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Aaja Yaar The Lost Love songs

Aaja Yaar The Lost Love (2015)

The Boss

Music: The Boss

{"title":"Aaja Yaar The Lost Love","albumseokeyword":"AajaYaarTheLostLove","albumId":"P001594","image":"https:\/\/\/raagaimg\/r_img\/catalog\/cd\/p\/p001594.jpg","releaseYear":"2015","music":"","cast":"","share_link":"punjabi\/album\/Aaja-Yaar-The-Lost-Love-songs-P001594"}
Singers: Anjum Batra
Lyricist: Anjum Batra  
{"title":"Aaja Yaar","songseokeyword":"AajaYaar","song_id":"502905","singers":"Anjum Batra","music":"The Boss","albumname":"Aaja Yaar The Lost Love","albumkeyword":"AajaYaarTheLostLove","lyricist":"Anjum Batra","albumId":"P001594","rating":0,"duration":"3:35","songKeywords":"ajaar AnjumBatra teBoss AnjumBatra ajaarteLostLove","songimg":"https:\/\/\/raagaimg\/r_img\/250\/p\/p001594.jpg"}
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