telling you how you can deal with this period problem.
47: Handling relationships during
Hi Friends! While we are locked down in our homes there is one thing that needs absolute care and necessary attention and that is 'Relationship'. A lot of weird things may happen because of the following reasons: 1) Increased Expectations from each others 2) Not able to prioritize things the way they should be viz a viz as they are required temporarily 3) Anger over small issues which you otherwise tend to ignore 4) Arguments about the responsibilities related to Kids or elderly at home leading to an ugly fight and perhaps followed by kids being beaten up Listen to this podcast to find out the solutions that may help. I wish you all the best and good mental health. Jai Hind Vivek
46: Ensuring Mental Health during and post
Hi Friends, Nowadays Mondays are being a bit different but there is no or very little reduction in the chaos it brings except the traveling part. On one hand, this lockdown is required in the interest of national safety, it brings some mental hazards on the other hand. Today's episode addresses the same problem and throws light on how do we stay mentally fit during this crisis and even post that. I've interviewed a Physician who is offering his services screening covid19 cases in a Mumbai hospital and his insights are really meaningful. Do listen and share your feedback. I'll see you soon!! Jai Hind Vivek
10: Why No One Talks About Period Delaying Pills. I'll Tell You How Harmful They Are
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time4 months ago
Dizziness, headache, erratic bleeding, and whatnot. If you are ready to bear all this and more then period delaying pills might suit you. In fact, you'll be shocked to know what more it can do to you. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is telling you how these tiny pills can wreck your menstrual cycle.
45: Ye Tera Ghar, Ye Mera Ghar...
Hi Friends, I hope you all are healthy and safe and I pray for your wellbeing. In today's podcast, I have brought to you the story of every young couple who strives to settle in life. Listen to how we move in the path of life and how things change and most importantly how we, together, can help ourselves and our nation in this fight against coronavirus. I'll see you soon. Jai HInd Vivek
44: Break the chain, Make your family and nation proud
Hi Friends, As you know, GINF? podcast is released every Monday and this is a chain that has been consistent for the last year. Today, "I have broken the chain" because our country needs it. This podcast is very interesting and useful because I have tried to capture youngster's response to nationwide lockdown and even the perspective of a renowned Psychiatrist on the outcomes of social distancing of almost one month.  Do not miss this out for anything and please share with others as well because keeping a healthy mind in this crucial time is very very important. Love you all and see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
43: Defocus to Focus in Life
Hi Friends, In today's podcast, I have brought to you the stories of four individuals from the same college in a small town. In this episode, you'll learn how we usually look at life and how we should actually look at life particularly if you are a student or a young worker or entrepreneur. Do share your feedback with me. Jai Hind Vivek
9: Here Are The Reasons Why You Might Be Missing Your Period
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time5 months ago
Pregnancy is not the only reason that hit your period clock. There are many more. Surprised? Well, tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is revealing all the possible reasons for you missing out on your period.
42: How to Stay Motivated all the time?
Hi Friends, It's indeed an honor to get your company, support, and love. Today, I'm sharing the story of Anju Chaudhary which will ignite a spark in you to stay motivated most of the time. Do listen to it and share your feedback. I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
41: Flaring the exams of life
Hey Friends! India saw 1.3 lakh suicides in 2018, of which students made up 8%, almost the same as those involved in the farming sector. A quarter of the student suicides in 2018 were because of “failure in exams”. Experts say causes ranged from drugs to depression, to broken families and breakups.  While there are a lot many things in our society we can't change immediately, we can certainly change or adjust our approach to that problem. Exam stress or depression is one of them. Do listen to this episode and share it with the maximum no of students and parents. I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek
8: Even A Roll-On Gave Up On My Period Cramps
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time5 months ago
Being a woman is not easy especially when you have to deal with the killer menstrual cramps. This week, Nikita and her friend Aishwarya are relying on the Cramp Relief Roll-On from Pee Safe for instant relief. Will they succeed? Tune in to find out!
40: Light at the other end...
Hi Friends, Thank you so much for your love and support. I'm grateful to you. Today, I have brought the story of SAM to you who had gone through rape in her life and has been a victim of self-harm. The noteworthy and commendable thing is that she has overcome her trauma and doing well in life. It had not been easy but she has managed it by taking professional help at the right time and making herself stronger than ever.  Self-harm is not only about making an injury in the body. Smoking in stress/ depression, Alcoholism, substance exposure, starving ourselves, not talking to anyone followed by a fight and much more... they all are a form of self-harm.   Life is always about choice. What we chose in our good or bad times, determines how we'll live our life. Do listen to this inspiring story and share your feedback. Jai Hind Vivek
39: Being Introvert: Right or Wrong?
Hey Friends! I'm glad to be with you again. Interestingly, I got connected with close to 20 listeners last week and quite a lot of them expressed that they find themselves introvert and it's very difficult for them to make friends. And to them, this is one phenomenon which makes them feel suffocated and neglected. That's why I chose to speak on this topic of being an introvert. There is nothing wrong in this world but we need to understand that when is that point, it starts impacting us negatively. Do listen to this podcast and share your feedback. I'll see you soon. Jai Hind Vivek
7: This Is Why Your Stomach Go For A Toss During Period
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time6 months ago
Are you also fed up with an upset stomach during your period? Well, then listen to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is consulting a gynae to understand the mystery of period poop.   
38: Kaise main kahoon... (How should you speak up your life's problem and seek support)
Hi Friends, Another Monday and I'm here right with you. I always tell that speak up if you're having some problem or pain within your heart and many of you have asked me how to identify the right person to share your problem with and how to strike a conversation.  In today's podcast, I have shared about my life's journey and insight on how to identify, approach the right person and how to talk about the problem in life and also, what to expect from that person. I'm sure this 15 mins podcast will bring some clarity and help you deal with life better.  Feel free to connect to share your experience, feedback or any question. I'll see you again next Monday! Jai Hind Vivek
37: Love, Kal Aaj aur Kal
Hi Friends, Today I have brought a love story for you which'll make you realize the true meaning of love. Love that is beyond a physical presence, expectations and even beyond life.  Please listen to this episode and share your feedback! Jai Hind Vivek
6: Jab Me And My Bum Met Organic Pads
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time6 months ago
Organic pads. I have heard a lot about them and frankly, I thought that they are just another option for period blood. But to my surprise, they have blown me away completely. Tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where I, along with my friend Chhavi, is revealing what exactly happened when we both tried these organic pads.   
36: The art of Living on the Edge
Hi Friends! To a few of us, life is like living on the edges for we have been put in a situation that seems to be terrific and breaking. But should we give up before destiny hits us or should we fight with all our might and live every moment? Learn how to live on the edge and stand out as an inspiration to the fellow travelers from the story of a tweenager girl who in spite of facing cancer hasn't quit and stands tall in front of death itself! I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
35: Don't Die before the Death!
Hi Friends! Many a time in our lives, we go through problems that seem to be never-ending. However much we try to sail through or recover from it, it seems to be heartbreaking. But remember, everything in life is temporary and NOTHING IS PERMANENT; not even our sorrows.  All we need to do in those times is keep moving. I know it's very difficult but at times in life, we have to lift ourselves and move.  Listen to this very inspiring story of S. Murlidharan and take the learning. I'll see you soon! Jai Hind Vivek
5: I Can Eat Everything Under This Sun Because My Period Is On Its Way
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time7 months ago
Why do we have cravings during the period? Are you also looking for an answer to this universal problem? Then tune in to this episode of Red Confessions where Nikita is telling you the secret behind period hunger.  
34: How to Cope from Betrayal or Cheating?
Hi Friends, One more Monday of our journey and I'm glad to connect with you. In today's podcast, I have shared how to cope up with cheating or betrayal in life. Please listen and share your feedback. Jai Hind Vivek
33: Love or Attraction?
Hi Friends! We often get attracted to people or things and feel we are in love but most of the time as time passes the feeling goes down and we find that we were not right about our choice(s). In today's episode, I have discussed how to identify if we are really in love or its just the attraction. Please listen to it and share your feedback. Jai Hind Vivek
4: So, This Is How I Reinvented My Period
Red Confessions Health Shots - HT smartcast
access_time7 months ago
January is the month of reinvention. So, tune in to this episode of Red Confessions to relook the ways we can deal with our periods.  
32: How to manage unpleasant past?
Everyone has a past and that troubles us terribly. The more we try to run away from it, the tougher it gets and the memories of past haunt us. The human body is a giant repository of memories and the only way we can handle our past is by managing the memories available with us. We mostly deal with two types of memories: first that we are born with and the second those we acquire during our life. When we are an infant, no one teaches us good smell or bad smell or hot or cold but we certainly know how to react to them. When we grow up, we acquire a lot of memories in terms of knowledge (at school/ college/ home etc) but when we mature, we have a huge amount of memories to deal with and somewhere we get lost. Listen to this podcast to learn why we should not run from our past and how to handle it.  I'll see you next Monday. Jai Hind Vivek